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Neat but, how is this different than Cufon? Besides one being PHP and the other in JS :)

Cufon converts a TTF font to a path which can allow users to view text in different fonts on your web page. However, it adds the overhead of the user having to download the font path.

Most importantly, Dynamic Text Images allows you to hide the text in the raw source of the web page so bots cannot see email addresses etc that you’d rather hide. With Cufon the text is still ultimately on the page and scrapable by bots – it just looks prettier.

Dynamic Text Images is also super easy to implement and comes as a wordpress plugin for easy integration on any platform. It’s just drag and drop to upload a font and then a function call to use it.

I would say that adding to the user overhead is pretty irrelevant if using most popular cms’ like wordpress or shudder joomla. Which will likely include a million other javascripts run by most inexperienced users or plugin lovers -

but… it is a valid point that this would be very useful to hide dynamic texts that you would not want to be picked up by bots example facebooks user emails or for custom capchas.

It would be worse though for seo if you had the intention of using it for page headings though, that is where cufon does have the advantage.

Good idea to make this function into an easy to implement addon.

Does the TTF font have to reside on the server for the PHP to be able to convert the text into the image?

I do however agree with the above comment for SEO you need the header text, but it’s great for other text images and for blocking out bots. It might also be able to be used for captcha if you can get it to generate text on the fly using a range of font types

Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

Yes, the font has to reside on the server. If you’re using the wordpress plugin then it’ll let you upload them via it. If you’re just using the php functions then you must upload them into a ‘fonts’ folder.

hi, this is a stupid question or i’m a dumb..

this script works as standalone?? or it’s just to wordpress soft?? thanks so much.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you on this.

Yes it works as a standalone PHP function as well as a Wordpress plugin. The download includes instructions about which files to upload to your server/host depending on your requirements.

Thanks, easy to set up. Just what I needed to protect email addresses

whats the maximum amount of text this will accept? will it accept line breaks? will the image grow perfectly around the text (so-to-speak)?

All text appears on the same line. The image grows to accomodate the size and length of the text. Theoretically the length will only be limited by memory/input/url limit.

Neat and effective script, thanks.