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Probably won’t get a live demo cause the source code can be easily copied but it does work like the video demonstrates.

Sorry, post was duplicated.

Great work Sitebase! Just what I needed.

Video seems to be broken, and there is only the description image?

You repuploaded the video but the player doesn’t want to play it. I added a direct link to the screenr video.

Does this use javascript?

No, Pure CSS power :).

anyway to enable this on click only? I really it may take some JS but didnt know if you knew a quick and easy way.

Contact me for a quote if you want me to modify this for you.

How can we make this work in IE6 ?

This is a very good project for a low price.. Good work

How can we make this work in IE6 ?

Sorry but IE6 is not supported.

How can i make it already dropdown. I dont want to hover on it or click on it. I like the menu just like it is.

Remove the:
display: none;
from the .droplink ul css selector.

IE 6 at least still shows the image file or text, which is good. IE9 works with .gif but maybe not png. Didn’t try it with a png fix.

Is it easy to implement it on a WP Site ??

I’ve never implemented this in a WP site but this shouldn’t be to hard if you know where to include the CSS file.

Hi: We have having trouble Laying the Pressed borders over a Rendered Image on HTML5 Canvas. Actually This Image on ‘one of the layers’ of the Canvas. How do you make it work over Canvas Elements ? Thanks.. KS

Hi Can we have different colour for the background? Thank you

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