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Hello, This plugin was bundled with a theme that uses revolution slider, and I’m sure they would not have this plugin included, if there where conflicts. The light box feature is not working, and only dims the screen.

Please advice what to do. Thank you.

Hi, You should be contacting the author that sells the item, it’s their responsibility to make it compatible if they are selling it with a theme.



Can I put one image behind another instead putting it side by side with your plugin? I wanted to retain the animation as you have shown but have scattered images on the page

Pls let me know asap


Hi, Sorry but that’s not possible without modification.


Hey nickys,

I am considering purchasing your plugin but i require very specific functionality that i was wodering if this plugin supports. I need a gallery plugin that supports html formatting on the captions. Some gallery plugins automatically remove html formatting such as
tags but i have a client with very specific caption requests that requires html formating on the captions.

Hi, I don’t think my plugin is suitable for your needs. It could work, but I really haven’t tried putting HTML in the title.

Hi The code is show up when it is loading the images. please help, thanks!


Sorry for the very late reply. Can you post a ticket at http://webcraft.cc/support.php so I can take a look? Please include wp-admin and if possible – FTP login details.


Is this plugin able to create a gallery automatically using pictures scattered on the post pages?

Hello, No, the plugin doesn’t have that functionality. You need to manually insert images in the gallery.


OK, thank you anyway

Hi there, i would like to know if I can change the witdh in a row. Most plugins I have read about only let you change the height.



The width of a row is always the same as the width of the column. You can’t change the width of individual cells.

Hello, I am not able to log in a support ticket. I have been building a site for a client and everything appears to be going well. However, I can not seem to add a third gallery. If I create a third one and add the short code to my gallery page. The images simply refuse to show up.

Could you please help me. This is the website I am working on with a direct link to the gallery:



Nevermind.. I found the fix… :)

Thank you.


Two issues:

As someone else mentioned, the HTML code is visible during pageload.

Secondly, I had to change the z-index for the lightbox and lightboxoverlay as there was a conflict with my theme, Avada. That’s fine but I’m having an issue getting the lightbox to load in the center of the screen. Can you help?




I will submit a fix for the HTML code as soon as possible! Unfortunately about the lightbox problem I can’t do anything. I’m using a free third-party plugin (called lightbox) for it – http://lokeshdhakar.com/projects/lightbox2/

Hey how can i remove the link behind the images, don’t want it to link at all, not even to #, also don’t want a lightbox


or if you have the file with line breaks

Right, it’s compressed. First you need to replace the file with the uncompressed version, which is in the “uncompressed” folder of the zip that you downloaded.

perfect thanks!

Hello, I have a group of different sized images that I need to put on a page. I want the grid to put a padding around each image but make it scale so it fills the entire cell on the grid. When a visitor clicks the link it should take them to a defined external site for each image. Can this plugin do that?


You can have padding around the cells, but the images will always “fill” instead of “fit” the cell.

I recommend checking out this plugin for the linking functionality: http://codecanyon.net/item/photo-grid-pro-wordpress-interactive-grid-gallery-builder/14740803


Hi! I see in your samples ability to show on the front less items then available and then scroll columns up/down to show random set of items each time. Is it always column limited or we can replace each cell separately? Thanks!


You can’t individually place images in cells. You only specify number columns, min/max number of rows, randomization, etc. and the plugin generates the grid automatically.


Where is the option for opening the link in a new tab? (target=”_blank”)


Unfortunately there isn’t such an option :(


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Really a very good plugin just went through the advantages of it! Can I implement this plugin on my website (https://bhalajephotography.com) in order to add all my photos on it? Because am currently using Post plugin and I think so its not that much effective. Kindly check and share our suggestions.


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I noticed that you are using WordPress CMS to manage and add content to your website. That version of Dynamic Grid Photo Gallery is intended for WordPress.The gallery which you can create using the plugin can be inserted in page/post via specific shortcode.

Best Regards