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The solution that ceasa gave above works for PHP7.0 on line 665 find self::deleteDir($file); and change to $this->deleteDir($file);

Hello growingleads

Thanks for suggestion, we have improved PHP 7 compatibility and also done minor optimizations.

Older versions are also included so if you are using lower then PHP 7 you can use those.


Hello How we can compress eternal js and css

Hello Everyone.

We have improved PHP 7 compatibility and also done minor optimizations.

Older versions are also included in the package. So if you are using lower then PHP 7 and get any issue you can use those.

Best Regards,
Abhimanyu Sharma

Hi There,

I have uploaded the compressor.php into the root folder and added the <?php include_once(“compressor.php”); ?>, but it doesnt seem to be firing, could you check it out please




Hello davidoak1

We have replied to your email. Requested few details from your side. Please let us know.

Kind regards,
Abhimanyu Sharma

Hi There, I don’t seem to have received it yet, any chance of sending it again

thanks David

Hello davidoak1

I think I don’t have your correct email.

Is it possible for you send me an email at

And we can continue our conversion by email diectly.

Kind regards,
Abhimanyu Sharma

Nice update Abhi, keep up the good work! :-) BUY THIS PEOPLE DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, IT JUST WORKS!

Hello gkamproductions

Many thanks for your great review.

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Thanks .


Redtel Purchased

Fantastic ! Does what it says on the tin. Used on Concrete5.7.

Hello. I’m not developer. Is it available detail guide where to update this php to make it work? lIke copy to wp-content/ childtheme….. Remove this/ that… add this/that?

I tried to use many minify js/css plugin on wordpress. They work but issue that make my page blank for loading 3-5s then page appear. When i deactive theme. My web just immediately load fine… Will your code help fix issue page blank load 3-5s ?

Hope to hear from you soon for process purchase. Thanks

Hello JuliaAbraham

It is possible for you to contact us via email abhimanyusharma003@gmail.com

Please send me your website name so that I can give the detailed overview of everything.


I mailed you title: Issue install. Thanks

Hi as i said, i’m none developer, i need your help, finaly you did not.
I send email show issue and you did not respond. Issued with buddypress change avarta, change background, woo frontend manager setting page > Went to 404
I opened refund request, you also not care. If you don't respond me to slove the issue of your plugin in next few days.
> I will open dispute then. I’m not going to pay for anything none work for me and bad supporter. I have my right to get support within 6 months in required plugin work as description.

Hi Pre-purchase question. Is this script compatible with static html website? Hope to hear from you. Regards

Hello babacool

If your files end with .php extension it will work for sure.



A couple of questions: 1) Do the pages need to be saved in .php file extension? 2) The script ONLY minifys the remote files and not my local files?


i need hacker protection script for any type of website and attacks like xss,bruteforce like that.

json+ld Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token :

How to use it with codeigniter ?

it does minify all html and css but not java

Can i use this on a static html page? how would i use it since i dont have any php?

It great script, I use basic php success, SMF Forum is error. if you update use SMF forum, it best script. For me, I happy your script :)

PHP 7.2???

Nothing happens. Can you help me??? Thanks

He works. I checked after clearing the cache. Compressed the html, but let pass some css and js files. This is normal? Are not they all compacted? The algorithm understood that this was better? Or do you have any additional settings so you can manually include these files? I did not see much difference in the performance tests, but I’m just starting the settings. Can you help me with these questions? Thank you

The ‘Live Preview’ links to a video – I can’t get the video to play or download.