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Hello I got this error when I open the APK file in mobile

the application is incorrectly configured. Check that de package name and signing certificate match the ID created in developed console.....

I think I already fix that… Where can I get the Leaderboard ID? because Always when I tap Leaderboard says ” Unfortanelly Google services has stop”

Please Download the App and see the error please… Help me

I really like this game.. can you make it to ios ?

I think you can get more customers when you have it in IOS TOO

I know this but I cannot do the app for iOS.

Hi, i am having issues with getting my app accepted by slideMe. is there any change you can get me code for the app with the leaderboard integration?

The app crashes sometime when connecting to Google+.

Ana sometime it gives an error, Failed to sign in, Please check your network connection and try again with every device.

Please help.

hello, when export to apk file this msg appear ” unable to execute dex: GC overhead limit exceeded ” so what can i do ? thanks

I’d really like to buy this, but I’m worried because I see all the questions that you haven’t answered. If you provide support, you would get tons more sales because the game actually looks cool.

I agree about that. They have issues that are on their end and not related to the code. At least you are responding. That’s all anyone can ask. I love all your games, you’ve really got good ideas, and the graphics look great.

Thank you for understanding

You’re welcome and I’m buying some of your games. They’re awesome!

Hello, I have followed the documentation but the code will not run, it errors mainly due to wrong callbacks. e.g. R.id.Move and unable to resolve errors – unable to resolve android 10

Just updated the API’s and it now has 100 errors within the main file group.

Ok, so after uninstalling, Eclipse, rebooting my Mac and then reinstalling Eclipse and downloading the files again, it works. It must have been a Java/Eclipse error. Apologies, review changed and comments updated.

Thanks for understanding

can you help me intergrated Startapp ads ? startapp.com

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio

Is the Android Studio the update today? Or were there more changes? Thanks

Yes, now the source can be edited in Android Studio. Also I have changed Admob Interstitial code. Now AdMob Interstitial will be preloaded when app start, so it will be fully loaded before showing. And now you can set up admob IDs via strings in resources.

Hello, I like your app, I would put in-app… remove ads…you have version?

Ads can be disabled in “strings.xml”. All other changes you want you can do by editing the source


BetteM Purchased

hi bro i bought your app, my question is how can i change the colour of the sky? it’s not an image !! thanks

Find the file “app\src\main\res\drawable\bg.xml” and change the gradient color inside it


BetteM Purchased

thanks bro i ve launched the game to play store but i have some trouble with google sign in !! the test was perfect but when i posted the game to play store and my friends downloaded it , they cant sign in google + !! help

if you have an email or a number it will be perfect bro!!

You need to setup a Google Play Services for your app. See here – https://developers.google.com/games/services/console/enabling


suiton Purchased

Do you plan to update this application? Adding some improvement like: add levels of complexity, change type of obstacle (mix balls with birds for example),

Thanks in advance;)

Is this game still functional on the latest gadget android & its latest version of the OS? Is the support still active or not?

hi, when I want to access this game on eclipse it does not work I do not know what problem, give me this message (DrunkPilot\app\src\main\res\values\styles.xml:4: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name: attr ‘android:windowEnableSplitTouch’.), please help me

Did you install all needed SDK? Check this first of all. Also you can remove that parameter.

I downloaded everything SDK! but it always gives me the same error!