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Hi, it seems to be very nice product. Can you please elaborate how the chart is available for even Indian stocks , when your other product for Stock Quotes says No NSE or BSE stock quote ….......I may be interested in both ,,,,,only chart is a bit less use for Indian stocks

Thanks…...nice explanation. I am a layman… you have a nice tutorial for implementing it in web pages ? Is the graph responsive

It’s quite straight forward to add it to a web page. Chart builder will generate an HTML code, which you just need to insert to a web page. So no programming skills required other than being able to edit HTML files and insert content into it.

Unfortunately charts are not responsive as of now, but this is something I will be looking for to implement in of the next releases.

Thanks for prompt reply !

Hey, I was looking for a script like this. Looks awesome man. Will purchase it within the week.

Hey, thanks a lot. Hopefully you will enjoy using it.

hi Author , can you add indicator such as macd , rsi & volume

hi , thanks for the upgraded ,, by add the Moving average indicator i believe in the further other indicators like RSI , MACD , volume will get in next upgrade, tks

hi just suggestion if you able to show the value of the chart as a text it will looks a cool , by adding a text in left upper side on the chart area , like : Date : ,Stock Code/Name : ,Open : High : ,Low : ,Close : ,Change % :, Change Price : ,Volume : , i think you can do it easily my friend …

Hi, unfortunately this is not so easy, but I will try to consider your suggestions for future releases. Thank you!

This isn’t at all mobile optimized and doesn’t work on any of the modern touch devices. Am I correct?

Hey, Thanks for the update. I wil surely take a look at it. :)

One more thing. Does this work for Indian Stock Exchanges/ Bombay Stock Exchange? And, upto what extent?

Yes, it does work with NSE/BSE stocks. You can test it on the demo page.

hi ,,when you are going to upgrade the chart widget with adding analysis indicators tools such as Moving average , MACD , RSI or etc ?

Hi, unfortunately I can’t give you an exact date. It might take another 1-2 months. I will try to get it implemented as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest.

My chart is not showing up (WordPress) I have uploaded the JS and css to the JS folder and css folders. Page code:

<head> <script src=””></script> <script src=””></script> <script src=”js/dynamic-stock-charts.min.js”></script> <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”css/dsc-style.css”> </head>

Hi, it seems I may have purchased the dynamic charts instead of dynamic charts for WordPress. Can I add $6 and get the WordPress version?



Hi, please contact Envato support to replace it with WordPress version, they should help.

can you check if this will work for the Australian company Tissue therapies Limited, then i might buy it

Yes, it works for Tissue therapies Limited (symbol TIS.AX). You can check it yourself at the demo page.

hi e2000 , the chart is EOD chart , but the stock widget showing delay 15 live. so when i plot the chart and the stock widget in same page , its not match. do you have any idea about that. and can you make intraday chart for your dynamic chart plugin. , tks

Hi, unfortunately Yahoo Finance API doesn’t provide intraday data for stocks, so at the moment it’s only possible to have charts based on end of day (closing) prices.

Hello, after building the stock chart in the demo, I do not see the embed code for the chart. Where would this show up?

Also, do I have to make a yahoo API account?

Hello, you don’t need Yahoo API keys/account.

Did you actually purchase this item?

friend got interested in applying saw that has a tab simulator, how it works? It is to simulate people? another is multi language or will be easy for me to translate into Portuguese of Brazil

Sorry, I don’t understand the above.

I want to know how to include the button that exists in the share demo graph

The chart builder is included only for demo purposes, it’s not so easy to integrate it to a page.

hi. I need to be able to change the charts symbol on button click and update the chart accordingly, how can i do this?

Hi, I would go with something like:
$('#button').on('click', function() {
   //some code
  // build chart

ok so i replaced the data-symbol=”GOOGL” to data-symbol=”ACOPF” ,for example.Than i ran dscBuildChart(’#chartDiv’); function. But the chart doesnt change at all. Am i supposed to change some other value to make the chart reflect the new company?

Here is a working piece of code:
  $(document).ready(function () {
      $('#btn').on('click', function() {
        $('#chart').data('symbol', 'AAPL');

hi this is an awesome script. i was looking something like this for an app i am developing i want to know this can be customized to retrieve the feed data in real time from my own feed data? can be used to display candlesticks graphs?

How do you want to animate it? I’m not sure how push notifications can work with charts.

if i connect this graph with a live Forex data feed for example and i want that the candlestick chart the one that i intend to use show the info updated for the last operations in the market, for a trading simulator app

Theoretically it’s possible to dynamically update it if you have real time data feed.

I can not unzip my purchase items “Dynamic Stock Charts” and it give me an error-code 1 when I try to unzip that file.


please send us a message through our profile page and we will send back the archive again.


can i use this charts for my own custom data other than stock and forex

Hello, bought your version but example page is only blank.


you need to upload the example page to a server, it will not work if you just open it in a browser.

Thank you, great script. If you create a similar system for the crypto markets something like , I’ll also purchase.

Thanks, we will consider building something like this.