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hey this is very cool script, but can you tell me how I can run this with as little of “ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.0/jquery.min.js” as possible? what is the bare minimum code I need to let this work?

Thank you!

- Aaron Phelps

I am not sure what you mean? jQuery is required for this plugin to my opinion the best way to load jquery is from a cdn like googleapis but you could also host it yourself if you like

Hello, Can I use my own images for the particles? Do we have control over the color of the particles and particle background? May I use my own seamless patterns for the animated patterns? Can I use any YouTube video? Meaning one that I have uploaded to my own account.

Yes on all questions :)

Can I change prticles to English letters with different size?

You could use an image with the letters you want and change the min and max scale to get them in different sizes. But at the moment it is not possible to add text elements to the particles

How could I put into my php website ?

Just like any javascript file, just include the js on your page and run the script with the parameters for your background :)

I like to paypal you with $10 to install it onto my website (egyptlaptop.com), fine ?

I am sorry but i can’t offer you installation for 10$ If you like you could send me an email explaining what type of background you want/need then i know how much time it would cost and give you a price for it.

Hi. Great script! Can I change the quality of the youtube video that appears? (It’s my video uploaded at HD, but it appears as low resolution in the background)

Hello, Currently there is no quality setting but if you send me an email then i will add one (and upload it to codecanyon afterwards)

Also, can you tell me how I might install this on my tumblr site?

I am sorry but i have no experience with tumblr so i can’t help you with this

Hi! Question: why doesn’t the video even in the examples???


Do you mean the examples on the preview website or in the download? If in the download could you tell me how you are testing them?

Are there any plans to add call backs so we can control play, pause, volume etc?