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is this layout inluded in the pro account ? https://propertyshop.ph/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/plugiuns.jpg

Please send me your username & password of your site via email: hi@designwall.com We will check and help you resolve this issue.

Maybe i ll try to fix first if cannot do that thing, ill send to you my username or password.

Yes, you can let me know if you have any issue or question.


Pre-sale question:

I have a forum based on BBPress (300k+ messages) and I would like to change to a Q & A system. So, is it possible to transfer the old forum to the new DW system? Actually, I use membership plans to access to private categories. Will it be possible to do the same thing?

Thank you :)


Thank you. This plugin doesn’t work (it has been running for 6 hours and nothing happens). So…

We will check the convert plugin.

Hey guys. I’m using the free version of your plugin…is there any way to allow users post questions ANONYMOUSLY without having to provide their names/email addresses? Or is that a PRO feature?

Firstly, I think you should allow anonymous submit a question, answer with email and name. If you remove it, I can help you with the pro version. However, it’s an opportunity for the spammer. If you purchase the DW Q&A pro version, you can contact me via email: hi@designwall.com and we will help you remove the email and the name field.


I tried to install the script for testing even in a clean wordpress installation without any plug-ins but it turns out this error:

Parameter 2 to DWQA_Filter :: questions_where () expected to be a reference, value given in /home/user/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 286

This “debug” script only appears when the script does not find a discussion with the terms searched by a user. Can you give me the solution?

Thank you…

PS: With the original “non-pro” version everything works fine.

Thank for your purchasing of our product. We are checking this issue. and we have fixed this issue. If you want to fix it now on your site, you can be sent me username & password of your site via email: hi@designwall.com We will help you resolve it.

Hi, I am keen on purchasing your plugin as I liked the features of the free version. However, when we use the free version of the plugin the Visual Composer stops working. Is there something which we can do about it?

Thanks for your prompt reply; have emailed you the details. :)

Hi, I have not yet heard from your team. Kindly let me know if they had the time to check. Thanks, Utpal

Yes, We are checking your site.

Pre-Sales Questions:

- Is your plugin dependent on having bbpress plugin? - How easy is it to change the style of the forum to match website’s branding and colour scheme? - My major concern for any forum software is spam comments. Has this been controlled completely in your plugin? - Are there any add-ons for the pro version of your plugin? - Does this plugin integrate smoothly into an existing WordPress Website? - Does the plugin allows for banner ads?

Many thanks.