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do you check your support system?


the complete Settings to create new one or change exists Slider don’t works more ???

Please help


This Conversation now needs 19 Days and noone answer- really frustrated .(

Ok i will refund them and buy an other – Thanks bye

Hello I am looking to create a Carousel with your plugin, that as arrows on each side for Navigation. Additionally, the Carousel would be posts, can it also show the post excerpt while you hover over?

Actually no I see the demo does that, so just the first question :)


sorry i posted again, because I didn’t check off email alerts, can you please respond to the thread below instead? Thanks and sorry

Hello I am looking to create a Carousel with your plugin, that as arrows on each side for Navigation. Additionally, the Carousel would be posts, can it also show the post excerpt while you hover over?

hi – I would like to use this for my sidebar 300 px width and drive it by hand with arrows and not automatically – ist this possible ? thanks in advance

Hi Our Grid Slider is not showing using the short code! any suggestions?

Hi Thank you for the quick replay the short code i`m using is [grid name=”PP1”] I will look into the jQuery errors. I have a feeling this is the problem. Thank you will keep you posted as soon as the errors are resolved.

Hi I am having a absolute nightmare getting Grid to work with Code 2 Directory I have resolved my j Query errors and got the grid to show up again. What has consumed my life is that each time I enable a grid my Business Directory Submissions and Gravity forms go ape! Could you please give some advice to what could be the cause.


Unfortunately I can’t help you, I haven’t used any of those plugins.

Hello, I have left a support ticket but it hasn`t been answered yet. I can`t get into the administration of your plugin in my WordPress. When I click on the Dynamic Grid : Posts Feed option in my menu, it shows the list of my grids, but when I want to Edit a particular one, it shows a totally blank page. I would appreciate help with this issue as I can`t edit my grids right now.




There aren’t any unanswered tickets, but I would have asked you for FTP and wp-admin access to test it. I can’t figure out what went wrong unless I test it live.


That’s weird, I submitted a ticket via Well anyways, I am having one more issue with the plugin. The grid on this page for example: . As you can see, the last two items have been “cut off” at the bottom. Any idea why this might be happening and how to fix it?

Thank you!


Hi Petra, I remember your ticket and I replied 16 days ago:

“Yes! I can’t figure out why this is happening in your theme (tested locally multiple times with all sorts of margins, number of cells, etc), but I can give you a temporary fix. You can add this CSS rule anywhere in your site:

.dg-wrap { height: 5700px !important; }

and that will fix the grid.”

This was my reply. Thanks


can I put GIF animated ?

Also, how to display in widget ? (shortcode ?)

Thanks for reply.


when active your plugin, I have conflict in my website, example, the popup on the home page do not closed correctly.

Can u make JS no conflict mode or anything else ?

Thanks for help.


Sorry for taking so long to reply! Unfortunately those conflicts happen from time to time and I can’t guarantee compatibility with all third-party plugins out there. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please feel free to contact Envato Support and ask for a refund.


The admin page for your plugin looks like this in Chrome:

Any ideas how I can fix it?


Please send me a ticket at and I will take a look.


Hiya, plugin broke after WP update, front end blank and back end does not dislay options, have you got any tips?


Please submit a ticket at and I will be happy to help! Also, please include wp-admin login details so I can debug it live.


Hi, can i post this slider on website B linking content of wordpress website A if on same server?


I’m not sure that I understand your question. The way this plugin works is that it displays posts in a grid format from your WP database.


can display this slider on a php website that does not contain wordpress?

site a = wordpress blog static php site b = slider of yours


No, this plugin is made specifically for WordPress. If you wish to install it in a non-WP site you will have to make some changes, but please keep in mind that we can’t provide support for such use cases.


Hello I am interested to buy this plugging but I would like to know if it is SEO friendly.

Yes, it is SEO friendly as far as I can tell.



I am interested in your WordPress Slideshow Plug-in. I am working on a Wordpress Multisite and due to this, I need a Plug-in which supports the following functionality: If a Slider is created on Blog A, it should be available with the same ID in Blog B. Due to this, I think it is necessary, that the Slideshow is working with the same table on both Blogs. On my Multisite we are only working on Blog A and broadcast the posts to Blog B. So the code snippet has to be the same for both blogs. Is it possible with your Plug-in?

Best regards and thank you Andreas


I just bought this plugin. It looks great and the title of this plugin is WordPress Posts Feed Slider.

So I thought that it was a great tool to read a FEED.

After installing I see that it does not read a feed, but only local posts.

Am I overseeing something here?


I just responded to your support ticket.

Hello! For blogs with more than 50 posts – how will this work? (I am looking for a better way to present the blog, but we have 100+ posts). Of course, I’d not like the older posts not to be visible. What do you suggest?

Sorry I think you misunderstood – I meant I want to show more than 50. How do I do that?

Oh I’m sorry. There is currently no option to show more than 50.

Oh :(. Is this something you can add in future updates (maybe with pagination). Having only 50 severely limits the usability of this plugin as many blog authors would want to show all their posts. This is a great plugin but now i’m forced to use something else to display blog posts :(.

Hello, The plugin Dynamic Grid: WordPress Posts Feed Slider does not work and I can not save new slides.

Please give me a test and solve it.

I have already sent the accesses of Wordpress + CPanel by email

Thank You

Luis Balboa

I replied to the last your message in the ticket sent to us. :)


The template ATLIER accepts yes SHORTCODES in your SIDEBAR MENU, see this example working:

Please do not invent defects where they do not exist and I thank you return the money because your plugin does not work as I intended.

I replied to the ticket. :)