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Would it be possible to hard code a scrollbar to a content area using the echo shortcode hook?


Yes. Scrollers can be inserted via PHP very easily too.


pls can u advise yr email , i wish to send u a jpg

Send me PM via my profile http://codecanyon.net/user/ZoomIt?WT.ac=item_profile&WT.z_author=ZoomIt I ‘ll reply with my email

Just bought plugin, doesn’t work at all….would like a refund.

Replied to your mail

I need the scrollbar in a template. YOu suggested one can do it via echo, but where do I find the shortcode? thanks.

Actually, I have seen where I get the shortcode, but I dont know how to exactly place it with echo, I need the sidebar for a dynamically generated ul menu…

my code look like that:

<?php if($post->post_parent) $children = wp_list_pages(“title_li=&child_of=”.$post->post_parent.”&echo=0”); else $children = wp_list_pages(“title_li=&child_of=”.$post->ID.”&echo=0”); if ($children) { ?>

    <?php echo $children; ?>
<?php } ?>

where should I place the echo with the sidebar shortcode? any help woud be super appreciated.

$oput = '';

$oput.='[scroller width="100%" height="200" settings_skin="skin_default" type="simple"]';

$children = wp_list_pages(“title_li=&child_of=”.$post->post_parent.”&echo=0”); 
$children = wp_list_pages(“title_li=&child_of=”.$post->ID.”&echo=0”); 
if ($children) { 


echo do_shortcode($oput);

I sent a message a few days ago and have not heard back. The scrollbar isn’t working. Can someone help me out?

Show me a link please


Hi, i like your plug in.

can i see all templates and examples ?

i saw is very slow with my mouse wheel i posible to change the velocity ?

great work i search and search and your plugin is great


For now, these are all the demos. I can include a scrollbar replacement demo ( as Scroller can do that )

You can adjust the scrollbar speed on mouse wheel for every browser


Hey, just purchased this and struggling majorly.

Im wanting to add a large photo which is long, horizontally and have a manual scroll to view the long content.

I’ve uploaded the image to the “scroller gallery” on the page, and inserted the shortcode, [scroller_gallery].

Nothing shows.. am I missing something?

Thanks. Gareth

Ok.. so added a different photo and it works.. So wondering, is not compatible with an image so wide? My image is 1200 × 123.

The idea is to have the height set at 123, and scroll through the image.


Answered via email.

Hi – I have a pre-sales question Will this work inside Visual Composer – will your shortcode generator appear in the VC tools? Thanks


Not at the moment but maybe with a future update



Please check this link: http://www.yourmoneytree.com.au/about/

This is a wordpress theme built from scratch. Is your plugin can target this area: http://yourmoneytree.com.au/custom_designs/scrollbar.png

I dont want to use a shortcode concept here because that div wrapper is very important as it’s height was controlled dynamically set by my jquery. Thanks

Okay, I see it works fine … What is the issue ?


I’m looking to make DZS Scroller full height in a container that is responsive with min-height:calc(100vh – 185px). I’m not seeing a way to do that with the available shortcodes. When I try h=”100%”, the scroller becomes not visible. Could you please give me a hand on this? Thanks.


As long as the inner div has a height bigger then the container

Show me a link I will have a look


You’ll have to log in….can I send you a direct email?...

Sure, send me a pm via my profile

Hi, i just purchased the plugin.

Not working as expected. http://isabellamoore.com.au/1674-2/

and i am using this as shortcode:

[scroller_gallery h=”1000” w=”100%” type=”full-horizontal” settings_skin=”skin_blackwhite” ih=”500” settings_autoheight=’off’]

i have tried a few variations from the documentation page but not yet what i was expecting.

What can i use for shortcode so that the images will all be the same height as the scroller itself?

can i speed up the scroller speed/ reponsivity?

and how can i make it 100% width of the screen, not as it is now?





Can you repost it ?


Hi, Is there a limit to how many images that can be used in the scroll gallery?


It’s virtually unlimited


Hello, I just brought the plugin yesterday however it seems to be causing a weird effect which is whenever I add the DZS Scroller shortcode in a page it forces the page to scroll to the bottom once the page is loaded. Here is a link to the page which your plugin is active. Is there a code that can solve this issue? Thank you.

Here is a link to the page. Http://lumionlighting.com/products/led-panels/slim-series/lp/ Your plugin is located in the tabs 2 section, and I tried to the put the shortcode outside the tabs table as well but the issue still exists.


I don’t see the plugin in tabs 2 section. I see it in the first part thought.

Maybe a conflict with the scrollbar you are using for the page .

DZS Scroller can replace the whole page scrollbar too – do you want me to enable that feature ? – so you can use this plugin for both scrollbars