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I have submitted a support ticket without a response.

When using the module in Blocks, then embedding the Simplenews block, I can save the block. But after that, I can’t modify it.

I guess because Simplenews is also a form, it may conflict with the Save button of the module?

Could you please check it? Thank you.

Hi There

for temporary fix now that

builder.module line 1201

 if ($element['#editing'] && $base_id == 'simplenews_subscription_block') {
          $build = array(
            '#markup' => t('<span class="disabled">@title</span>', array('@title' => 'The block created by simplenews')),
            '#type' => 'markup',

or use this file i hope it helps. Best regards, Tabvn

Great, you are the man. Thanks alot!

You’re welcome.

A quick question for other users: I granted permissions to administrator role through the people->permissions config, and cleared all caches, but only the siteadmin (userid 1) can successfully add content to a column within a row—for all other administrator group users, the content selector is blank.

Any thoughts on how to proceed? The main_builder_permission table is empty, and I get the following error when I try to use the “Builder Contents Permissions” node in the site:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in element_children() (line 6583 of C:\inetpub\wwwroot\includes\ Notice: Undefined variable: rows in theme_builder_admin_content_permissions() (line 131 of C:\inetpub\wwwroot\sites\all\modules\builder\

HI Derek

send me your site information (admin account) via my profile and i will take a look

Best regards, Tabvn


akuebaz Purchased

Hello, I Keep getting this error on Drupal 8:

“Element ID: !id does not exist.”

When I try to edit a created column, custom text or anything inside the builder.

I sent you my credentials in december and nothing happened please reach back and help me because the plugin doesn’t work and Im getting no help.



please send me quick message with your drupal info (admin, URL) to my profile.

i ‘m trying to find your request however i dont see it

Best regards,


The module can only reference blocks which are available in the core’s block layout.

So when I want to embed a custom block, I need to move it to the Disabled region under Structure – Block layout first. When I have many custom blocks, that’s quite inconvenient.

Hi symphonythemes,

For Drupal 8 block must add to “None” regions that could be available for elements.

Best regards,


It seems ‘builder’ is incompatbile with the ‘field_group’ module (D8). Both modules define ‘horizontal_tabs’ and then when you try to add a new row, there is an AJAX error due to ‘field_group_theme_suggestions_alter’ (the ‘hook’ parameter is equal to ‘horizontal_tabs’).

Hi meanderix

Could you please give me full of error message via my profile, including line of error when found.

i will check this and get back to you soon.

Best regards,


“An AJAX HTTP error occurred. HTTP Result Code: 200 Debugging information follows. Path: /en/builder/add/21/0/row StatusText: OK ResponseText: Notice: Undefined index: #group_name in field_group_theme_suggestions_alter() (line 90 of /var/aegir/platforms/drupal-8.2.6/modules/field_group/field_group.module).”

Quick and dirty fix by adding this line in ‘field_group_theme_suggestions_alter’: if (!isset($element[’#group_name’])) { break; }

Thank you!


PS1337 Purchased

Hi tabvn, apart from the comments I already left which you did not answer, this time i really need your help quickly: My setup is as following: Content type ‘Basic Page’ with Title, Body and Builder, Content type ‘Content block’ with Title, Body, Builder, Taxonomy Term (two times, one time for Taxonomy vocabulary 1 terms and one time for Taxonomy vocabulary 2 terms), Steps: 1. I create Basic page, save and publish (development area, so doesn’t matter) 2. I create Content Blocks (so far only used Title, Body and Taxonomy Terms, save published. 3. I go to edit Basic page, use builder: 3.1. Add row 3.2 Add node (automatically wraps it in a column, which is great) 3.3. Save and publish. 4. Go to edit Basic page again, hover over builder rows and columns => The builder-ui.js is not loaded anymore, I now can’t hover/select elements anymore to drag them around. 5. Delete the node out of the column, save and publish. 6. Edit Basic page again, put node back in, can still move around rows and columns BEFORE saving. 7. Save and publish 8. Edit again, builder-ui.js is missing again, cannot hover/select anymore. => As soon as I save with node as builder-element, he doesn’t load the builder-ui.js anymore which has the select function I need so desperately.

PLEASE help me asap, I am at the state of putting ALL content in our new website and if this doesn’t get fixed I cannot make use of your module at all! :(


PS1337 Purchased

I think for some reason the newer jquery doesn’t work together well with your module, I just checked my old Version (current is 8.2.6, old test version is 8.1.9.) and there your module works perfectly.
I checked all js that get loaded and stepped through the function in firefox again and can only see that with the older jquery the divs with class or id get recognized, with the newer one it always returns undefined in the variable section. Don’t know if that helps.

Hi PS1337,

thanks for that info. that could help me alot

i will get back to you as soon as get exactly what is happended.

Best regards,


This might be because the nodes (or blocks) I tried to include have another builder field inside and then the dragging just doesn’t work. I didn’t always really ‘use’ the builder (not adding any row), but still it wouldn’t work anymore. If I instead set the builder field completely to hidden in the content type OR used any other block/node from a content type without a builder field inside – it works again.
Hope this helps.

Hi tabvn, you wrote in a comment one year ago: “We will add new element content for the builder to select media from existing files in the next update.” Has this feature been implemented in the builder ? Best regards Matt

Dear Matt,

i ‘m sorry, that feature still not available at the moment.

thanks for your understand.

Best regards,


I granted permissions to administrator role through the people->permissions config, and cleared all caches, the content selector is blank.

The main_builder_permission table is empty, and I get the following error when I try to use the “Builder Contents Permissions” node in the site:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in element_children() (line 6583 of C:\inetpub\wwwroot\includes\ Notice: Undefined variable: rows in theme_builder_admin_content_permissions() (line 131 of C:\inetpub\wwwroot\sites\all\modules\builder\

Could you please help

Dear dipunjan ,

Note: when install the module you must run as administrator (Default admin) account , this role has fully permission to access builder. after that can able assign elements of builder to other roles. (as you did )

Best regards,


I tried everything but I am still getting the same message:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in element_children() (line 6600 of /srv/bindings/5e87de0ddb804463ae0a80c199874880/code/includes/ Notice: Undefined variable: rows in theme_builder_admin_content_permissions() (line 131 of /srv/bindings/5e87de0ddb804463ae0a80c199874880/code/sites/all/modules/builder/

have sent you my credentials. Please check once

Hi Tabvn! I was watching your video and it seems a powerful module! Congrats!

I’ve some questions about it before purchase.

1. Could add Views? 2. Also I need to add Tabs & Accordions. 3. On the other hand, what would be the best choice to insert sliders using your module? is there any slider module compatible with your module?

Thanx in advance!

Hi jmolas67,

the build support adding block into a column or row, that mean you can use views and create as many blocks you want then able insert it to the builder.
  • same for tabs you can use quicktabs module and create blocks.

Best regards,


Hello Tabvn! Thanx a lot for your prompt response! It is very useful :-) Any idea or suggestion about accordions and sliders?


there is views plugin is views_accordion so you can download and use it with views module and generate accordions block.

Best regards,


Hi tabvn,
I’m really trying to somehow make use of the Buider.
This time I tried to use blocks with your module.
When I use drush cr I get warnings every time:
The block xyz was assigned to the invalid region -1 and has been   
disabled. [warning]

When I go back to edit the builder page, I don’t see the blocks available as element anymore.
So basically everytime I clear the cache, my blocks get disabled by Drupal because they’re in region ‘Disabled’. Is there any possibility to enable the blocks that your module uses again? Here’s a link to the block_rebuild() function that disables blocks which are placed in ‘invalid regions’ when flushing the cache: Drupal about block_rebuild() Hope this helps


Btw this is propably an important information for you if you didn’t already now what happens in 8.3: Remove the ‘disabled’ region from Block UI

PS1337, thanks for your report, i will take a look at this now.

Best regards,


Actually when I create a new region and just not show it anywhere I can place the blocks there and they will be available for the builder.
Just didn’t think that was possible since I read it is a requirement to put the block into the disabled region.
The node problem (no dragging) is still there, though.

Hello, use drupal 8.2.6, builder but does not work when I create a block. From blank page. Tested with drupal virgin and only ctools installed… Thank you for the reply

Hello, I created a new linux server but the problem with drupal 8 there.

Here are the errors on a virgin site drupal 8

hello, I solved the commenting row 89 file Builder.php


@peterpan72 Thank you!


ctl0809 Purchased

I’ve contacted the author via the support form but did not get any response.

When I tried to use the import facility of the drag and drop builder nothing happens to the page. I do not see the contents I’ve imported. I’m able to export the settings I’ve made and it generates me an archive file e.g. but when I try to import it to another page or within the same page’s drag and drop builder section nothing happens.

Also another issue I’m encountering is when I try to view the usage of the files that gets uploaded in the Files page (content->files tab) I encounter a php error “Drupal\Component\Plugin\Exception\PluginNotFoundException: The “builder” entity type does not exist. in Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityTypeManager->getDefinition() (line 133 of core\lib\Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityTypeManager.php)”

It says the builder entity from the module is missing.

Could you please check it? Would really appreciate to have these issues resolve. Thank you!

Hi @ctl0809,

could you pleases send me details via my profile with your drupal version and screenshot of error ?

by the way after install builder clear drupal cache in hit “Clear all caches”

Best regards,



ctl0809 Purchased


I’ve sent an email via the contact form in your profile page which includes the information you asked plus the screenshots. Thanks.


ctl0809 Purchased

Hi, would like to follow up on the issue I reported. It’s been 13 days since I inquired about the issue. Would appreciate a feedback on this.

Just like Chrislabeard and Kelior. We have content that is disappearing from page builder. This is critical problem that needs attention and fix. The other problem is that page builder does not create revisions.

HI atgillette,

i'm Looking into this problem. and will get back to you

Best regards, Toan

Bug with sort on translating page

diff --git a/modules/tabvn/builder/js/builder-ui.js b/modules/tabvn/builder/js/builder-ui.js index 4c7233c..73ad026 100644 --- a/modules/tabvn/builder/js/builder-ui.js +++ b/modules/tabvn/builder/js/builder-ui.js @@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ var builder_data = {elements: $elements}; - var builder_url = drupalSettings.path.baseUrl + 'builder/sortable/' + builder_bid; + var builder_url = drupalSettings.path.baseUrl + drupalSettings.path.pathPrefix + 'builder/sortable/' + builder_bid;


Presale Question.

Is it possible to have fluid container so that the background color of a container stretch from edge to edge of the browser?


Thank you, Mazhar