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Can this script compress (minify) every page on my website ?

Yes this script can compress every page on your website.

Do I have to modify my actual source-code ?

No you don’t have to modify your actual source. No modification of any type is required.

Is this going to join two words together like ‘About Us’ to ‘AboutUs’ Or going to remove spaces where required ?

No this script is not going to join two words together.
It will also not remove any extract space from where it is required.

I’m not using any CMS will this script works.

Yes this script works fine even you are not using any CMS.

My site is dynamic I have over thousands of PHP files can I use this ?

Yes you can use this script. This script does not matter how large or small your site is. Or how many PHP files you use in your script.

Will this script work any PHP any php based site.

Yes this will work with any PHP based sites.

Is their any other way then include or required_once to use this script.

Yes you also use this script via .htaccess method by using ‘php_value auto_prepend_file’

Is there any Javascript error going to occur because of compressing ?

No there will be no javascript error because of this script.

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