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Can you maybe show screens of how it looks in IE?

That’s a great idea. I’ll do that asap!

please add demo :(

Ok I added a live preview that should be available soon! This will allow you to see it in IE and other browsers.

Thanks For the Suggestions!

Well unfortunately I won’t be able to protect the code enough with a live preview. So I am reverting back to screenshots only.

I will add some video when I have a chance to put it together.

unfortunately my website framework is jquery, any possibility of get a jquery version?

btw great work. :)

That’s something I’ll have to release in v1.2 I’ll definitely put it on my roadmap though.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I just uploaded the new version which will have a JQ implementation. Keep an eye out, once reviewed it will be available for sale.


kewl menu I like it :)

here is quick solution to using both jQuery and Prototype..

The problem with using Prototype.js and jQuery together on the same web page is that they both use the $ function differently, so there is a clash

You can use a small function present in jQuery: jQuery.noConflict(). You can use this function to assign the attributes of the $ function to any other variable so that you can use it without any problem with Prototype. Here’s how you use it:

var $jq=jQuery.noConflict();

$jq(function() { $jq(“#thisdiv”).hide(); });

You noticed, instead of $, we use $jq (you can use any variable). And after this you can use the normal Prototype.js function as you use them.


I have issue with jquery I think.

Can you try to explain more because I’m not a coder and don’t understand.

There is more information that can be found here.

Basically, you just need to create a new variable for JQuery to use while using the prototype library since they share a common one.

I am currently working on a JQuery version of the script that will be available in the next week or 2.

UPDATE : I have completed a JQuery version of this script. I am cleaning up the files and uploading tonight. Pending review, it should be available in a few days.



New JQuery version is available for download!

hello, i’m interested in purchasing your menu. as you don’t have a preview or video available, can you describe the animation effects available?

i’m looking to mimic the smooth menu animations of or

btw, the latter uses the hover-intent plugin – could that be easily integrated to this?

lastly, are custom multi-level menus doable? i’m looking to do this:

thanks in advance.


The drop-o-matic menu does not support multi-levels at this time and does not have a animation effect by default. It has a standard display on or off with a 3 second timed release when rolling out.

Adding effects is very simple and can be achieved via scriptaculous for prototype or the built in jQuery animations by anyone who is familiar with the frameworks.

I hope this answers your questions.

Best, Sam

Hi, nice menu – how can I change the last item in the menu drop to the left not to the right? – is that possible?

thanks for an answere!

Currently it’s not built into the script, but I can try to write a patch for it.

Email me and I will try to help. My email is in the help documentation.

Thanks, Sam

would like to use on a dynamic menu consistiong of simple

  • ... I can add any class/id but would find it difficult to edit any sections below that what html coding variations are needed. Thanks

would like to use on a dynamic menu consistiong of simple

  • ... I can add any class/id but would find it difficult to edit any sections below that what html coding variations are needed. Thanks

Hi Mike!

I am having a difficult time understanding your question, what is it that you are looking to accomplish?

Thanks, Sam

Hi I just need to know will a simple List work or is there additional coding div’s class/id’s needed Mike

AH ok, yes the menu system requires classnames on the links that correspond to the divs that should be attached to them as a drop element.

So there are a mix of classes and ID’s that are required.

Does the drop down have any effects?

Nope just basic show method. But it can be easily modified with animation if you know any jQuery.

Hi, I’m looking a menu with social icons like in Cardamon Theme below but i could not find. Can you help me about this problem?