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Do the users that register to ask a questions have there name and email stored in the same part of the database (table) with the rest of my website Administrators, Editors & Authors? I want to keep them separate.

At the moment, the users that register to ask a question have their name and email stored in the same part of the database (table) with the rest of your website Administrators, Editors & Authors, you can not keep them separate.

I installed the free plugin, but I see it inherited the website theme. If I buy PRO, will I have another themes and Could I insert codes in the Q&A pages?

At the moment, the plugin inherited of the theme and will get the style, layout from the theme. In this case, if you want, I can help you customize the layout, style of the plugin after you buying the pro version.

Is it possible with this plugin that also only the creator of the thread and admin can see it and nobody else?

At the moment, the plugin have supported the private option to help the user create a private question, answer and only author and admin can see the private question.

What theme is your demo using?

At the moment, all the products from our team have compatible with the plugin and we are using the DW Focus theme to create the demo for the plugin. You can refer here: https://www.designwall.com/wordpress/themes/

I have blog and want to use this plugin as blog comment feature. Is this possible?

Or to automaticaly create blog post themes or smth like this

Yes, at the moment, the plugin does not support it.

I am interested in buying this plugin, but was wondering if its possible to charge the users for their questions. I am trying to create subjects like math, science question and answers system, where the user has to pay or donate for each question. Please tell me know. Thanks and appreciate it

At the moment, the plugin does not support this feature. I sent and notified to our technical team about this issue. Maybe, we will provide a custom work with the feature.

All I want is the register/login form to be added to my site. But the tech support guy keeps doing something different and then sending a message that it is fixed. Then he disappears for another day. Three days in a row now and a simple problem is not fixed.

Yes, It’s some mistake from our technical supporter. I think we have helped you resolved this issue on the question that you have created on our forum. If you still face their issue, please let me know, I will help you fix the issues now.

How i can add single page template in theme folder? Trying to add single-question.php, but single question page displayed with single.php template.

At the moment, the plugin does not support to select the page template for the single question, If you want to customize the single page of the plugin, you can create the “dwqa-templates” folder in the theme folder then copy the single-question.php file in the plugins > do-question-answer/templates folder and paste to the “dwqa-templates” folder, then you can edit this file.

Does this plugin have schema.org markup? https://schema.org/Question As an SEO Manager I know for sure that this markup helps rankings for questions.

At the moment, the plugin has not the schema.org markup, you can find another SEO plugin to help you. I think many the plugins support schema markup for the post & post type.

Hi there, could you please send me the latest version of DW Q&A Pro, the one that is compatible with Genesis themes? I’m having an issue with categories not showing up. Other than that, it is a great plugin! Thank you very much.

Hi mate, thank you for getting in touch with DW. Have you purchased DW Q&A pro? Please provide us with screenshots of the purchase and of the issue that you have been encountered via hi@designwall.com. Thanks.

Hello.. Resale question, Before asking any question needs to registered first, What if someone already register become site member of Woocommerce? Does your plugin can integrate with Woo commerce Registration Form? Lets say, if i have registered from woo commerce’s registration form, i dont want it asks me to register first… Make another registration wont make sense.. Also if i haven’t register any, it asks me to register first that GIVES Woo-commerce;s registration form instead yours… Does you plugin can handle that?...

Pls let me know if yes i would purchase it…

Yes, I have checked and the plugin word fine with the Woocommerce register form, you configure to let the users need to register an account to submit a question, you can redirect the user to the Woo register form instead of the register form of the plugin/wordpress. I will help you fix this issue with some line code. It very simple.

Hi, your plugin looks pretty good, at least in the demo. I am trying the free version actually before purchasing it and noticed the following :

1/ On your demo site it’s loading in Ajax mode I guess because URL never changes. This is of great interest to me since I want to design a single page where all activities of your plugin can load. Is this a pro feature or specific to your demo site ?

2/ The search bar is super thin on my website and it’s also the case for the sorting box etc. How would this be solved ? I would also give it a more flat aspect, no border, sharp edges, flat color and bigger font size. (I may send you screenshots if needed)

3/ Votes on the questions page are shown for the question itself which may seem a bit meaningless since people are more interested by the best answer votes. is there a way to change that ?

4/ missing categories & tags in widgets (I guess it’s pro)

5/ No way to answer directly to one’s answer (grey boxes in demo)

6/ While a user isn’t logged in, those options to ask/answer are not shown and this aren’t calling for the WP login screen. I don’t see how users should mind this (I have no other login access on the site up to now).


1/ It’s the plugin, just configured the permalink.

2/ Of course! If you want to change the style of the search box, I can help you change it with some code line. It’s very simple. Please let me know after you buying and activating the plugin on your site.

3/ You can vote for the answer. See the screenshot: http://prntscr.com/ek3o0w

4/ If you want to show the categories and tags on the widget, I can help you custom to show it. or you can use a third party plugin to show it on the widget/sidebar.

5/ On our demo, we have disabled to the user can not post the answers, comments, and questions.

6/ Yes, as the free version. you can be setting permission for the user role to allow or not a user can submit the answers, comments, and questions. If you disabled, the user will need the login to post. or you can be setting in the back-end of the plugin to does not the show the login form. or redirect to another login form that you want.

Hello! Is it possible to import questions and answers from various users? And to create autoposting from import due year?

At the moment, the plugin has not this option.

Update forecast?

At the moment, the plugin has not this option.

Hi. Have pay to ask question feature present on your plugin.

At the moment, the plugin has not this option.

Hi, I am wondering if it’s possible in categories list page to open a new question or ask a new question with category already scoped as oppose to right now it looks like the user has to select that category. Thanks

At the moment, the plugin does not support this. However, I can help you custom some code line to resolve it after you buying our plugin. It’s very simple.

Hey, just a pre-purchase question. Can you make my Q&A site the same as what you got on the pro? (hopefully there’s a menu with some codes that I could just enter them myself.

Are you able to add the content of the ‘answers’ in the email notifications? and if you do a reply to email would it be possible to also have that show on the Q&A?

many thanks!

I have the free plugin and I was about to purchase the pro plugin. However, looking at the recent reviews, there are a lot of negative comments about support. Can you address those?

For example, there are two comments about limited translation options and several comments about many bugs. What gives?

Also, the new version is less colorful. Will you be able to provide the CSS to make it colorful like the old version? It seems there are no separate classes for each tab so it makes editing the colors impossible without editing the plugins php files.

<div class="dwqa-question-filter"> <span>Filter:</span><a href="/questions-and-answers/?filter=all" class="active">All</a> <a href="/questions-and-answers/?filter=open" class="">Open</a> <a href="/questions-and-answers/?filter=resolved" class="">Resolved</a> <a href="/questions-and-answers/?filter=closed" class="">Closed</a> <a href="/questions-and-answers/?filter=unanswered" class="">Unanswered</a> <a href="/questions-and-answers/?filter=my-questions" class="">My questions</a> <a href="/questions-and-answers/?filter=my-subscribes" class="">My subscribes</a> </div>