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I’m running freelancer website, where people can register for their own public profile. The public profile includes description off what services they can offer. Companies can also register for their own profile, and describe what type of services they need.

I would like companies to be able to post a comment on each individual freelancer profile, as a reference when projects are completed. I would like this to look like a testimonial. Therefore, they should be able to post it from the front end.

Each new freelancer profile is generated automatically through a plugin, and it has a single-profile.php file with the content. I therefore need to be able to add the testimonial via the single-profile.php file with some kind of code.

Are these features available with your plugin?

Only on some custom work.


I have looked everywhere after installing this plugin. Now what? Nothing in the installation shows where the settings are located at. I do not see a testimonial tab at all or anything. How do I manage the testimonials and get the shortcode?

I found it in the page editor. But each time I try to insert code, nothing gets inserted. Page refreshes and I lose everything. What a pos plugin. Please refund me


Yes that is a bug

You can PM I can send you update on your mail


I have installed the testimonial rotator – but it is not working. I do not see all of the button options only the one with quotes – I can input the testimonials but it will not interject the code on the page – so I enter a testimonial or 2, but there is no way to save it, see the shortcode or do anything else. If I hit the X it exits out – it is like there are buttons missing from the interface here as well.

I also tried to just take the shortcode from the documentation, but that does not work either.  What is the best way to proceed with this?


I just submitted

UPDATE 1.40 [ 03/28/2016 ]

  • [ADD] testimonial rotator options
  • [FIX] bug in the shortcode generator
  • [TWEAK] removed custom uploader and used the standard wordpress uploader
  • [TWEAK] new shortcode generator button

It should be available tomorrow


so once it is available, do I just need to re-download and install? thanks for the clarification.


Yes, it is available now.

You can just delete old plugin , and install this new version


Hi I just purchased your plugin and installed it. When I click on the menu item “Testimonial Rotator” I get a fatal error about class DZSHelpers not found


Do you by change got any other DZS plugin?



mbashi Purchased

Hello.. I just purchased.. I downloaded the zip file however when I extract it I get this error:

the following invalid folder name was encountered in the archives: “dzs-testimonialrotator\testimonialrotator\aux

and when I bypass all of this and extract anyways and upload the plugin, when i activate it it has errors and does not work.. Please help ASAP


Can you add via WordPress Plugins > Add New ?


04572654-72b5-4112-9338-19518b5fb825 – 9 Aug 2016 I bought the wordpress version this morning. On install it shows this from the admin menu… Fatal error: Class ‘DZSHelpers’ not found in….../dzs-testimonialrotator/dzs-testimonialrotator.php on line 290 Tried installing twice. I saw others post this problem in comments, but I didnt see a solution posted there. So basically this thing doesn’t work. Can you help me? Thank you


Send me admin here – http://zoomthe.me/sendadmin/login-details.php – I’ll install it for you

Input ” https://codecanyon.net/comments/13934468 ” in the Additional Details field

Info sent. Thank you for the help!

Hi, Can i use this plugin for display recent comment of my post’s website ? Can i exclude categories to nos show it ? Thank you for answer


Not at the moment