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Hi – getting this warning when I try to download this script in Chrome (other Code Canyon scripts download fine):

“codecanyon-9499185-dtms-demo-templates-management-system.zip is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous.”

“This file may be harmful to your computer”

—Appears to be a Chrome Browser bug -


Thank you for reporting!

Is there any way to have the sidebar stay in the open position on the 1st theme only?

Screenshot here: http://i.imgur.com/hqE4duC.png

I still want the sidebar to close normally on all other themes – just start and stay open on the default ‘top’ theme in the theme_list. I’m using the default/top ‘theme’ in the themes_list.php as a splash page and the rest as normal themes.

Dear raymagnant, based on the image you linked don’t seems to be my item. have you customized it?

1) How do I change the template name without having to re-creating the template in front end? What is the file/file path to change the name of the template. 2) How do I change the order to show alphabetically?


Inside of dtms admin, wow do I get the ‘Showing 1 to 70 of 10 records per page’ to default to 100 records per page and stay there? Every time I change it to 100, enter a template, and return it goes back to 10.

Dear johncgrantham, to accomplish all the things you want to do, many fixes are needed. I will release an update to the script in the following day (probably tomorrow). Thank you for your patience.

Doesn’t seem like the script has been updated, as the file name/number is exactly the same as before.

Hi, where is the file for customize the first page like in a Site Preview ? http://dtms.iltuowebmaster.it/theme.dtms

Hello, you need to change the file that is inside the folder “Application->Views->iframe.php”

If you need the file customized like the Site Prieviw, please write me a private email.

How do I change the order of templates to show the new templates first?

Just tell me what was your old account and I’ll verify with the envato Team.

It was elevabrasil

Dear williama5, I have contacted the envato team, and they told me that you need to open a ticket with them to solve this kind of problem and keep receiving support from me. By the way just for this time I will provide you support, so please send me a private email and I will tell you what to change to display last items for first. Regards

Hi, I have zero coding skills and I usually build wordpress sites that come with plugins. Is this something I can use with wordpress? If so can you show me how to install on any blog I have and how to connect it with ecommerce or paypal?


Great???????? thanks so much!

Awesome, I will purchase soon! Also, how to i hook this up to a support ticket system? Do you have any suggestions on that. I want to fully automate my business like you guys

Mm..this is a little bit different..I know a very good open source script called “helpy” (just google it)..but depends on you and on what you want to do.. Regards :)

Hi, how I we can get a overview like one your demo site http://dtms.iltuowebmaster.it/theme.dtms We have only one category. Could this be the problem?

How it is possible to start without /theme.dtms? We installed you script in the root folder why there comes /theme.dtms?

Dear w3arts, thank you for buying my script. I will provide you a response to all of your questions by email in a couple of hours. Best Regards.

Thank you so much for you quickly responds.

when will be the next update available

Hi kn2nandha, at the moment I’m working on many more features that will take some extra time. I’m sorry but I cannot say when the release will be available :(

i need to install this on sub folder, can i able to do example: www.yourdomain.com/demo/

Have you tried to put script in the subfolder? send me a private mail for support.

how to remove encryption, because it does’nt show the template icons

Do you want to remove it by default? Send me an email and I will provide you instructions on how to do it.

Hi i want to buy this item. But after encryption icons, all jquery JS, Everything working fine ? Because this buyer facing problem after encryption not displaying icons “kn2nandha” this problem resolved ?

problem after encryption not displaying icons.

hello…i like encryption but this plugin encryption only index. Other pages not working ? possible to work demo link basis ?

As I said before the error is because the script is not installed on the same domain where are the themes demo (CORS policy). If you install the script in a subfolder or subdomain of your main domain is everything ok. At the moment encryption only works on the main page and at the moment I’m full involved in other projects so I cannot work on this feature (really sorry). Pay attention that this one is not a wordpress plugin, but it’s a script and needs a webserver and a database. Kindly regards

i love this… sure i will buy this.

i need to install this on sub folder, how can i able to do example: www.yourdomain.com/demo/