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Well done, looks amazing! :)

Thanks mate. Glad to hear it.

Dear Danial Sabagh,

First of all thank you for your script. I have some questions to you before purchasing it. Could you please answer them

1) Which php version does this script supports. I am using 5.3. Is it ok?

2) Can I make a playlists and add music? If yes can you show me how they look like in home page

3) Can users make playlist to play randomly?

4) Can I delete download function in script? Because here was such script like yours and soundcloud has banned my api. They said that the reason is download function. Author even deleted his script and money which I have paid has gone :)

5) Do I need to register in soundcloud and use Api?

Waiting for your response. Thank you

Kind regards, Tamerlan

Dear Danial, any news about updating home page for several playlists as I mentioned before?

Dear Tamerlan, Currently I am working on more features of the player also there will be a single player, and the problem we have discussed already will be solved in those versions. About the time, hopefully in next two weeks.

I’ll wait for it :) thank you

Wordpress version or wordpress compatible?

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately there is no a WordPress version of this player, but it is compatible with WordPress as it is based on HTML5. Therefore, as long as you have the HTML code of the player in the body (can be as a post) and the corresponding links in the header, then of course it will work.

hi, I think i i love this player.

instead of pulling tracks from soundcloud, can it pull from www.soundmud.com ?

please check if it can do i will like to purchase it immediately. Soundmud.com is just like soundcloud.

we want to use this player for our custom music social network.


waiting for reply

Thank you for your comment. I had a look at soundmud.com. As far as I researched, it does not provide any streaming feature in its API. However even if it does, it is required to design a separate player for it. My player is only working based on SoundCloud api. So it might be possible to develop a customized plugin working with soundmod.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your response. I think we can talk on this…

Interesting looking player – is there a working demo to play with somewhere?

A couple of questions:

- Does it take a SoundCloud set (playlist made in soundcloud) as input? Or just individual tracks?

- Can I set a playlist to shuffle so that it randomly orders the tracks on page load?

- Is there a way to trigger a track from outside the player. For example, a button that will start playing “track # 9”?

Thank you for your interest.

Unfortunately because of security reasons, there is no any live version avilable. However you can check out the video that is provided in the description. Also the main website of the player has a simulator that shows various features of the player.

- Regarding the playlist made in SoundCloud, it does not support that. But the player works with an easy JSON file that you can create you own playlist with that.

- There is no shuffle feature in the current version.

- It is possible to configure/create a link or button to trigger a track from outside of the player. It requires a little of JS coding.

Let me know If you need any further help. :)

Hi, regarding you earlier request, I made an online demo of the player for you to have a look. http://mersadesign.com/dssc

Is it possible to enable the first track selected but not autoplay? When the page loads the left side is blank.

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/Epfmvca.jpg


Thanks for your purchase. I am not sure if I understood your question correctly. So you want to click on the first item of the list but not playing it? If so, thats a bit of customisation in core part of the plugin. However you can contact me directly so I can customise it for you.

Regarding the second problem, does the player loads pictures of the default tracks? By default tracks I mean the ones in the playlist when you downloaded the plugin. If it shows the images for those tracks then there must be a problem with either your chosen tracks or your website. I need more information to fix this.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply.

Maybe this will help. Instead of having a blank space, can it load the album art for the first in playlist? Or does the image only load when a track is clicked?


By default the player does show the artwork for the first music in you playlist, no matter if its playing or not. The artwork loads as soon as the page loads. If it is not showing for you then make sure you have installed it correctly and again I would suggest you to try the sample tracks as examples to make sure the player is working correctly.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Is it possible to add playlists in future? When we add tracks to a playlist we have to manually add each track into the json file. Would be great if your config can read sets such as https://soundcloud.com/skrillex/sets/ease-my-mind-ragga-bomb-remixes

This is an upcoming feature for this player that is under process and will arrive with the next version.

Good Day. I really love this player. I am looking for a purchase feature and I noticed the buy button within the player. Does that allow me to set it with paypal? Thank you in advance.

Hi, Thank you for your interested. It seems you have already purchased the item. However if you still have any problem with payment, please let me know.

Thanks for your purchase!

Hi, I’m interested to buy your product but I would like to know if you have the “single track” option available like your other product: SoundCloud Music Player (jQuery) ? Thanks

Hello, Thanks for your interest.

Well currently the “single player” version is not available on here. But I am developing it and will be added to my portfolio soon.

Hello ! How do you change color of graphic behind a song title ?

well. the plugin does not come with any text. But I am more than happy to have a look at your work and help you to fix it. please email me the link or the image.


I can not find your email! write me a message here russ_kov@live.fr


The email form is located in the profile page. However, I just emailed you.

Hi, I have just purchase the player but can’t make it working. I am just trying to make the Demo working for now I have put it on local server with MAMP Pro but nothing is loading and I have lot of js error in the console eg:

sdk.js:1 GET http://api.soundcloud.com/resolve?url=https%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fbeyonc…_id=4e6c7139ca2791a89863367ba374a28e&format=json&_status_code_map[302]=200 404 (Not Found)_

Let me know



Ok forget this message, it is because some track are set to private that is why. Thanks for this great player

Alright. glad you fixed it. Good luck :)

Hi There! Question!

Can I add more than one buy button ? so that we can add 3-4 buttons where to buy song ?


Hi, There is only one button for either buying or downloading, but with a little bit of customisation, you can achieve that. You need to make slight changes in the CSS and JS files.

Hey mate just a quesiton does this player work with Private Embeds from soundcloud? we need to keep the track privater on soundcloud but embed them on pages with this player?

Hi, Yes you can play a private track only if you own that track and get the secret key. Then in this player you can insert your authentication code and the secret key and play all the private tracks that you own.

Let me know if you need any help with that. ;)

player does not function, it also does not work on your website (the demo you have on there does not play or anything)

No, If you purchase it, you’ll receive the latest version.

I already purchased it a month ago, re download?

Well CodeCanyon says your account never purchased it before. But it could be an error. So yh re-download it if you can.

Hi, I just got an email from Codecanyon saying that there is a 2017 update. However, when I download the source, its still the 2016 version. I even updated the support for another year and nothing happens… What can I do? Best, Simon

Thanks for letting me know. It is an error from CodeCanyon. It seems like they did not replace the new files. I just contacted them and it will be sorted maximum in 2 days.

It has been fix. If you download the package again, you’ll get the latest version. ;)

Awesome, thanks for your support!

Hello i wanna buy this one is there any integration for joomla?

Hi, This is not a Joomla module but you can easily install it. The installation is almost the same. You just need to place some code in the header/body of your template and then post the player anywhere on the page.

Also you can request us installation service as well.

habilitar autoplay?

Hola. Gracias por su compra. El reproductor no viene con una función de reproducción automática, pero puedo personalizarlo para que pueda reproducir automáticamente cualquier pista que desee.

Puede enviarme un correo electrónico a través de mi página de perfil.

P.S, Sorry about bad Spanish, I used a translator.