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Sorry, I meant to say, I’m not getting (H1) on my answer page? same as the demo

Hi, thanks for contacting DesignWall. Can you please give us more information or screenshots about the matter that you have been encountered so that our technical supporters can help you solve it? You can contact us via hi@designwall.com for further assistance, we are always there to help you.


nice1987 Purchased

Is this plugin still active? I am getting the following error message on demo page. “This page isn’t working demo.designwall.com didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE”

I also signed up and asked a private question on designwall.com support forum 3 days ago but i have no reply on that there.

Hi, Thanks for contacting DesignWall. We’re sorry for what you have been encountered, but it’s because of the server errors these days. We will try to fix it as soon as possible. Please be patient, thank you.

i am searching for , first create categories and then under which many categories .. so that user can ask under subcategories . is this theme help me to create my requirement

Hi, thank you for writing in.

To open subcategories, please go to the file wp-content/plugins/dw-question-answer-pro/templates/question-submit-form.php and add this code under the line 42: ‘hierarchical’ => true

Should you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


plasm18 Purchased

Language pt_BR no work! I add define (‘WPLANG’, ‘pt-BR’); Clean cache, etc etc etc…


plasm18 Purchased

No work! Plugin PRO…


plasm18 Purchased

Worked plugin free…

Thank you for your feedback. Sorry for what you have been encountered. Please provide us with your site URL as well as the account and password via the email: hi@designwall.com. Our technical engineer will check and fix the error for you. Please don’t worry because your information will properly secured. Hope you a happy new year!!


sonaike Purchased

Suggestion for buddypress integration, Can you make the buddypress integration a plugin/addon rather than adding bp-custom.php file in the buddypress folder in themes directory. When the core theme is updated all the customization goes away and I can’t be editing the theme files every time the theme is updated. I tried adding the code to my child-theme but it did not work.

Hi, Thank you for your valuable suggestion. We highly appreciate it and will update it in the next version. Our software isn’t perfect, but we are maniacally focused on making it better. If you have more comments or suggestions, kindly let us know, we would love to hear. Have a good day ahead.


nsk489 Purchased


(1) How do I get the “Forum Categories” widget to show categories and sub-categories in the same order that I have set up in the category drop-down list? Note: I used “Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order” plugin.

(2) In the “Settings”, I have selected “Disable question status feature”. How come when I go to answer a question, there is still the option for “Who can see this”?

(3) How do I change all the references to “Subscribe” to say “Follow” instead?

(4) I am using the Houzez theme which allows users to register and set up profiles. How come the DWQA plugin is not showing the users’ avatar when they are logged in?



nsk489 Purchased

(5) How do I change the “Register” pop-up so that it is the same as the one in the theme, rather than the generic Wordpress one?


nsk489 Purchased

Hi guys, any help here?

I posted the same questions on the Design Wall support forum and have not received a reply there either.

Hi, Thank you for contacting DesignWall and sorry for my late reply. The solutions for your question require your site URL as well as your account and passwords so that our technical engineer can check and help you with this. Can you please provide us with the information to the email hi@designwall.com? Your information will be properly secured, so please don’t worry. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


neilers Purchased

I would like a refund please, this plugin does not do what I wanted it to do and it conflicts with my theme massively. Also I see little or no difference between the free version… please tell me how to request a refund please.

Hi mate, Thank you for contacting DesignWall and I’m sorry for what you have been encountered. Our software isn’t perfect, but we are maniacally focused on making it better. Please help us understand how DW Q&A conflict with your theme and give us one more chance to fix the error as well as improve the plugin for customs. We promise to win you back as a valuable user.

I have used free version of this plugin & integrated with BuddyPress & it was awesome. Few queries before purchasing the pro version.

1. Can we Ask Question to a specific user, rather than all users? (Like ‘Ask a Mentor’) 2. And display the question & answers, asked to the specific user & replied by this specific user in the users profile page.

Edit – I have seen your DW Assign Plugin which I can purchase. Is it possible to achieve the above requirement using these 2 plugins?


Hi, Thank you for writing in. DW Q&A plugin is currently not providing the specific access for some certain individual to certain questions. Apologies for this inconvenience. However, we will try to improve this in the later version. Besides, all DW plugins are compatible with each other so do not worry to combine any of them. Hope you will have great experiences with our products.


rlaria Purchased

I would like to use this as a help desk. Is it possible to let users see their own questions only and not see other users questions?

Hi, Thank you for getting in touch with DesignWall. We are really afraid that DW Q&A has been integrated into the plugin. We are really sorry about that. However, we highly appreciate your idea and will try to update it in the next coming version. Moreover, DesignWall also provide a specific help desk plugin at https://themeforest.net/item/dw-helpdesk-knowledge-base-qa-faq-wordpress-theme/15919651?s_rank=1 Please have a check. Hope you be interested in DW Helpdesk. Thanks.

presale question…

Will users that have already registered to my wordpress site (subscribers) have access to these questions and answers?

I don’t want them to need 2 separate logins and I want new users to be able to have instant access as well.

What I’m asking is, can I allow all users with the subscriber role on WP to have access to ask questions and post answers?

Hi. Thank you for writing in. DW Q&A do allow subscribers to have access to questions and give answers. Kindly let us know if there is anything I can help you with.