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Hi, I am still waiting for a response regarding difficulty in finding an ASX listed company. I hope you could respond soon.

Hi, I believe I have responded to your last query. Didn’t you get a notification?

There are plenty of ASX companies. Her are some example symbols: CBA.AX, VAS.AX, IAG.AX, NAB.AX etc. Just start typing the company name and you should see it in a dropdown.

Did I answer your question?

P.S. You also need to upgrade to the latest plugin version.


Hi there, strange I didn’t see your response or got a notification. It’s no problem though. We’ve attempted to find our company again and managed to find it. There was just an issue where sometimes the dropdown menu wouldn’t show our company which got us confused. Thank you for the help!

You are welcome!

Hi i want to know if “DKFT.JK” can be shown with your plugin? can indonesian stock shown too?

Hi, yes chart for can be displayed. You can check it yourself on the plugin demo page. Thanks

Can you tell us why the graph keeps reloading everything time we scroll down on the page? The example page is here:

Please send a message through the contact form on my profile page.

Thank you – I have sent it now.

Hi, it was a great plugin and I would like to purchase it. However, I found that by using yahoo api, the stock data always delay 1 day, can we make it to be real time? 15-30mins of delay is fine. Thanks.

Is it possible to include the stock volume also?

Hi, the plugin uses historical close prices (that’s why you see 1 day lag), unfortunately intraday data is not available, so it’s not possible to make it close to real time. I will probably add volume in next versions of the plugin, but not sure yet. Thanks.

Thanks. It would be great! Hope the volume will be unveiled in ur next version soon if time is allowed.


wsvi Purchased

I’m trying to generate chart for company from 1999 through 2015, but bottom of chart starts from 2001 for a 15 year period (last threes on x axis go down from 2015 to 1999, 2000), Please advise if i’m there is a limit on period

I see, looks like Google charts API can’t handle such long periods of data and start appending data to the end of the period. Unfortunately in this situation I can only advise you to choose a shorter time frame. 15 years period seems to work fine.


wsvi Purchased

chart with 15 year period has x-axis that ends with beginning period (not end period)

Does 14 years chart work?

can i ask when will the next version be released? will it include volume?

Hello, maybe, but I can’t give you any timeline at the moment. Thanks

hi can I ask is it possible to make the “navigable chart” work on mobile? I noticed that mobile users could not change the time span if they want to. Thanks.

Hi, there appears to be a bug in the Google charts engine, which is not solved at the moment. See a discussion here for example:!topic/google-visualization-api/Ye96zpxsfGk

So I don’t think there is a way to solve it unless it’s fixed on Google side. Thanks.

Can we combinate with membership system, where membership have an role system if role a member can choice 3 company, if role b member can choice 5 company, if c member can choice 7 company to display>>???

Well, you can do so, but such membership system will need to be coded and implemented. This plugin will just allow you to add charts.

Hi, ist it possible to provide the chart builder to a random visitor of my website? Regards!

Hi, unfortunately the chart builder is supposed to be used by admins only and can’t be simply added to a regular WordPress page. Technically it’s feasible to integrate it, but not without some extra work. So if you desperately need it please contact us through the profile page for a quote on this job. Thank you


rdudler Purchased


It seems that there is no connection to yahoo. The plugin does not work.

Could you please check what happened?

thank you


Hi Raphael, there is some issue on Yahoo side, requests to retrieve historical data fail to complete. I’m sure this should be resolved soon.


rdudler Purchased

ok. Thank you.

Hi, I’m finding that the chart is slow to load—takes about 5 seconds after the rest of the page content is loaded. Is there anything I can change in the settings to speed up the load time?

Hi, the speed generally depends on the data interval length (the plugin will make an extra request to the server per each year of data), try to make it shorter and the chart will be loaded faster.

Hi, We’ve purchased the plugin, trying to build 3 charts, but we were not able to get it right.

the charts we wanna build as below


Pls assist us on building the charts

Thank you so much!


Thanks for your purchase.

Sadly, but commodities futures are no supported by this plugin, so neither of the mentioned symbols can be displayed.


jazzac Purchased

Just bought plugin and am trying to create chart. When i type company name into the company name window i get no dropdown menu to choose from. When i just type in the name or symbol i get an error when i build the chart that no data is found.

I can build a chart on the preview page of code canyon website so i no its no a problem with chart symbol. Can i please get help with getting this running.


Could you please provide access to your website, so we can investigate? You can send details in a private message.



jazzac Purchased

thanks for quick response. Where do i post private message?


jazzac Purchased

Sorry forgot to leave company name and symbol its Millennial Lithium Corp

Hi there, I’d have a couple of pre-purchase questions:

1) Does this plugin also support stock tickers / single stock prices as your other plugin: Or does this solely support the charts?

2) Does this plugin also support exchange rate charts (e.g. USD/EUR) or also for other currencies?

3) Does your other plugin support exchange rates?

4) How “live” are the stock / exchange rate prices shown?

Thanks a lot, Peter

Cool! Will then buy one of them – one final question: The plugin uses the google charts api, right? Is there a daily limit on calls or traffic or something like this?

Also: The plugin—> only support charts? As we’d also need the single rates as in your screenshot :) Oh and in terms of the charts plugin: I assume we can translate the x and y axis details?

And again, haha, sorry: In terms of the stock price—> the price we need to show the stock or gold price in has to be BRL (Brazilian Real). That supported?

There is no limit on calls or traffic.

The Interactive Financial Charts plugin supports only charts, so if you also need widgets you will have to get both plugins.

Stocks are quoted in their nominal (original) currency. So NYSE stocks are quoted in USD, LSE stocks are quoted in GBP etc.

Let us know in case of other questions.

Okay thanks, sounds good!

dont work.

no ticker suggestions when i start writing. no calendar popup

does nothing

okay! Sad but however…

last question – is it possible to brand the charts with a watermark logo or so?

Theoretically it should be possible, however it will require further development and hence extra cost. If interested please contact us by email.