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Hello, I need your help https://www.designwall.com/question/no-notification-emails-when-questions-are-answered-by-selecting-only-me-admin/ I asked 5 days ago and still no response which is not good.

Hi mate, Sorry for our late reply. Our technical supporter is checking your site and replying you right today.

Still no response :(

Hello, I need your help https://www.designwall.com/question/no-notification-emails-when-questions-are-answered-by-selecting-only-me-admin/ I asked 5 days ago and still no response which is not good.

Is there any shortcode to display answers just of a specific category?

Hi mate, our plugin currently not supports this shortcode. We will take it into consideration and update it in the later version.

Hello there,

Is your plugin WPML compatible? I have read one week ago in the comments that it’s compatilble, but I have installed the free version and it’s not compatible with WMPL.

Is the pro wpml compatible and the free version not compatible?. In the free version I have tested the categories are duplicated and the plugin make ghost categores each time I edit or add new one.

Please I need to know before purchase your plugin is compatible.

Thank you

support = 0. How can buy this script if anybody answer any question?

Hi mate, sorry for our late reply. can you please help us check the issue with loco translate plugins? We will have a check again the pro version with WPML. Besides, you can send us your language file via hi@designwall.com for further checking. if you have more questions, please let us know.

Hello, it’s not a problem with the language file. It’s a problem with database categories. Each time I create a category, the category is duplicated. And if I open the category again and save the category is duplicated again. This happens in the free version of your plugin. So I think with the pro version will happens the same.

is there any feature , so that admin will able to see and answer the question from support forum?

Hi mate. Admin can check, review edit, delete questions, answer or comment in the forum.

Need help. Been waiting for a response or a refund for 2 weeks and nobody is getting back to me: https://www.designwall.com/question/purchased-dw-pro-and-recaptcha-is-not-working/

We can not use the recaptcha on the Q&A comments and we are getting HEAVILY spammed. We bought the pro version for this recaptcha plugin but it does not work on comments which it says it does.

Hi mate, Our technical supporter has fixed the error on your site. Please have a check. Sincerely apology for being late because we are currently overwhelmed by a new project. If you have more questions or need further assistance. Please let us know, we will help you as soon as possible.

Is possible to make a CCS little script to match the style of DIVI themes from elegant themes?

Hi mate, You can use CSS to change the style of plugin so that it’s suitable for your theme. In case you are not a developer, you can send me the detailed request and we will help you as a custom work. If you need further assistance, kindly let us know.

Will you release an update with more features soon?

Hi mate, Our technical team are working on it. The new version will be released as soon as possible.


I have installed the free version on my website. I wanted to have the sidebar with question categories on the right. Also wanted to have a feature where we can export/import questions/ answers in an excel/CSV file. Are these 2 features supported in this PRO version? Let me know at the earliest.

Thanks! Priyanka

Hi mate, Thank you for your question. the sidebar of the plugin is from your current theme. If you want to show the sidebar in question page, please send us the username and password of your site via hi@designwall.com. After purchasing the pro version, we will help you customize the site and you can use Q&A widgets to show categories or tag on the right sidebar. Besides, if you want to import and export question, answer, you can use the feature namely import and export default of WordPress. However, you don’t have to set up this feature once you install the DW Q&A pro. All of the content from free version will be remained, you only disable the free one and install the pro one.


I cannot find any extensions mentioned below. Please let me know what’s going on.

DW Q&A Widgets, DW Q&A Leaderboard, DW Q&A Markdown

Hi mate, thank you for writing in. All the extensions are integrated into the pro version, you can go to the widget to use all of them. Only in free version do you have to install the extensions.

pre sale question

Is there a possibility that we can skip the registration part and any visitor can ask question without logging in and it comes to a moderation before it appears to the website

Hi mate, thank you for your question. yes, you can set up to skip the registration in permission of plugin. Please go to Dashboard > Questions > Settings > Permission tabs

Hi, I have a pre-sale question,

I couldn’t test the sign up / login process in the demo since it’s blocked, does the plugin allow theming the wordpress login / register pages ? are these already made ?

please provide more info on that. Thanks

Hi there, Thank you for writing in. Yes. They’re already made and does allow you theming the WordPress login / register pages.

Have a nice day.

Hi there. Quick pre-sale question…. How are the post ordered? With similar plugins it seems to be only most votes or most views. Is it possible to have your plugin display questions by date submitted, with the newest always at the top?

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in.

Our plugin hasn’t had that feature yet. However, if you buy the plugin, we’ll custom that feature for you. Please email hi@designwall.com for further assistant.

Have a nice day.

Hi, I am interested.

1. I use WP 4.7.5. Do you have a plan to update the plugin in the near future? 2. Possible to integrate with BuddyPress? I want users to receive notifications of the actions.

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in.

1. Yes, of course we will update the plugin. Make sure that you will list out all your most wanted features and email us at hi@designwall.com.

2. Our plugin hasn’t had that feature yet. However, if you buy the plugin, we’ll custom that feature for you. Please email hi@designwall.com for further assistant.

Have a nice day.

Hi, thanks for your answers. I am glad to hear that if I buy your plugin you can help me with the feature. Just two more questions.

1. In software version, it still shows wordpress 4.4.2. So, I am afraid that it’s not compatible with the WP version I am using (4.7.5). That’s why I asked you if you have a plan to update. And according to your answer to the question below, it works well with WP 4.8. So I jus wonder why in Software Version, not updated to show WP 4.8.

2. I’ve been to your demo page to test. But when I click on the vote button, nothing happens. What’s wrong with that? I am afraid that I will get the same thing after I buy.

Hi there,

Thanks for your question.

1. The plugin is compatible with WP 4.4+

2. Only the user who has logged in can vote.

If you encounter any problems with the plugin, just email us at hi@designwall.com. We’ll be happy to help.


Reece77 Purchased

Pre-Sale Question: Does this work with WordPress 4.8?

Hi there,

Thank you for writing in.

Sure! Of course DW Question & Answer works well with WordPress 4.8!

Have a nice day.

Pre-Sale Question: What are the differences between the free and paid version?

Hi there,

Thanks for the question.

The basic difference between the free and pro version is that the pro version includes not only the main core of DW Q&A but also all the premium extensions which make it much superior, especially the recaptcha to avoid spam and a lot other features.

You can have a look at this to get more information: https://codecanyon.net/item/dw-question-answer-pro-wordpress-plugin/15057949?s_rank=1

Hi, nice forum

I already run a website (wordpress), by using this theme, do I need a new domain or subdomain or just website.com/forum?

And the website already have login/register function, do users need to sign up specifically for forum? Or they can basically use the exiting user account?


HI there,

This is a plugin so it doesn’t affect the current theme or domains of the website. So please don’t worry.

Users can basically use their current user account to get access to the forum. But in case admin need to setting the second login, it’s totally possible.

Have a nice day.


mr_sanjik Purchased

hi, how can i sort list of pending questions from front end page?


mr_sanjik Purchased

I am creating menu for users: I need two menu: 1. My answered questions. 2. My unanswered question. How can I do this?