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Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thanks you TmdStudio.

Great Work but my pre sale question is our country have it’s own language and characters how can i convert it?

hello sir, it’s ok you can change everything you just need your own language characters and sound and text then replace them . + we have a full documentation included that explain how to change everything in the code source step by step. if you need more information please contact me at :

can you upload on playstore for me. im ready to purchase

hello sir, it’s ready to upload for the first buyer that’s mean that you only need to change package name + app name + admob ids + app icon and export it then upload it to google play store

can you upload for me. I will pay extra.

hello, do you mean i upload it in my google play account !! please explain more. thanks you

Looks great
1) item is RTL compatible (arabic…)
2)for all the items (like the letters…), all are in images so easy to reskin ?

hello SEO_tools, 1 – yes sir RTL + LTR and supporting all world language 2 – yes sir letters, numbers…. are images just replace them with your own images and you are ready to publish it on playstore NOTE : it’s ready to publish without changing any thing for the first buyer

Admin panel demo link

hello sir, there is no admin panel only SQL Database

Hello I downloaded the apk but it says can not open… can you reuplad it plz. I am about to purchase but need to check it first

Hello. I change all mipmap icons but after install app in my phone, icon is different, is a default anddroid icon. Why?

I solved. Thanks

How to send notification to all peoples who have app installed?

hello sir , please follow the instructions in documentation file


1 How to add new category?

2. How does the speech work? Do we need to add mp3 for it or it uses some api?

hello sir, after buying the the code source you will find a documention file that explain how to change categories and audio files, and yes you need to add mp3 files we don’t use any api for speech only audio files

If i play a item with an long mp3, at another click not change the mp3. How to stop the mp3 at another click on item?

hello sir, can you please contact me at because this issue need some programing stuff so i will need you to contact me . thanks you

I send you mail.

bro please give me your whatsapp number i want to clear some confusion about your app

email : contact me

hi bro , nice app , i need some help .

hello sir, please contact me at

Google play rejected this app why

hello sir, yes it will be rejected because this app is designed for children that’s mean you should select the age in the content rate in your listining ( opt in to Designed for Families ) please follow this video to get opt in to this program and send new update and it will be accepted 100%

Good luck.

I sent you email Please check

Can upload these app online to playstore ?? Or whata be change ??

hello sir, all you need to do is to just change / replace some images existing in the app and change your information that’s all and you can upload it you your play store account change some image just to avoid repetitive content policy

Pre-buying question: which app has this: layout? “EASY ABC LEARNING GAME FOR KIDS : PUSH NOTIFICATION” or “Kids Learning ABC”? And is it possible to add TTS instead of mp3? Thanks

php backend is not available yet you will get notification when it’s available thanks you.

Ok I wanted to buy pro version but you didn’t reply my email

i didn’t recieved yout msg please send it again email :

Hi. is this buildbox game ?

hello sir, no this app for android studio made by android studio

Hi when we click on one alphabet more times its sound stops as children also clicks many times so how it can be resolved

Hello Please Reply

Hi I wanted to buy extended one too. But no reply!

hello , can i add my own categories and mp3 ??, also, can i change the language?, instead of using it to learn english, use to to learn a different language?, is it juts a matter of changing the code?

hello sir, yes of course you can add your own categories and mp3 and make it to any language just change the audio files to that language and that’s all in only a few steps


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