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admin/admin doesn’t seem to work.

also the login screen seems different than the one in the preview.

Well we try to give users a better demo with every option available , but some people seems to be playing with it. demo admin login should be working in moments. Thanks for commenting and letting us know about this.

No worries, yeah people are pains in the asses

hi nice script. How about the security ?


Hi there thanks for commenting, the script is using different level of hashing for password encryption. it’s not cookie based. information is stored securely in db. and also google’s new captcha is there to help for stoping the spam/bots.


Also it’s using the PDO for database connection with prepared statements. so all the inputs are being filtered and then being submit to the database.

hello, can this script use for desktop login??


By desktop what you mean? ,, can you elaborate please?

Please protect files in folders by index.php ds_login_system/actions/

also protect from XSS, SQLi example: go to admin/index.php and see by yourself

i can’t agree with you and previous comments related with security of this script…

Thanks for letting me know about this issue, just totally forgot to sanitize that input , thanks alot. will update and submit the update asap.

Hi, when user sign in with Facebook it stores no id, email oder username from Facebook to datatable. I only see the Name in the list unter Manage users but when I click for edit there is nothing in!

can I know does this script create can create multiple users and multiple folders protection,

for eg. I have a specific functionality, where I can create clients username and password and I want to give access to that particular client folder, not all the folders

This script does not support directory protection, you have to customize it to make it compatible.

is still update ? where to find the demo ?

demo site broken