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Just want to know if the easter egg hunt can be built in a language so I can add it to my html websites? thanks for your reply in advance.

Just want to know if the easter egg hunt can be built in a language so I can add it to my html websites? thanks for your reply in advance.

Just want to know if the easter egg hunt can be built in a language so I can add it to my html websites? thanks for your reply in advance.

Hi xfactor54,

You can change all the texts in the pop-ups in the admin by clicking either the title or message part. See the manual for more details. Please me know if you have any more question!


Absolutely great plugin! My compliments.

The visitors (kids) has to guess the amount of hidden eggs. So they will not see the popup when they found all eggs. It’s a sort of Egg-hunting contest. When they think they have found all eggs, they have to send a message with the total amount of eggs they found. Those kids who are closest to the real amount of hidden eggs, are winning a small prize. ;-)

Now there’s only one problem. When counting, you can’t see the basket (popup) anymore once you clicked ok to search for more eggs. You’ve to find another egg otherwise your basket is gone forever! Is there a shortcode I can put in the menu where kids can see their total amount of already found eggs? Or is there a possibility to show the popup by link?

I truly hope you can help me out fast because the game is starting on sunday!



I have installed this plugin and placed it on a product page ( however the popup does not work. We are running a promotion which starts tomorrow (31 May) and this feature needs to work.

Does it only popup when you click on the easter egg (tongs in my case) or is it meant to pop up when you load the page?

Hi There,

I downlaoded the plugin again since the file was invalid upon plugin installation. However, the newly downloaded file was invalid as well.

Please advice on how to proceed.

Yours, Michael


I send you some questions via your contact form at

and still wait for answers

Cheers from Germany Hansjörg

Hi there, I just purchased this however this is the message I get when I attempt to install it

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugin Installer

Better late than never; but the actual installable plugin file is inside the zip file you download from CodeCanyon. I assume you already figured it out :)

Wordpress 4.9 Pop-ups showing broken in left up not slide to destination where is found can integrate with mycred point system.?

Sorry for the late replay. Can you be more specific? The plugin is tested on WordPress 4.9 and works fine in a vanilla installation. Could there be a conflict with the theme you are using?


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Ik heb een korte vraag. Hoe plaats ik een shortcode (bijv. [egg id=“5”]) in als PHP code in een child-theme file? Ik heb een paar elementen, zoals het menu en footer waar ik de egg wil plaatsen maar geen shortcode kwijt kan.

Alvast bedankt voor de hulp. Als dank zal ik een 5 star rating plaatsen!

Hi! You can display the shortcode in PHP with the following example code:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[egg id="1"]'); ?>

Hope this helps!


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I forgot where I placed a couple of eggs. is there anywhere i can find out where i placed them??

If you uncheck the

[ ]Hide egg shortcodes from search results
option in the admin, you can search for a shortcode like
[egg id="0"]
with the default WordPress search option on your frontside. Good luck :)

Do u also have a none wordpress version?

Not yet! But i’m considering it as it has been requested before :)

Hello, can you make it for magento or as stand alone version?

Do pictures adapt to the font size?


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I’ve added the plugin, setup the popups, added an egg via shortcode, but nothing happens when I click it

Hi, do you have a link to a page with the bug? It seems like a javascript error on your website is causing the pop-ups to not show.

sorry but what is that? I bought, installed and configured the plugin but this is really bullshit! it doesnt show it correct! even when i Disable pop-up styles it doesnt show correctly. I want my money back! or you will configurate the plugin that it works correctly, like your demo. I need a response as soon as possible, because we want to send a newsletter tomorrow and want to let play our clients to find the eggs to get a discount. Thanks for fast answer!

Hi, I’m sorry that the plugin isn’t working on your website. If you want me to check out the problem you can e-mail me a link to your page (via my profile form Otherwise of course you can get a refund! You can request one from Envato here:


benod1 Purchased

Hi, Customers are complaining that their eggs are resetting periodically and it’s frustrating them a lot. It’s happened to me too. Is there a solution to this?

Hi. Do you still give support for this item? A year ago I asked you for a problem, but never had a clear solution. I have never been able to use the plugin because this problem since the very first day. It´s a great idea and plugin but it looks a bit under-supportted. What can i do? Thanks.