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can’t login. session timeout everytime.please help


Thanks for the purchase. It appears that you’re having PHP configuration issue. The script relies on PHP session to identify successful login.

Can you produce a PHP phpinfo() output? Please also send me the screen shot of the error together.

regards selemann

i have send you an email.please check. Thanks!

Hello, How can i add pages of my own to the menu i already add a page to ks_builtin but i get error message “cant be found”


I replied to your email but the email bounced. Please ensure that the URL is valid and make sure the page exists.

It’s not necessary to add the page in ks_builtin folder, it could be on the parent/ root folder.

Let me know the URL that you used if the issue is not resolved yet.


acces controll not working any user can enter any page by pase url

Hi shajujahra

You can add the following checking to ensure only authenticated users can access the page. This code is in sample/sample_acl.php

<?php //always include library include_once '../library.php'; // check authentication.. if not login, ask to login $isAuth = CUSTOM_User::checkAuthentication (); if (! $isAuth) { header ( "Location: ../ks_user/login.php?msg=notlogin" ); exit (); } ....

is that possible , i need a unique page for each user?

Hello I need to purchase your script, because I have one already but I need to add several dashboards. Can this script do it, and are you available for custom development? Thank you.


Yes Im available for custom code. Can you explain more about your requirements? What do you mean by multiple dashboards? Is it a single page with multiple boxes/portlets or different dashboard page for different users/roles?

Regards Selemann

Yes! Different dashboards for different user ROLES.

Please allow me send you the details via email: mine is

hi please help, everytime I am adding html content to portlet, after clicking save it breaks the dashboard, adn you have to delete and recreate, it is getting annoying,

I am trying to add live video to a dashboard

tried these methods

<embed type=”video/x-ms-asf” src=”http://<yourip>/cgi-bin/nph-zms?mode=mpeg&monitor=1&scale=100&bitrate=25000&maxfps=2&format=asf&auth=b569dd73a50f15f910e8446” width=”352” height=”288” name=”Front” autostart=”1” autoplay=”1” showcontrols=”0” controller=”0”> </embed>


after clicking save the html created only saves a portion

tell me what I can do please” />


It seems that the HTML content you’re putting in is broken because it contains & (ampersand) and this messed up when saving the data using AJAX.

However you won’t have any problem if you can remove the content so that it won’t contain & (ampersand).


We need to purchase this script, before that we want to know what are the features its having (like add, delete, edit, testimonial fieds, gallery or album, etc.,), whether its having sample website front-end integrated with back-end, so that we can use same dynamic template with multiple websites.