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I am using the DV Gallery plugin and when viewing gallery images on mobile, the quality of the images is reduced way too much.

I’m pretty sure it’s something within the plugin “dvgallery.php” file but it’s way out of my understanding even if it might be something simple as changing some values or setting something false instead of true.

What I am looking to achieve is to either keep the shrinking but have more image quality or as an ultimate solution, totally remove shrinking and keep the original images even on mobile.

Hi, just a question and hope you answer though the support expired: Am i doing sth wrong, because nothing happens when i click on the thumbnails…shouldnt they be taking me to the full size image? Is there a setting i am missing? Thanks!

Hi a couple of presales questions:
1, Is it possible to open this gallery on a click of a button?
2, I saw the demo, but just to clarify – is it possible to haeve the gallery opened on the click of the specific picture – meaning: you chose the image od your coice that is NOT a part of the gallery, then you click on the image and the gallery opens that contains let’s say 5 other images.
3, Also – is it integrated with Visual Composer?
Thank you!

Also, is this plugin supported? (it seems there are no answers to people who inquire)