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Hello, Your program really works very well. Thank you.
I have two small problems:
1) How can do you send a mail BCC
2) How to change the display size of textarea?
Thank you in advance

Hello, BCC is not supported by the script. For textarea, It can’t be resized by the acript. You need to alter the css or overwrite it. Thanks

Hey where are the sample forms? I was expecting to be able to at least start with some of the forms i saw in the demo and go form there.

anyway seems good. i will have to work it out.

I was using an iframe for my last contact form, which makes life so much easier. Can the php file be used in an iframe?

The sample forms in the demo are the forms that can be made using this script. You will only get 1 example which is the contact.php. Adding textbox and other fields can be done in just 1 line of code. It is also discuss in our documentation.

Yes, you can I frame it but we can’t guarantee that it will behave and display as it should be. Thanks

Ok. Thanks. I will try it and see. manage to make the contact form pretty easily, but you might want to consider budling a few options premade for people that liked the demo versions. up to you

Can’t seem to figure out exactly what went wrong here… the form submits and gives me the confirmation message telling me that it sent, but the email never comes.

Is there a debugging option or something I can do to dig into where the email might be getting caught up?

Did you use php mail or smtp? Please contact us via our profile for fast reply

Can the contact form be opened on a popup? I just want the same feature as this one (a popup that makes the background darker)

Our form does not have such feature. Thanks

Could you please send me a quote for it?

I am afraid we don’t do custom work. Thanks.

Hi codeadik,

I just sent you a question via contact form regarding file upload issue. Currently, there is no way to clear the file upload field on the form. Please let me know how to fix this. Thank you.

I just replied to you email. Thanks.


I am looking for contact form with next options: 1. I want translate form to another language (labels, input boxes and error messages). 2. I want to change design of the form (background color, rounded borders, family and size of the fonts etc). 3. I want to insert the code of the contact form into the article of my Joomla 2.5 site with the Sourcerer plugin with “include(‘path_to_contact_form_script.php’);”.

Can I do it with Easy AJAX Contact Form? Thanks.


With Easy AJAX Contact Form: 1.) Yes, you can translate the labels, error messages and etc. to other language. 2.) We don’t have a feature to design the form. You need to do it in CSS. 3.) Sorry but we are not familiar with Joomla.

We have have another product. 1.) Yes, you can also translate all messages, labels to other language. 2.) You can design the form via builder easily like font size, borders, font family, colors and etc. 3.) We are not familiar with joomla, but as long it supports html tags like <script>. It will work.

Hi friend: 2 quiestions: - Its posible to make disappear the “email succesufully sended” message after some seconds?? I see the form autorefresh the captcha but the green success message stay all the time. - Its posible to include this form in a html page?? thanks in advance. I like it. I would like to buy it, but I need to know it first.

Hello, 1.) The script does not have a feature to disappear the success message after specific secs. 2.) It supports .php page only. We have another item here which supports .html. kindly heck the link


is form supports turkish language ?

The form uses utf8 encoding. Though turkish characters are not tested. Thanks

hello, is there autoresponder email for participants?

The script has autoresponder option. Thanks

very nice script … Is it possible Confirm email? Because many user sand me an e-mail address incorrectly.

Hi, the confirmation email is not possible. Thanks.

hi, after click the send email button, ¿is posible to make the form auto refresh after show the green area with text “Thank you, your message has been sent”? Doesnt the form auto refresh the page?? thanks!

Hi, it does not have a feature to auto refresh after submission. Thanks.

i have purchased it yesterday and using on my site , i found it very good

only one problem because site is in french and we have very strict rule in our state to follow french completely , we need to translate into french , i did everything but unable to change “Choose file” No file choosen thing shows on the field of file upload

i know this is pre-defined text and can only change from some jquery or java script may be

can you guide me how to do it please

here is the form link:

i would appreciate your help

Can I add file upload feature and have 4 multiple file upload on one form?

Hello, I am interested. integrating the form on my page already create to copy and paste between the two form tag? possible to the client IP in the email? can add a link to the terms and conditions.? thank you

thanks for this form. looks easy to configure. i understand how to add or remove fields. i only dont understand how to change the captcha type. one of the screenshots here is 3+1 type while the form i downloaded is text from an image. thnak you

hello , its avilabile to send the form email as attachment html file ?

It is not available.

Hi there, Could you please help me where to change the code to display the file size excess error. Here is an example of what I need to do. Let’s say I have a maximum of 3 megabytes upload if someone upload a file bigger, the errors message actually is as this

..... 3.0mb

I want it as this

.....3.0 MB (a space after the number and capital words for MB)

Thanks for your help

kindly email us via support tab. Thanks

Your Demo isn’t working. Please can you fix

I just have one queston, are this forms live?? Do they work? Its not just HTML so they dont work right?

Our demo forms are the actual form. It is functional like form validation except for form submission. Sending emails are disabled in demo version to avoid spamming.

Your response is so Quick that i bought another script and forgot about you and your way of doing business. Slowest support ever. Now im glad i didnt buy it. Imagine how long would i wait if i needed realno support.


reynsys Purchased

Hello, GREAT script :)

I Have 2 Questions ;)

Is It Possible To Add Image Next To CheckBox , RadioButton And Text Field ? Can I Have Different Form On Every Page ? I Cant Find A Way To Do That.

Best Wishes And Regards