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Good luck with sales zoom :)

Thanks dude

Great work ZoomIt!

Thank you tean

what callbacks? can you build a progress bar for each item?


No progress bar at the moment, maybe in a future update!

There is a callback function that fires on each file upload for the multi uploader


Does this crop images as well?

Nope, only upload

PreSale question

Does this uploader stick to the PHP LIMIT ? Or is it like a flash upload that goes around thatl limit?

Sticks to the PHP limit


Looks kind of what I need, would it be possible to add some kind of percentage adding up as the file uploads? Would buy instantly for that :)

Thanks :D

Thinking of it for a future update.


In order to better help our customers, we set up a support forum, which you can access below. Support requests there will be prioritized.

Thank you!

Nice ! Can this be used on a Drupal site and connected to Dropbox ?

1. It can be used on a Drupal site

2. It may be possible to connect to Dropbox but would require some PHP skills


Hi, can we upload videos from url, form flv url videos for example.

flv url domain.com/video.flv


Nope. Only local at the moment

You should comment your code better!


Do you offer support with this? Thanks


The example demo on this web site in IE9 does not work. It brings up the message “Opera and IE do not support multi upload”. This is supposed to be compatible with IE9 . I get the same error in my purchased integrated version as well. Is there an update for this? Thank you.

It only supports single file upload for IE and Opera at the moment.

will this script echo the file link after upload?


Pre-buyer question
Is there the possibility to use this with a Windows server? ;)

Thanks in advance!

Personally I think this project has been abandoned. I do not see answers to questions from a year ago. Do not waste time with this.

It has not been abandoned.

We constantly update the uploader,

If you are using PHP on your Windows server, it will work.

Hi, I want the “Upload All” button to call data.php and in data.php I’ll store the selected files in /files. Is it possible? Thanks!

Hi. Wondering if this uses Flash? Thanks.

Nope. No flash involved.

Can you upload photo’s and video from mobiles or camera’s , such as jpeg , bng, mp4 etc. I currently have a journal’ theme in opencart. Will this work on that?. Also, if I buy this and I want say three or four buttons per page will the licence cover it or do I need the extended?. I may also have many people per day uploading, will it be able to do that? What I want is the photo or video to appear virtually automatically on the site, will this have the flexibility to be able to code parameters around it to do so. Sorry i’m no tech expert. thanks

Sure, it’s one licence for project so you are ok.

Yes, it has the option to trigger a js function after upload.

DZS Uploader – All purpose html5 uploader check u live demo i thing u page hack

Thanks, I’ll fix