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DuoDrawer Mobile Template

The best selling dual sidebar template on ThemeForest and for good reason! Elegant color scheme, retina elements, fast loading, and filled with useful elements! Get it today! DuoDrawer is a Mobile Template and is offering all mobile compatibility.

DuoDrawer has been updated to the latest generation of code!

Click the live preview button to see all the great new features in DuoDrawer and remember to open it from your mobile device and install it on your screen to view it as it would look as an App!
  • Blazing Fast!
  • PhoneGap & Cordova Ready

OS Requirements

iOS 10+
Android 7.1+


Version 4.0.4 – 21st September 2021

- Global - Bootstrap 5.x JS, CSS and SCSS updated to Latest Versions (5.1 Stable)
- Global - FontAwesome Library Updated to latest 5.1.3 Version
- Global - Improvements for new iOS15 Tab Bar Safari interface.

Version 4.0.3 – 13th July 2021

- Global - Bootstrap 5.x JS, CSS and SCSS updated to Latest Versions (5.0.1 Stable)
- Implemented Google API for Google Maps for new Google Standards

Version 4.0.2 – 19th April 2021

- Global - Bootstrap 5.x JS, CSS and SCSS updated to Latest Verisons (5.0 Beta 3)
- Files Updated - scss/bootstrap folder, styles/bootstrap.css, scripts/bootstrap.min.js 
- Documentation - Improved Documentation files in Bootstrap 5.x Version

Version 4.0.1 – 20th March, 2021

- Bug Fix - Fixed listing pages where last element didn't have a divider 
- Bug Fix - Improved dark mode for input fields

Version 4.0 – 11th March, 2021
DuoDrawer is now named Duo, and comes in Bootstrap 5.x with NO jQuery dependency (Duo Version 4.0), written in Vanilla JavaScript. We’ve also included the Bootstrap 4.5 Version with jQuery Dependency (Duo Version 3.0) and we’ll keep providing support for both version for a long time from now!

- Bootstrap 5.x - Vanilla JavaScript, no jQuery Dependency (5.0 Beta 2)
- Bootstrap 4.5 - jQuery Version
- Both versions have the same, identical features for you to enjoy!
- Added - Now Duo Supports Dual Sidebars and a Gorgeous Footer Navigation System

Version 3.0 – 07th August, 2020
A tone of new and awesome changes, including full Bootstrap support. Duo is now built to run along side modern standards and will get more constant updates.

- Global - Bootstrap 4.5 Integration
- Global - SCSS structured files included
- Global - RTL and LTR Versions Included
- Added - Remember Color Highlight, Background and Light or Dark
- Added - Unicode Emoji and Tooltip Tap Support
- Added - Link Groups with Switches or Badges
- Added - Header & Footer Badges
- Added - Preloading for CSS Background Images
- Added - Badge & Switches to List Groups
- Added - Programatic Bootstrap Calls for Snackbars, Toasts, Notifications, Sidebars, Modals and Action Sheets
- Added - Store Pages
- Added - News Pages
- Added - Blog Pages
- Added - Gallery Filter with Select and Links
- Added - Gallery Collections
- Added - 16 Unique Homepage Styles
- Added - 4 Walkthrough Screens
- Improvement - All Pages & Components are now Bootstrap Built
- Improvement - All Columns Replaced with Bootstrap & FlexBox
- Improvement - iOS Friendly CSS for Notch Support
- Improvement - Completely Revamped Documentation for Better and Much more Detailed Instructions

Version 2.1 – 21st May, 2020

- Bug Fix - Resolved issue where sometimes pages didn't change to dark mode when going from one page to another

Version 2.0 – 20th December, 2019

 - The biggest update we’ve ever done to a file. Everything has been rebuilt from scratch to serve a completely new product updated for the latest web standards! Check the Item Details Page to view all that’s new in DuoDrawer.