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Hello Everyone, ... I have been searching for quite a while to find a way to create a site for myself that I liked ( I’ve always had wordpress sites or developed my own with good old HTML, etc ).

Then I saw this yesterday – yes I know it’s impulsive – but I purchased immediately I saw this theme/builder – I just tore down my wordpress site without backing it up (nuts, right?).

Anyway, I downloaded the package, opened the install/configuration documentation and followed directions to the letter ( I’ve used everything but Drupal over the years), so I felt a bit of a newbie again.

Guess what – it installed fine for me. Doing exactly what it says on the tin ( as they say).

I did have one question, and so sent an email off on Sunday, thinking I would not get an answer till Monday or Tuesday… but to my extreme surprise ( I’m just a little cynical in my old age) – there came a reply a short while later on Sunday!

You cannot ask for more than that, and so I am writing this little note to thank the developer for the very prompt reply – and wish his team great success with this package! :-)

Hi, this plugin seems awesome!

Let me ask, if I can build a landing page with a full page width and height image background, with some text and button placed on it? Example: http://www.onextrapixel.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/1-Stripe.jpg

Thanks for your answer!

Your demo server is down

@louispham – thank you.

Hello! I was trying to follow the comments, but very confused about the platform. Can this be used with WordPress as theme or plugin? I don’t have Drupal. Can I review your installation manual and server requirements? Also, I would like to try the demo before I buy. The earlier link you provided is not working. Will you give refund if the product does not meet my expectations. I am truly interested and your soonest response would be greatly appreciated. This will demonstrate to all of us here your commitment to support the product on the timely basis. Thanks.

Hi Joed777, this script has everything it needs to run, you do not have to download any additional code. If you purchase and not happy with the script then we could do the full refund for you.


That is great. Thanks so much. Your last updated was Feb 2017. Are you planning a new release soon?

in the next two months or so, we are still working on more features. thanks

do you have admin demo

@pink_lobster – thanks, we were moving to a new server and that causes a little downtime.

understood me wrong: your site is ONline – but there´s no demo at all? just nothing but some (plain text)info…

Can I check the admin panel

is there any admin demo link?

hi, run this script on php7?

install not going

hi freepler, yes, it is running on php7. We could help you install the script if you want. Have you uploaded all the files to the server and if you could take a screenshot on the error message then that would be great.


i uploaded all datas, admin go, then update drupal security update and now is not going, i change to php7 and look

IS this for multiple users were I create a website like WIX?

Is it support multiple user?

sorry, this one still not support for multiple user yet. thanks.