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Hi, Please read FAQ section before buying. Thanks.

Can we keep images on remote server and will it automatically display form there e.g. If we keep a folder on remote server.And images inside that?Or you have hard coded names of images in the code either local or remote images.Also is this Cocos2d or Xcode?

It’s not Cocos2d, You need to hard code filenames into data.xml. If you want to change images without compiling the app again, you will have to upload new images in the the server and rename them to fit the files from data.xml

Hi i bought it works fine,the only problem is that you dont have app icons and splash screen.How i add them in the project ?

Thanks in advance

What names I should give the files,where to drag them,what dimensions,need to add something in the code ?

Hi nikoss123. What you need to do is just to drag your icon and splash into correct place. Xcode will rename it automatically. Look here http://cs354dory.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/xcode-no-images.png

ok thanks :)

Any plans to update this for Xcode 5 and making it so the images are not square. I would for example prefer a size like 1024×768 rather than 1200×1200

Hi jhamon, It already works with Xcode5. As about other things I’m available for freelance, just send me an email.

Where do we parameter levels ?

there are no levels in the game

Does this work with the latest iOS and xCode?