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Please can you tell me how to run the code with arm 7? I have to hand over the app, I need only this. I ask you kindly help. thanks

i sent an email about that. is it ok?

Hello, I wanted to ask, a version identical to this one but for ipad

currently i have no plan to do this for ipad.

Does this support iOS 6.x.x ?

i install ios 6 now i havent test it yet. i will write after test

Yes currently i have tested on ios6.1.1 there was no error.

Could I hire you to customizes its look and build it out for me?

What software do I need to edit these file types? .h, .m, .pch, .xib/.nib,

Do you have an online demp .apk to test look and feel?

I’m wondering if the developer even responds to his messages. HELLO DEVELOPER…...

Is this for Android or Apple Only?

Does this means Android phones too?

This is only for ios not android

Multiple installation errors occurred. Author is from Turkey and seemingly a nice person. However, English is a second language and installation instructions are incomplete.

This is another software purchase that will require you to open your site to an author from a foreign country to install correctly.

the source of iphone 5s crash, why? Even you ipad mini Retina. On devices with 64-bit app crashes. It can release update? thanks

Serhan Selam hocam. Ellerine saglik güzel bir uygulama gibi görünüyor. IOS 6 ve 7 dahil olan güncelleme ne zaman gelir? Sevgiler;

can I use https://soundcloud.com playlist or sets??

Hello now we have IOS 8 please update the source to support ios 8

I will update in 5 days

Does it still work with ios9?