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Hi MaksymZh,

Great gallery – just bought it for a new site we’re developing.

We’ve just got a couple of issues though:

1. It doesn’t work with the latest version of JQuery (3.1.0). We’re using JQuery Migrate to make it work at the moment, but can you please update it for 3.1.0?

2. When you’re looking at an image in the lightbox, the mouse zoom wheel doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks and Kind Regards,


Thank you for feedback.

Mouse zoom wheel is not available in this version.

I will try update to 3.1.0

Hi, before to buy it, I want to know if is possible open the gallery directly to one specific image (for example from an external link open the gallery at the third image). Many thanks

Hello. You can start gallery with one image. You can’t open the gallery by clicking on link.

Hi there, Does this work with the latest version of jQuery before I buy?

Also, does it allow videos to open in a lightbox?

It’s dosn’t work with latest version of jQuery. You can use jQery migrate. This gallery only for images.

Hi there,
your image gallery is great.
Are you planning to do a wordpress version?

Hi. Maybe in future)