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Hi MaksymZh,

Great gallery – just bought it for a new site we’re developing.

We’ve just got a couple of issues though:

1. It doesn’t work with the latest version of JQuery (3.1.0). We’re using JQuery Migrate to make it work at the moment, but can you please update it for 3.1.0?

2. When you’re looking at an image in the lightbox, the mouse zoom wheel doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks and Kind Regards,


Thank you for feedback.

Mouse zoom wheel is not available in this version.

I will try update to 3.1.0

Hi, before to buy it, I want to know if is possible open the gallery directly to one specific image (for example from an external link open the gallery at the third image). Many thanks

Hello. You can start gallery with one image. You can’t open the gallery by clicking on link.

Hi there, Does this work with the latest version of jQuery before I buy?

Also, does it allow videos to open in a lightbox?

It’s dosn’t work with latest version of jQuery. You can use jQery migrate. This gallery only for images.

Hi there,
your image gallery is great.
Are you planning to do a wordpress version?

Hi. Maybe in future)

Here is a small problem on chrome and firefox works well but on internet explorer does not work when I click on zoom I receive this problem see photo Thank you A el hitmi

Hello! Looks like some other styles blocked (covered) my. Maybe you have a link on project or you can send me all project?

Thanks for the moment I work in local xampp I think you’re right problem of a style that blocks your thank you again I will see I wanted to know if I can integrate youtube is how popup! A hitmi

I have an issue. Some items from the webpage are floating over. Can you have a look. Thanks.

Hello. You have a problem with z-index. You must remove your z-index in class product-view-area which added via javascript (or set z-index: 0 !important) and set smaller z-index for your online-chat with class zopim, z-index: 9999 !important;

Hi, is the plugin compatible with Enfold?

Hello. Yes.


I downloaded your plug-in yesterday: it is very simple and beautiful. Unfortunately we use jquery-3.2.1 and I’ve seen 2 bugs:

1. If I use only 1 picture it want show me any. By using 2 or more pictures it works. 2. By clicking on pictures and closing modal dialog, sometimes it want open the dialog again. I have to reload page in order to get it work. Try to open and close modal dialog more than one times. I’ve seen this effect yesterday many times.

Could you fix it? If not, I’ve to reject purchase.

Thanks a lot in advance, Dennis

Hello. Thank you for comment. I use jquery 1.11.3 for plugin and all work fine. You can try use jquery migrate to fix this issue. Later in future i try to fix it.

Hey Maksym,

how do I set the width of the minislider items?

Best regards

The width is set automatically. You can change number of shown items on different screen sizes and width will be changing. miniSlider: { itemsCustom: [[0, 1],[250, 2], [450, 3], [650, 4], [850, 5], [1050, 6], [1250, 7], [1450, 8]] }

Best regards


I would like to know if I can use it by getting image from file and also if I can use it for one picture only.


Hello. You can use one image.

You can’t set images from file.

Hi, I don’t want to use owl carousel, I have to show all the thumbs in a grid. Is it possible? Thank you

Hi. In this version it’s not possible.


We have purchased the eagle gallery to be implemented for use on our website and I’m trying to tweak some of its features. I’m wondering if is there some out of the box option that can be passed to the eagleGallery object in order to enable/disable the lightbox feature. I believe I can code in something myself, but I was wondering if is there already something implemented (it doesn’t look to be at first sight). Can you help?

Thanks, Radu

I think there’s no option like you need. What exactly you want to do?

I would like to disable the onclick event that triggers the full screen lightbox in some cases

Gallery doesn’t have option you need, but you can disable opening full screen lightbox via jQuery.

$(’#example1 .eagle-medium-wrap’).on(‘click’, function(e) { e.stopPropagation(); return false; });

Why have you still not updated this to use the latest version of jQuery?

Hi, great Script. One short Question. I want to add a Border with 2px space between the images. But after adding it, the Border on the Thumbnail on the right side is cut off. Any Idea how to make a solution for Borders?

I want to control number of item in mini slide. How can i do?

You can do it by changing numbers of items on different widths

$(’#example1’).eagleGallery({ miniSlider: { itemsCustom: [[0, 1],[250, 2], [450, 3], [650, 4], [850, 5], [1050, 6], [1250, 7], [1450, 8]] } });

Hi MaksymZh

Is there a way to dynamically insert additional slides and refresh the slider? Both in native JS and jQuery way?

Hi. Sorry, this slider doesn’t have this option