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Hello, I have pre-sale questions. 1. Which free wordpress theme would you recommend to use with this plugin 2. Is it possible to integrate with facebook login or social login with this plugin. And if yes , how easy to setup.

1/ The plugin compatible with all the theme free and premium. 2/ You can use the wp social plugin login. We have integrated this plugin to the Q&A. Just install and activate the plugins.

Hi! A couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to replace bad words / admin setting to define words / sentences / urls to be replaced by a nother word. E.g. the user types “badword” in the Q&A front end the “badword” becomes censored

2. Does it integrate with buddypress, to show q&a’s on the buddypress profile?

3. Can it be integrated with a point-system for asking and answering? E.g. the myCRED plugin?

4. Is it more than one theme for it, or is it just the one I see on the demo? (I like the one you have on designwall)

1/ I’m not sure about your question. However, We have created the option for the Q&A to compatible with the Akismet plugin. And you change words/string via .po file with the Loco translate plugin or edit from the php file.

2/ Yes, the plugin integrated with the Buddypress plugin and it works fine.

3. Yes, you can use the Q&A with the myCRED plugin. Here is the code to get point from myCred <?php if(function_exists('mycred_get_users_cred')) echo '<span class="sep">⋅</span><span class="author-bugget">'.mycred_get_users_cred(get_the_author_meta('ID')).' $tone</span>'; ?>

If you want to put this point next to author name. Please copy template files from <your-plugins-folder>/dw-question-answer/inc/templates/default/ into <your-themes-folder>/<your-themes>/dwqa-templates/ then put that code into your template files.

4/ At the moment, we are you using the shortcode to insert the question list and form into the page of the theme. the plugin will get the style of the theme that you are using. In the demo, we are using our theme. It’s DW Focus theme. the plugin compatible with all the themes.

Thank you for your reply! What I meant with 1/ was this: I would like to have an option in the admin area, where I can define words / urls to be replaced by some other words / urls. So if someone types in www.google.com it will be replaced by www.facebook.com or if someone writes a bad word e.g. “hell” – it will be replaced by “heaven” – or whatever I define for the special words in the admin section.

I guess this is not a feature for the current version. But would it be possible to make that as an admin setting for a future release?

Yes, I know what you want now. I have checked with our technical team and the plugin does not support this feature. However, you can install a third party plugin to help you resolve this issue, you can find a plugin for the feature in the wordpress.org

presale questions: is it possible to create groups? thanks

At the moment, the plugin has supported to create the categories page and submit a question to each category with the shortcode.

ok, so the page is more like a topic right? i mean, a group of questions like page1=product1’s faq and page2=product2’s faq, but both for all users, I mean, I can’t choose what users can see page1 and what other page2, correct? in this case i need to see a complementary plugin to get this function. let me search for one and as soon as I have it I’ll let you know. thanks.