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This is really nicely designed! You need more comment love!

I appreciate the love! Haha! We also have a precoded mobile template that uses this navigation! You can find it here!

did this script will see an available menu (containing such an element ID) then re-design it into mobile menu automatically?

How can you have the menus open up until the screen reaches a certain point? Say, as an extreme example, anything >768px, they are open, less, they close.

When the menus open the default behavior put them over top of the content. Are they able to “push” the content instead?


Hey there, the sidebar cannot push the content, and the menu can only open to one size.

I’m having an issue with google maps V3 appearing using the menu. All I get is the frame and not actual map. Any thoughts?

Hey there, and thank you for your purchase! Please use embeded maps from Google Maps. The framework, being mobile, is not setup for the Google Maps API. Sorry for the late reply, we were on holidays for 10 days!

Hey, kind of a stupid question but here we go. I’m looking to make an app for my website. its mostly a gaming news/forum. I was wondering if I would be able to integrate the forum into this. Also a specific tab for login. Thanks either way!

Hey there! There are no such things as stupid questions, only curiosities that need solving! To answer your question, yes, you could integrate this system into your forum, either hard coding into it (basically the menus will have links coded in the anchors ) or, talking to the person who built your forum to integrate it in the framework, making it accessible from your CMS, either way, it will work like a charm! Please let me know if I can help you with anything else! :)

Hi ! I downloaded the sidebar, it’s very nice. But,how do I install the project into my smartphone please ?

My pleasure! Please don’t forget to rate 5 stars! Cheers! :)

A last question. Do you have screenshots of the 35$ template and a description of the options that the 7$ template doesn’t have ?

They are identical. The 35$ template gives you a license you’ll have to upload to the AppStore or Play Store or any store when you complete that item. Without that, anyone can DMCA you’re item off that store.