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Please, how to configure to use like your SINGLE VERTICAL GALLERY example ?

Hi, I replied to your email.

How can I input shortcode? I can’t find shortcode button in my page editor.

is there no pagination function?

You should change “max” attribute of the shortcode with a small number. Please read the help documentation; http://help.wp4life.com/2014/08/20/where-is-the-help-documentation/

Hello. I have created a custom field so my customer will add the id number only. I can’t add the shortcode as php. Any advice?

<?php echo do_shortcode('[dvgalleries max='702' categoryid ='' vertical='yes']'); ?>


You should use double and single quotes correctly.

<?php echo do_shortcode("[dvgalleries max='702' categoryid ='' vertical='yes']"); ?>


Hello. Images at landscape mobile look small. How can I make it 100% width? Thanks


Plugin is using standard WordPress image sizes on different screen resolutions for better loading performance. You can change max. size of your images from Settings->Media;


You should use the following plugin to regenerate images which are already in your media library;


Great. Thanks.

Hi, is it possible to embed a carousel style gallery directly in a WP page?

Hi, there isn’t any feature like that.

Hello, I have bought your plugin and I have faced with the problem:

I have enclosed three different codes too see how it looks like:

[dvgallery id=”916” vertical=”no” columns=’3’] - working

[dvcarousel max=’99’ categoryid=’916’ columns=’3’ autoplay=’false’ duration=’4’] – not working

[dvgrid max=’99’ categoryid=’916’ columns=’3’ autoplay=’false’ duration=’4’] - not working

What I am doing wrong?

1) “categoryids” and “ids” are different things. You should read the help documentation well.

2) As mentioned on the support page, I don’t provide support for this item. If you need help, you should hire a web developer;


Hi, thanks for the reply, mate:) “categoryids” and “ids” are different things. I am developer and I know things, its just not working. Can I get my money back? Or can you provide me a right answer? I have inserted short code samples with the same category ID and its not working… I dont need support, I just need right answer.

Thanks, bro :)

You have added the same number to all shortcodes (916). It can not be a gallery id and a category id at the same time. So I thought that you haven’t know the difference between them…

They are sample numbers. They won’t work on your website. You should add your own category ids which are at your categories page. As I said before please read the help documentation.

Also answering questions means support… You should look at the support page before purchasing items. If you want refund, you should contact Envato Support. There is nothing I can do about that.

Is it possible to set deeplinks to a spacial gallery. It would be great to post i.e. on facebook …

Nice plugin.. for http://dvgallery.wp4life.com/grid-style/ we can remove text under it only image and title?
please advise

Hello, I have noticed that on mobile (iPhone 5 and iPhone 6), the resolution of the images in the DV Gallery appears pixelated. The same DV Gallery on desktop appears good and high resolution. Is there a way to fix this?

I am willing to purchase . I wanted to know if the carousel effect can be usat at the level of the gallery and not to the same galleries . Example : in the demo with carousel effect , run the galleries , it is possible to move through the images in a gallery?

Pre-sale: Can I create a AUTO-WIDTH-CAROUSEL? With just one row of images just like this: https://owlcarousel2.github.io/OwlCarousel2/demos/autowidth.html

1- All images will have the same HEIGHT and VARIABLE WIDTH.

2- Should include lightbox (o similar) to enlarge the image when you click them.

If I use the shortcode with a category that is multilingual it does not work… [dvgalleries max=’99’ categoryid=’105’ vertical=’no’]

I am using a category which is full of gallery and it is showing on EN-US but not in EN-UK

Please help me resolve this http://www.ortalheat.com/gb/collections-gallery/

Hi, I have just bought this plugin which works very randomly. There is no way to set the items on 2 columns (http://www.gillesbertrand.fr/test-dv-gallery/).

Please help.

The problem is related to your theme. If you activate any other theme, the problem will disappear. I suggest you to contact your theme’s author.

Hi. Thanks for your answer. You guess I can’t change my theme as the web site already is under production. Is it possible to get a refund if your plugin is not compliant with my theme ? Cheers.

Hello everyone! Does it have the option to exclude categories from “Grid Style with Filter”?

Hello, Presale question:

1- is this plugin still working or deprecated?

2-does it support RTL sites?

3- can I add the grid videos on home page of my site? using Visual Composer for example?

4- does it support categories in a nice design? AJAX ? that I can move between each category easily without need to refresh the whole page?

5- and does it only support youtube videos or I can upload mine also or Vimeo?


Hi Egemenerd,

http://build.graffitipro.nl/workshops/ (BeTheme)

Is there a way to change the width and height of the feutured image for ‘square grid’? You’re demo page kind of made me think i can, cause of the different image sizes shown there.

I try to create a left and right column – description and gallery, as you can see on the page. I also tried the ‘grid style’ and change the item width, but it does not really respond to that. Conflict with the theme maybe? And i like the hover function of ‘square grid’ more with usability in mind…

Anyway is there a way to make it ‘FIT’ in my design and do you have suggestions on how to approach this problem?

Many Thanks!

Hi, the filter functions don’t display my images… What am I doing wrong? I have placed the DV Grid with Filters shortcode on a page. I have 3 categories and 3 galleries. Each gallery contains 6 different images but none of them display in the gallery and do not get filtered… What am I doing wrong?

Further, I’ve noticed when building each gallery after assigning it to a category and updating it on WordPress, the assigned category unchecks itself…

Hi there,
how can i do Single Vertical Gallery like your demo version (exactly the same).