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Any plan for GameCenter implement?

No plans at this time, but I would consider implementing a Game Center leaderboard if there are more requests for it.

Hi there, this looks like a GREAT game – lovely little template – just a quick question before I buy (and I probably will buy it anyhow as it looks really good) – does this game have a menu screen, I can see the gameplay has a button, and that theres an end game screen, however does it have a main menu too?

Cheers, Chris

Hi Chris. Thanks for the kind words! Currently, there is no menu screen in this template, just the game screen and end game screen.

It Supports iPhone5?

Nice game. Is the UI Storyboard, XIB, or implemented in code directly?

In the code directly

Hi there, just purchased the code – simple to follow – nice work :)

how i can make a storyboard? for the start screen before the game run?


This it’s ok :) i need to play sound not for the match but for egg’s.

Example: when i touch PIECE1.PNG play sound MATCH1.WAV.

how i can make this possible?

Thank you

This is pretty easy with a couple of code changes.
In GameManager.h, add the following line just above the @end statement:
- (void)playSoundEffectForType:(int)pieceType;

In GameManager.m, add this function at the bottom of the file:
- (void)playSoundEffectForType:(int)pieceType
    if (pieceType < 0 || pieceType >= NUM_COLORS)

    NSString* soundFile = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"match%d.wav", (pieceType + 1)];
    [[SoundManager sharedManager] playSound:soundFile];
In BoardView.m, find this line:
[[GameManager get] playSoundEffectForMatchWithCount:(int)selectedCircleViews.count];

And replace it with this line:
[[GameManager get] playSoundEffectForType:[[selectedCircleViews firstObject] pieceType]];

Finally, make sure you have a “match5.wav” sound effect and add it to the Xcode project by dragging it in next to all the others in the Resources group.

you are my idle. Thank you :)


I added a Storyboard using your instructions. It worked great! I am trying to add a simple button to start the game, but I am not sure what code to call. Can you help please? I love this app by the way. :)

I’m glad you like the app! I think you just need to have your button trigger a segue to the view controller for the game (the one with its Custom Class set to “ViewController”).

On your storyboard, right click on your start button that you’ve added. You should see a popup with an item called “action” under Triggered Segues. Click on the circle to the right of that, then drag to create a connection to the other view controller. Let go, then select “modal” from the popup that appears. Now your button will trigger a transition to the game screen, which will also start the game.

I did that, but when I click the button, the same page reloads. I just have a blank storyboard with the button. The button triggers the action you specified above, but it just loads the exact same page with that button. Thoughts?

Nevermind. I figured it out.