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Um. Good job. How do you stop it? :-) I can’t close it.

It’s only small problem with demo apk :)

hello brother please I bought the code but I find the code folder is empty

Please download new version on Codecanyon. It’s approved.

hello brother the code works fine but the new problem is the sound not working

Which device do you use for test? Can you run the test apk on your device?

this is open source ?

Admob integrated ?

Yes, admod is integrated in this application.

Please would you implement a record live feature thank you

This feature is not available at the moment.

hello please can you make startup instead of admob??

Please post your email here. I will send you a package with startapp.

hi thank you for your reply here is my email : bbuae77@gmail.com

Please check your email :D

Hi Im interested in purchasing piano instrument and this drum instrument app. I’m wondering if I should get a clearance for UI design and sound?

I mean IP clearance

Hi there – I want to purchase your drum machine here, but I have a few question. I see that someone else commented also on how to turn the drum machine off. In the app are you able to create the beat and play it at will?

It’s only live drum. The recording function is not available at the moment
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which ide you use?

I’m very interested in this app. How customizable is it? Can i re-skin and enable bluetooth input instead of touch input? I have a bluetooth device that I want to trigger the drum pads with. Thanks.

The customisation is possible but you need some technology knowledge to do it. You can do anything with this source code because to it has good code architecture.

is there a test apk

hello , i want to buy this app but when i try the demo apk the admob ads didnt appear , is there an ads problem ???

Hi, I want to purchase this app can you add support for Marshmallow also can you provide new copy so it work on android studio.