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TWhitty Purchased

Good day, I am having a little issue here. I am not able to disable the module chaos modules plus I am seeing fields pending deletion. How can I fix this issue without messing up the rest of my site? Thanks


TWhitty Purchased

Thanks for your response. I backed up and reinstalled my site and I have noticed that once I have created content with the builder module even when I have deleted that content I am not able to disable the module. Underneath the module on the module page it says “Required by Drupal: (Fields pending Deletion)”.

I take it maybe it is Drupal and not the module having issues. Ironically, on the Fields report page there are no Builder fields listed there.

Thanks for you assistance.


TWhitty Purchased

Ok so in order to have the issue sorted out I ran the following query in my phpadmin MySQL Database then I was able to disable the module. I ran cron, update.php, clear cache and same result:

SELECT * FROM `field_config` WHERE `deleted` = 1

After running the above I was then able to disable the module. Never usually have that problem. Not sure what is happening as I have not done anything differently.

Seem that is only way to do on your site. Normally it can be uninstall via backend . However look you did good and skilled!

Best regards


does this module supports drupal 7 version?

Hi Matt,

Yes it does, it supports both drupal 7, and Drupal 8.

Best regards,


Well, seems only user one may add content. All other user got the admin role which contains the page builder permission, they get an empty panel when trying to add content.

Hi There,

So now a user role you granted should use Builder.

I hope it helps,

Best regards,


That did the magic! Thank you!!!

@psifneos , You ‘re welcome

Hello, I just upgraded my php version and I get this error when I try to edit a Custom Text:

There was a error HTTP AJAX.

Code ResultHTTP: 403


Path: /builder/ajax/content/add/builder_cache_53_0/0/0/builder/custom_text

StatusText: Forbidden


403 Forbidden


You don’t have permission to access /builder/ajax/content/add/builder_cache_53_0/0/0/builder/custom_text on this server.

It has to be something related to the cache. But I already run cron to clear the cache…

Please, I need to fix this.

Hi Chef

it look fine for me, i can edit text as well, i made video screenshot

Best regards,


I just LOVE this module! This is just what Drupal needed. Is there a way to change the container size/class? It looks like each row is wrapped in a “container-fluid” class – can this be optional to either “container”, “container-fluid” and “no-container”?

Hi boutzamat,

options are container that are for bootstrap class. However i think if you would override it can be add id to row then in your custom css override it by
#custom-id .container{color: #000;}
something like that.

thanks for purchasing the module.

Best regards,



soufle Purchased

hi there can i use the builder in drupal 8.16

Hi Soufle,

yes sure. you can

Best regards, Tabvn

Hi, could you tell me how to implement the Parallax effect with using this builder?

I got a simple way to put on the parallex with css3 directly. Using background-attachment: fixed; on the row background.

@yannicklin_tw Cool i ‘m glad to hear that. Thank you for your help.

Is it posible to display on one page content from more than one node and views with filters from different content types + related item block?

What data go to URL when we mix information from different nodes and view pages?

Hi, i don’t find the parallax effect in D8…exist in this version?

Hi jeanalexander

That effect only in Drupal 7.

Best regards,


I think this is really the way to go for responsive theme development in Drupal 8. IMO this is much simpler and user-friendly than both panels and paragraphs. Thanks for a great module.


Thank you for kind of word. I appreciate that . Best regards, Tabvn

Drupal 8: (still) having issues with the builder edit popups not working (throwing js errors) when I try to edit pages and builder components. Have tried to communicate several times so far with no responses.

Hi accelerant

could you send me thourght my profile with your site URL and admin account i could take a look

Best regards,


Hi, if I add Youtube Video element in HTTPS site, your module don’t work because is hardcoded the request to I have to remove the protocol from builder.module file (line 1244).


Hi alelinkup , I appreciate that much.

i will take a look at update it soon.

Best regards,


Hello. Could you please help me? How can I create a video background with a self-hosted video?

Thank you.

Hi scanomoya

That is supported video background from youtube and Vimeo. Self video hosting is not supported yet,

Thank you

Best regards,


OK. And how can I use this feature? Only colors and images are permited as background.

Hi There

if you using version for Drupal 7 it should have tab named is “Video background” on row setting and can set video as background , see screenshot

Best regards,



Obrox Purchased

Hi, I’ve purchased this item but there seems to be a problem whereby the builder id is the same on content created using different content types so editing one page also changes the builder content on one of my custom pages.

Hi Obrox ,

could you send me a message via my profile with which verion (Drupal 7 or Drupal 8) and also your site info , i could take a look.

Best regards,


Hello tabvn,

I’m using your tweets module, which is simple and powerful — thanks for sharing! A small question: is it possible to expose the tweets block to the builder? (Currently it seems ”$entity->access(‘view’)” prevents it from being added. Does the module need to be modified?)

HI meanderix,

there is doc to create new element for builder. You can check in builder module /api.php

Best regards,


hi tabvn

I’ve purchased this item today and everytime (even clear installed drupal) when i press "save and keep publish" i get this error :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function Drupal\builder\Plugin\Field\FieldType\dsm() in /Users/apple/Sites/devdesktop/drupal-8.2.3/modules/builder/src/Plugin/Field/FieldType/Builder.php on line 89

Hi 12345ge , that seem someone use dsm to debug ? can you go to that file at line 89


remove complete dsm($$$);

Best regards


Thank you very much…. everything works perfect :)

one more question about google map, when i add google map on page i get this error

( This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details )

Hello Tabvn,

I have a problem with my drupal 8 site and the builder. I installed it and i can create blocks but when i try to edit any block created it shows me this message: Element ID: !id does not exist.

Can you help me because i can’t use the module like this :(

Thanks mate.

Any thoughts?? Thanks-

HI Akuebaz,

for Drupal 8 you must assign that block to Diabled regions, but still enabled it. then able add it to builder. (In Drupal 7 is much easy)

after that if problem still exits then ping me via

Best regards,


Hi Tabvn, no it isn’t working. The problem comes from the builder, if i add only text and columns, and try to edit them it shows me the error. I hope you can help me with this.

For some reason the content just randomly disappears. I’m not doing anything special. I’ll go to a node looks fine, come back a day later and its all gone. This is kinda a HUGE issue…

Keep getting this error on Drupal 8:

“Element ID: !id does not exist.”

Not sure if it’s the best practise to edit builder.routing.yml, but this is how I managed to get rid of the issue:

Copied these lines from the previous routing and pasted them after builder.element_controller_edit (line 20):

  _admin_route: TRUE

This was just a temporary way to get things work, so any other thoughts how to handle the case here?

Hi orangead

could you please send me details of which element showing that error ?

Best regards,


Dear Tabvn, this is about Drupal 8 version.

It seems I’m not able to use text inputs in some ckeditor dialogs when adding custom text with builder. I’ve enhanced the basic page with the builder field. Now if I add custom text there’s something wrong: The text inputs inside the modals of the Linkit module or Anchor link module are not clickable. Are those modules just useless now to use with builder or is there something I can do about it? The image dialog, for example the alternative text input in that modal window, works.

Best regards, Conny