DxBall - Android Game with Admob

DxBall - Android Game with Admob

A simple Brick Breaking game with two general modes. In Arcade mode you can enjoy rich stages with colorful Bricks and exotic patterns. In custom mode you can build your own dream stage with custom brick orientation, custom life value and custom bar size.

The original arcade games were in public places like malls, game rooms or even restaurants, and they usually required a special coin or change to operate the machines. You can still play traditional arcade games like skee-ball, or you can play the online versions of these games. Generally, the online games are free, and they are appropriate for children of all ages.

Please check our demo:

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  • Game Features

  • Accelerometer Sensor Implementation for gameplay
  • Arcade Mode : complete 5 cool stages with 3 star life
  • Custom Mode : play with your own made stage with custom bar size and custom life star
  • Cool sound implementation
  • Score counting
  • Beautiful UI/UX
  • Extensive Documentation
  • How to Setup

  • Install latest Android SDK
  • Open Gradle project in Android Studio
  • Change Package ID, App Name, icons, graphics and sounds
  • Set up AdMob ID
  • Build an APK file
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