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It is a great slider with plenty of layouts.

I think you would have more sales if you had made more of an effort to incorporate different html examples into the captions.

Nice job though!

Thanks for the suggestion and the message! What types of other captions did you have in mind ?

[link removed per author’s request] Something with text and buttons for links.

Message from author : “Thanks for the suggestion and the message!”

Posting here for future buyers as well.

A new update has been implemented that added new themes and improves the look of the captions and offers more examples.


Does this offer ‘looping’ – last slide to the first and vice versa? Timer settings for autoplay between slides? Can a slide be an entire with whatever html/content we want or just a background image with caption and labels?

I did not see any of these mentioned or in the slides… please let me know. Thanks!

Just played around with it some… works fine for any html content like you said so I can put whatever I want in a slide… which is perfect because I don’t plan on using the labels at all. You said it allows looping though and it does not. If you are on the first slide, previous button ‘errors’ rather than going to the last… if you are on the last slide it ‘errors’ rather than going to the first. When autoplay it does ‘loop’, but this wasn’t what I was talking about. I see autoplay also ‘shuffled’ through all the previous slides like its on rewind as well to get to the first. Any way to change that?

Also, there is no fadein or fade out of the slides… possible to add?

Everything seems perfect so far, but looks like I will need to customize.

NONE of your examples work with ie7 or ie8 – as stated in the description.


1. Regarding looping I was thinking about autoplay, but that can be implemented for the arrows as well, no problem. The functionality is there, all it needs is to enable it for the arrows. I will include a setting to either enable or disable looping in the next update in a few days.

2. You mentioned that the autoplay loops but now in the way that you thought. The way that it does not is that from the last it slides all the way to the first. But I presume you wanted the functionality to continually go normal and the first side to appear at the end. I think that this creates an issue with the dragging, depending on the number of slides. I will look into this possibility and if it is possible I will add a setting to select this functionality as well.

3. Yes, fading is possible. I will add it in the following update.

4. If there is a problem in IE7 or IE8, it must be a small bug only. I will look into it and publish a hotfix shortly. It was working ok when I made the latest tests.


Posting an update to our discussion here for future buyers:

- The IE7 and IE8 bug has been fixed in a quick first update.

- The fading effect has been implemented in the recent update.

- Support for touch devices has been implemented as well.


looks like my comment was edited- ’ entire div with…’

Yeah, you cannot post html tags in this message board because they are confused with real html and are not displayed.


First update with a couple of fixes has been implemented.


Can you make sure to add a changelog to the description so we know what has been changed? Also, I thought codecanyon usually sent an email saying an item purchased was updated – maybe not – but I did not get any notice.

Sure, I have added a changelog to the description.


This slider is really nice. Can it be made responsive, meaning, that the width is depending on the surrounding wrapper, but keeping it’s aspect ratio?

It does not currently have responsiveness implemented but I may add this functionality in the future.


New update has been implemented with a couple of new features:

- Added another effect, fading, both for the images as well as for the labels.

- Added support for touch devices.


Touch support when using fade not working properly. You always go forward to the next slide even when swiping for back/previous. Happening on iPhone if that makes a difference. Occurs on your demo as well.

Touch and drag works when selecting the “slide” effect.

When the “fade” effect is selected, when clicking or tapping the image it goes to the next slide. I did not implement a sliding feature for fade because it seems unintuitive, but just clicking or tapping the image to go to the next slide seems intuitive. I thought that dragging makes sense for the slide effect but just tapping makes sense for the fade effect.


A new update has been implemented:

- Added new themes, increased the number of themes from 2 to 30.


Is there any way to make the ‘slide’ effect when using fade optional? I see what you mean being unintuitive, but so far everyone who has taken a look at my ‘demo’ is pretty much saying the opposite and wondering why they can’t ‘go back’ using the arrows, circles, or swiping… showing them the same with the slide effect I get ‘yeah that one works’ comment. I could see if the navigation items weren’t shown, but when they are visible I think most people are expecting it to go back when they want it to even if it is fading in.

I don’t understand what you mean.

The image and the labels both have 2 effects, slide and fade. You can set the used effects for both in the settings.

It is possible to go forward and back using the arrows and the circle buttons at any time, regardless of the effect.


I just tried it on a laptop and it seems to work as expected… perhaps when using on a phone its not working because the area to touch is too small? In other words the ‘hotspot’ is missed and therefore the missed touch defaults to forward? That’s the only thing I can guess is happening. I guess I need to rephrase the question then and ask if the ‘touch slide’ can be implemented for the fade as well then.

The image drag is implemented for the slide effect. The fade effect does not have drag implemented because there is no drag and slide. But it can be implemented with some modifications to the source code (Assets/Source).



i have some question

can thsi slider scale? to width or height?

is tehri any automatic clide mode?


You can set any width and height from the CSS file. It is very easy and the guide explains where to go.

Yes, it has automatic sliding.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.


Hi, I recently bought this slider and have noticed when I am using it with the fade transition, it will fade from slide 1 to slide 2 but then stop, despite there being many other slides. Do you know how to fix this?

Cheers, Sean


Thanks for posting this bug. I have fixed and am submitting the new files for approval.

It will take about a day to be approved but if you want them faster, please send me a contact email from my profile page and I will send you the update files on your email.


Ran into another problem. When drag is enabled you cannot click on any hyperlinks within the slide. I am not using labels, but rather something similar to : <div class="intro_slider"> <div> <p>slide number one --- my a href here ---- </p> </div> <div> If I disable dragging it works fine, however, you cannot drag any longer of course. I am using an iPhone for this test.</div></div>

Links do work when using drag, I am not sure how you have tested but if you want me to send you a working example, let me know.


  • Dynamic Slider I would like to know before buying: Can I use hyperlink within the slider in drag mode (I did not see the use in examples)? Thanks,

Yes, it is possible to use hyperlinks in drag mode.


Does Dynamic Slider have the capability of using a library of labels (captions)? In other words I plan on having 6 images but, I need the ability to display 1 of 30 labels, at random, on each of the images as they cycle.


There is no functionality to display random labels from a list. This is something very specific, not something generally needed and the slider does not have this implemented.


Sorry but I am a bit confused.

I’m looking for an easy slider for a website, which is easy to use as admin to set the slide-effects, range of numbers of pictures and so on.

1) Is it possible to make the slider slide images automatic? 1b) And also stop the slider on “hover”? 2) Is it possible to set width / high of the “container”? 3) Is it possible to insert HTML text, links and buttons in free transform? like use of a box of a CSS div-command? 4) And will it automatic goes to the first slide, when it has finished the last one? 5) And will it able to hide/show commands on “hover” and also remobe any kind of border? Like does also support transparency / png-files?

I know I may sound a bit stupid, but have never before used any kind of sliders and have low skills in programs code.

Looking forward for a reply, before I buy it ;o)

When autoplaying, the slider does automatically go from last to first. Only when dragging the images with the mouse this does not work, but when the images slide automatically, it does go from last to first automatically.


So if I buy and can’t make it run as I want, you will guide me?

I can offer you support, answer your questions, offer clarifications, beyond what the comprehensive guide already offers. But I cannot do the work for you. I will offer support but it will be your responsibility to do the implementation.


can i use this slider for ios web app, i want dynamic ly ad romove and append with jquery if it is possible i will use it thank you


I am not familiar with iOS web apps, I have not worked with such apps. I think that you are in a better position to determine if you can use this slider once you know what files it comes with and how it is implemented.

This slider comes with HTML files containing the slider HTML code and with a folder of asset files, such as CSS, JavaScript and image files. Implementing the slider requires introducing the HTML code in your file and adding the asset files to your project, specifically, adding the CSS, JavaScript and image files that are used by the slider. That is all that is needed.

I think that you understand better how iOS web apps work and are in a better position to understand if you can do this implementation in your app.


How about a progress bar indication for current image? Is that in the pipeline?


There are currently no plans to add any more elements to the design. I think that the slider design works well as it is, clean and straight forward. A progress bar is an interesting idea but I don’t think that it will add to the design, to the look.

However, if more people ask for it and find it useful, I am willing to implement it.



I just purchased your slider. The testing showed that it is not working in chrome. Can you please check on this?

Thanks, Philipp

Can you please let me know exactly what the problem is that you are having ? The slider is working well in Chrome on my end, as well as in the preview files that you can see.

Please let me know exactly what is the issue that you are having. You can also send me a link to where I can look over your implementation and I will get back to you with feedback. You can use the contact email to send me the link, if you do not want to post it here, in a public place.


Hello, the problem already occures here in the demo and with your demo files. Every other browser just works fine, only my chrome is not working at all. No error shows in the consol… actual version of chrome: 37.0.2062.124 any suggestions?

Please read my above response. I need to know exactly what is the problem, exactly what is not working on your end. Also, if you made an implementation, you can send me a link to where I can look over it.

Like I have mentioned, on my end, the files work fine. If there is a problem on your end, I need to know exactly what the problem is. Please let me know.