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Very Nicely Done!

Thanks pietkruger :)

Honored to have you as a first client.

Looks nice, can you add chunks support ?

It is already supporting chunk upload :)

So this allows me to turn my site into an upload station for users to download from right????

Hello Cybo,

I will agree with the upload part, because this plugin has a rich interface that can easily enable it to be integrated with any proprietary PHP website.

However, as is, it will only enable you to create small/large file uploaders with custom folder destination to acquire digital files.

Check the documentation for more in depth info about the features Droply provides.

Hi. There is no source code for the droply? only a min version? How am I supposed to customize my system? it limits me on textual, display, etc. Also, you have hardcoded ‘supported files’ in the JS which does not correlate to the PHP.

Please provide the source files, I can’t use your script as part of my system.


I have a list of about 10 features, that will be required on top of your code. If I don’t have the source, I will not have anything to do with it. If you can’t send me the code, I would appreciate my money back, as your minified code is useless to me.

Thank you

Hello There,

You got me wrong. I have already sent you the source code, maybe it was blocked ?

Please check your email.



Ok, sorry, it went to the junkmail folder. I got the code, thanks for the help!


abmw Purchased

Hi! i have a problem with multiple download i have a option for select more files but upload one at a time (now is simultaneous) ?


abmw Purchased

http://www.051web.it/prova.jpg when i have a multiselection i need a upload sequential not massive. 1 food portfolio 13 when this upload is finished, the upload of foodportfolio_12 starts. sorry for my english :P

abmw Purchased

i’ve write a ticket in support system

You can do that using an option called “enforceInfo” just set it to true, and you will have a one by one file to be uploaded along with Title/Description options.

Otherwise, there is no option that will make upload to be sequential.


Can I just save the file name and not the time and random numbers? And if the file already exist it can just overwrite it

I will get back to you with an answer ASAP

Hi … i have purchased your script. Thank you for the good job done on this. However i have a couple of queries since im stuck with using it in my project.

1 – My project currently uses jQuery 1.10 and your script uses 1.11 …. now i have a lot of scripts in my project depending on the 1.10 version and changing it 1.11 would possibly render them useless. Im wonder how i can use your script along with my other scripts without any breakdown.

2 – In my project (built on wordpress) i have a front-end form which creates a record (product listing) by the user. I want to give the user ability to upload a product photo with his listing. How can i integrate your script to pick up the file names generated by your script to be stored in the listing record on wordpress.

Appreciate your thoughts on this.

Thank you, Chris

Hi … thank you for your response. Could you please advise me how i can access the data using the option/event … (required, successfulUpload, failedUpload, fileDeleted) ? Appreciate your help!

Hi … ive reviewed the other plugins you suggested and they are too big for my simple form requirement. Moreover i dont need all those features. I am just looking for a simple solution where i can access the “uploaded files” data. Im not an expert with jquery and would highly appreciate if you could advise me how to access the data using the option/event (as suggested by you above) .... Truly appreciate your help! Awaiting your feedback.

Hello Chris,

Here is a quick walk-through, and I hope it will help.

            logoColor: 'white',
            textColor: 'white',
            theme:'simplex', // Change it to either 'default' or 'super-simplex' to get different theme
            successfulUpload: handleUploads
function handleUploads(args)
    console.log(args); // This will print the args object that you should receive whenever an upload has been successfully uploaded.

Now if we upload one file successfully, then handleUploads will be triggered and you should get the following sample information inside of args object:

Object {
status: "true", 
msg: "000 14.jpg Has been successfully uploaded!", 
newFileName: "000 14-1463989738-633.jpg", 
fullPath: "uploads/000 14-1463989738-633.jpg"}

Hope this will clarify your question.

We will update this in our documentation in few seconds.


Hello Loading your script causes others not to work anymore. Other scripts that use the $ for jquery commands Is there any workaround?


Two workarounds: 1- Remove $.noConflict() function call inside the script right at the beginning. 2- Or load closify script last.


Hi, great script thanks. But how can increase max upload size above 10mb? I tried ‘maxFileSize’ => 1024 * 1024 * 2000 and host php post_max_size 1GB and upload_max_filesize 1GB. How can I do? Thanks

Hello Chuchu,

Actually there is no need to increa PHP config, as this script is using chunk upload technology :)

I think you forgot to change the upload limit in the backend (PHP); make sure you do that and everything should be working just fine.

We will be honored to receive your review about the plugin.

Let us know if you need any further help.


Hello, I just purchased this plugin and however awesome, we cannot get to install it. It keeps saying “no plugin found” and “installation failed”.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Yes, the one for Wordpress has a different name.

You either talking about Arfaly Gold or Filetrip plugin then.


Exactly, I had both opened in different tabs and purchased the wrong one. I need Arfaly Gold, as I have no use for this JS app. I am sorry. Any way I can get the credit back so I can purchase the Arfaly Gold? I have a campaign running all day and need the uploader badly! Thanks again!

Hello Instant,

To get Arfaly Gold instead. Unfortunately, the only way you have is to ask for a refund from Envato, as we have no financial control here.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Hello there. At-times Images uploaded via iPhone are getting flipped -90 degree. Any solution for it?

We already made fix for it. We will update it ASAP.


Getting the error: Response string format is not a valid JSON: [] when trying to upload image using default settings

Hello Aionline,

Can you give us an access to your page ?

For faster support open a ticket and provide access info at: http://www.itechflare.com/support


Hello mindsquare, i need a customisation: an extension of the functions (email notification & Directory creation). Hope to hear soon from you

Please PM us through contact-us page.


Hi, i’m having trouble setting up Droply. Files won’t transfer (progress bar goes to half and stops there). it also shows error message “Response string format is not a valid JSON: []. What does that mean? I’ve sent you a ticket a week ago but haven’t recieved any response.

Hello Takomogames,

Sorry for any inconvenience you might faced.

Regarding our plugin, we provide a ready demo project inside the plugin archive, that is working and only need to be put inside of www folder of your web server.

Please use the demo folder and online documentation get detailed walkthrough.

Also if you can give us a quick access, we will be glad to swiftly troubleahoot the issue of ur setup.


Hi you can put advertising

Hello anywhere on the website.

Hello anywhere on the website.

Hello Orbitales,

The HTML template is opensource so certainly you can add advertisement content anywhere within the uploader page.

Hello you to copy and paste to put an image.

Nope, only drag n drop or browsing.

Thanks :)

Hi, I’m looking for a script like this link http://pasteboard.co

Can i use absence with this script?

Hi there … I have a couple of questions re: this code … what’s the best way to contact you (not here) to ask them (will determine whether this will /will not work for me)


Hello Gwerner,

You can contact us through our profile page on the right side bar: