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When are we going to get a FIX for the clear problem with the scripting – It doesn’t work waiting on you fixing it please!

Hello madesignUK

Ok, I will try to release a corn script this or next week.


GR8 News, – err whats a corn script?

:| typo there its “cron” script, that will run in background every month or week based on your choice to clear the cache :)


I need help. I change to PHP 7.0.8 and cant load my page.


Fatal error: Cannot use “self” when no class scope is active in **/public_html/compressor.php on line 665

ANY NEWS :: Have you fixed this script via creating a cron action to refreash the cache??

Been waiting a month or so since you said you was workig on it

Can we have an UPDATE – with thanks in advance

>> Fatal error: Cannot use “self” when no class scope is active in **/public_html/compressor.php on line 665

with PHP 7

Hello Doctorrr

Working on PHP 7 + backward compatibility.


don’t work with <!DOCTYPE html>. Fix: line ~517,

from if (stripos($start_buffer, ’<html’) !== false) { -> to -> if (stripos($start_buffer, ’<html’) !== false || stripos($start_buffer, ’<!DOCTYPE html’) !== false) {


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Hello I cannot implement compressor. It is not working out properly. Can you please help me?

Any timeline for PHP7 support?

>> Fatal error: Cannot use “self” when no class scope is active in **/public_html/compressor.php

why not working with css. just minifiy javascript :SSSS

Where is author?????

Hello pixeleak

It don’t minify CSS – JS files, it only minify your inline CSS – JS.

It will be great if you can send us the exact url where you have issue by email. We will help you out with that.

Best Regards,
Abhimanyu Sharma


<dwcescape> ... </dwcescape>

doesn’t have any effect the script block some part of my page for user now i remove it

vBulletin 3.8

how to specify the script for only [guest] ?


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Getting PHP 7 fully supported would really be appreciated.

Also, you should consider a new version of this, but with it actually minifying css, js, and html/php files outright. I would buy that.

My front-end works fine but backend is not. I have the blank white pages in dashboard. Please help.


I habe follow PHP error in WP Blog. [24-Jan-2017 05:56:52 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown on line 0

Class 'CompJSException' not found in /var/www/www/site.com/compressor.php on line 334

How can I fix it?

Hi not working with Opencart. Please, need help. Opencart and Vqmod, default template. I removed
if ($setting['compress'] == TRUE) ob_start('compressor_ob_handler');
if ($GLOBALS['compressor']['clear'] == TRUE) deleteDir($cacheDir);
from compressor.php added
$data = compressor_ob_handler($data);
to system/library/response.php and added include_once(‘compressor.php’); to index.php I see dwccache folder with css and js subfolders, but they are empty. I tried to put include_once(‘compressor.php’); at the end of index.php, but no effect.

I have test server with some test projects. I tried this script with Joomla and simple html-php sites. It works. But I don’t need it for joomla, I’m interested in Opencart. I installed clear Opencart with Vqmod (same as production) on test server and tried again. The same effect – no minification, and empty dwccache folders. Please, can you help me. Best regards.

html cache not working?


in my website, i have many plugins.

Is it possible to check if your plugin is compatible with my website?


Is the plugin alive?

When php 7 support is implemented?

For those with php 7 problems, on line 665 find self::deleteDir($file); and change to $this->deleteDir($file);

Hello, I’m using CMS CouchCMS – www.couchcms.com but it is not working according to the rules for using compressor.php. What do I do?

Works as described thanks. See it at https://householdbook.com


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Upgraded to php 7.0 and it stopped working

Just tried your latests version f your compressor – great, creates 500 ERRORS

can we sort this out please, as brought this 1-year ago and its Never worked!

abhimanyu003 AUTHOR – Seems the last time you responded to anyone’s comment was 7-months Ago.

Think its time to ask codecanyon whats this software still doing on here, as you clearly are not even providing the most basic of support to your customers!!!!!