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Good Work !! GLWS :)

thank you! :)

Hi, quick questions

this uploader is in pure javascript?

what does it mean that theres a web version and a desktop version?

Thanks for the time

This uploader works on 100% javascript / jquery (both – users choice). When you use this uploader file (.ashx) on localhost you must use desktop version in order to work, when you use it in web choose web version.

Do you happen to know if this will work from a cell phone visiting the web page?

Specifically a windows phone…?


If you visit a webpage that contains this, it’ll work with no problem. Never tried with windows phone, but my guess is that it works. It works fine with every web platforms and android. (tested)

I’ve asked a friend to test! Works Perfectly


I got 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to commit a parameter (php-variable) as directory, where the images should be saved?

2. Is it possible to show the images out of a directory, which have already been uploaded in a previous session? And can this images be deleted like an image that is uploaded in the current session?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, For the first question, yes it’s possible, i’ve built an ashx handler to upload, but can be easly changed for php, and do what you want! For the second one, i can’t give you a precise answer, but you’ll need to develop that yourselve. This script doesn’t bring those features.

Live Preview – Server not found ??

Really beautiful :)