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i can re-skin any app or game at low price also integrate admob, airpush and leaderboard ads into your app. you will generate more revenue. please contact skype : angelina.rosylove

two issues: I published it and after installing it in my android device it says install Adobe Air Extension.

Second, Admob extension is paid, so is there any other way to earn money with this app?

When you are publishing apk you can include Adobe Air into it, there are such option. About Admob I don’t know.

thanks buddy worked… looking forward for a way to show popup ads when the game ends

Another quick question; I found admob extension http://lancelotmobile.com/blog/admob-ane/ but where can i find the code files to edit.

Please help!

Support and Documentations = 0

Don’t waste your money on this fucking app

I don’t understand what you want from me. In tab “Item Details” there are description of project. And my app does not contain Admob. I don’t want to make Admob support, because sombody don’t need that. And about support and documentation, my source FLA file is well documented. If you want to add Admob do it yourself, but don’t need write your abusive comments.

Support and Documentations = 0

Don’t waste your money on this fucking app


I would like to buy your source code.

Would you please tell me how hard it is to change the graphics?

My idea is to buy your code and to put my character and my backgrounds in your game and to publish it.

I would design the character and backgrounds, but please tell me what is needed to change these graphics in game?

Is it just something like: overwrite core files in some “images” folder and you are done…

or it is something else, something harder?

Thank you.

Best regards, Nikola.

You need Adobe Flash CS6 or higher to open source file. All graphics you can change only inside source file library. There are no external folred “images”. It’s something harder.

Hi, sound won’t stop when exiting the game on Android. It stops on iPhone. On Android device, I have to select manage apps and then force stop the game. Please update and send new source code.

Can you send the android files? I wasn’t aware I needed Adobe Flash and other adobe products. Also, please respond to issue about sound? It won’t stop unless I force the application to quit. My email Rauhmel@WHOmentors.com


i just made the purchase but am not able to download the files.

It stops after 40 odd percent. Kindly suggest what to do ?

Awaiting a prompt reply.

Thank You.

Write your email and I’ll send you archive

Included source code?

Of course. Source file is .fla, but not .java

Is it the app or only source code? Do you provide reskin and upload to Playstore?

It is the app and source (.fla file). I don’t provide reskin and upload to Playstore.

Can i publish the game without reskin after i bought it? tks

I bought that app and I didn’t read infos about it, and unfortunately it doesn’t work with Eclipse, so there is any solution?

I don’t understand why people don’t read info about the app. It’s so easy. Soon I will make this app as native Java in Eclipse.

can I open it in Intel XDL ? do you have chartboost ads on it?