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Very nicely done :)

Thank you :)

Hello ! I’m searching for a plugin which allows me to make text (tagline) and image arrive on the home page with a transition (like your demo page). Can we create this sort of transition on every page or only on post and article ? Other question : we want the text and the image arrive from the left or the right of the screen to stop at a specific point. Can we controle that with your plugin ? Thanks for the anwser !

It’s not a wordpress plugin, just a javascript code. You need to include the .js file in your page template and insert the code to the transition element.

Oh sorry :-/ But I suppose if I custome a WP template, I can integrate the code on html elements, isn’t it ?

Hi, great plugin, but… it doesn’t seem to work in firefox on the mac. Am I correct?? Hope to hear from you soon!

This test hasn’t been done in firefox for max, It works in all most all of popular browsers. Let me spend some time to see…

Sliding in from the left with a gray in effect doesn’t work in FF, rotate works. So the plugin works but probalbly not a combination???

Can I send you a PM? So I can mail you a link to the site?

I have checked it in Firefox for Mac OS; it’s fine; maybe the version of your Firefox is too old?

Great work, nice colors!

Thank you!