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Hi, I just purchased this plugin and I am a little confused. The Live Preview as well as the snapshot on the Item Details page, shows the Testimonials form that a user would fill out when creating a testimonial. I see where the admin could copy a testimonial and paste it in, but I don’t see the form that I put on the website to collect those testimonials. Where is that???

Please read through the documention, if you still have queries, please post thrpugh my profile page?

Wait!! There’s documentation and shortcodes!!! I get it!! oopsie :) I’ll read that first.

Before purchasing: is it possible to have several testimonials as a slider on the homepage?

Multiple sliders are not possible

I have 3 approved testimonials, but I am only seeing one testimonial displaying on my page.

::: nevermind :::

User error, this plugin is great thanks!

Nice plugin!

One question, the title in the sidebar widget is not displaying correctly based on my settings. It’s not the correct size or color, it should be a purple not a grey and font size should 20px not 12px. Any suggestions?

IN admin panel, you should be able to change. Are you still facing the issue, please contact me through my profile page.

I’m working on implementing the plugin but have a few questions. I can handle the CSS side of it but am having some issues with the labels. I made some changes in the .po file but apparently did them wrong since they did not change. I really just want to remove Project, and the word Client. Would rather just have Title, Name, Email. Can you point me in the right direction?

you please provide me witha ccess , I would help you. Contacxt me throughy my profile page.

does this use rich snippets for search engine results?

Can you pelase elaborate?

I’m running freelancer website, where people can register for their own public profile. The public profile includes description off what services they can offer. Companies can also register for their own profile, and describe what type of services they need.

I would like companies to be able to post a comment on each individual freelancer profile, as a reference when projects are completed. I would like this to look like a testimonial. Therefore, they should be able to post it from the front end.

Each new freelancer profile is generated automatically through a plugin, and it has a single-profile.php file with the content. I therefore need to be able to add the testimonial via the single-profile.php file with some kind of code.

Are these features available with your plugin?

Sorry this feature is not available.

Hi, I have a spam problem width your plugin. The capcha field of input form don’t work correctly and I receive a lot of spam comments. Site www.fly1parrucchieri.it

I want to make sure I understand this because it sounds like the plugin I am looking for.

Can I make a Testimony page to add to my Menu Bar and when my visitors click on it they can read people’s testimonies and add their own. Is that correct?

It all looks good, but can I add it to my main Menu Bar? Also, in case a testimony is say 20 lines, can I make it so only 3 are seen and if the reader is interested they can click and read it all? Thank you.

It was not updated for long time. I would recommend not to buy. I cannot provide support for this now. I have plans for revamping but not right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.