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nice game. can you please integrate chartboost. i will buy then

how hard would it be?

You should read forums if that plugin works without problems, there is an example of usage somewhere on github I guess

Android studio version please :)

I don’t plan to use android studio. I suggest trying Corona sdk, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to modify and build your project.

is there a way to change the right side text to a different name (Duet Spinning)?

this text is a png (“Images/title.png”) so you can edit it with a tool like Gimp

also how to remove credits on the left side

open menu.lua and go to line 314, do this: credits.alpha = 0


Just bought the template but theres a few things I would like to do this.

Can you tell how to change the background color so that it doesn’t change, I want it to stay just one solid color…

I also want to replace the images of the balls with another image so it is not two sports balls revolving each other…

I also want to change the obstacles, can I change the images of the obstacles the balls need to avoid? If so, what considerations should I take into account so that it doesn’t effect gameplay?

I also want to change the fonts throughout the game…

I also don’t want the user the to change balls, I want this to be fixed, how do i delete the ball change button and disable it?

To remove the color changing effect you must remove all instances of colors() function which appear in each file: menu.lua, play.lua, shop1.lua, shop2.lua.

To put your own image as background you must find “bg” variable in menu:create function (menu.lua), play:create (play.lua) etc. Remove the definition and put sth like this: bg = display.newImage(“Images/background.png”) bg.x = centerX bg.y = centerY bg.width = screenWidth bg.height = screenHeight

You can change the images of obstacles but it’ll change their fill only – their shapes are defined in play.lua, line 149 (local function put), you can modify them for your needs (for example you can remove obstacles[index]:setFillColor(...) if you don’t want the random color of obstacles.

In order to change fonts in game go to “game files/Images/chars” – you should replace each character with your graphics.

To disable the balls button you must open menu.lua and in line 346 (after definition of “balls”) put: balls.alpha = 0. The image will be invisible and impossible to click.

If you meant to use animation for the balls which rotate (animation consisting of frames), it’s a little bit of additional work