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First ;) Great Plugin Look! Does it work with custom post? Can custom taxonomies and meta data be filtered above the gallery?

Can you add a changelog pls?

thanks ;)

Thank you

Hi Nuvu! Any chance we could see an admin demo or screenshots of the back-end? This looks very slick but I would want to be able to change some things for it to fit on my site :) Thanks!

Thanks for the request. I will let you know when I get around to creating a backend example for you to view. Thanks, -Nolan

Ok. I tested the plugin now. And I think you have to fix it urgently.


The Shortcode was tested on localhost enviroments. I tested 14 different enviroments with dozend of different themes. The Shortcode shows a loading bar on top of the screen, than a growing transparent box, that disappears a second later and than absolutely nothing.

You have no translations for many things like “all categories”, “submit” and more.

On some theme, when the theme has a loader too, the plugin conflicts and the theme does not show homepage.

I am completely disappointed at the moment

my site completely crashed when trying to login…

Yes I cannot get into your site. I have sent you an email with the new files that have I18n support for the labels.

I appreciate if you could just use email correspondence so I do not have to keep going back and forth. Thanks, -Nolan

Hey Nolan;

I’d like to consider this plugin ASAP – could you tell me:

  • Can the accent color be changed (red instead of blue)?
  • Can the hover effect be reduced/changed or disabled?
  • Can the lightbox effect be disabled entirely and the box links directly to its page?
  • Can the “Load new Tab” and “Comments” links be disabled?
  • Can the avatar/author be disabled (I want Title and date only)?
  • Can the animation behind the lightbox be disabled?
  • Can the overlay behind the lightbox be changed (dark instead of light)?
  • Can preloader bar/wheel at top be disabled? Concerned this will interfere with my page.
  • Can the category selector be disabled for certain grids? I need it to work this way:
  • 1 grid: Pulls all “posts” and user can choose to filter any category and order
  • 2 grids: Each grid pulls only “portfolio” (custom post type) of a specific category I choose. User CANNOT filter category but can choose sort order

For future release would you consider adding possibility to order posts by title?

Will gladly buy if these can be achieved. Thanks! :)

1. Yes the accent color can be set in the shortcode options 2.Yes in the css the hover effect can be disabled but is not a shortcode option. 3.No the lightbox box is a permanent feature. 4. Yes the date, author, link and comment icons can all be disabled in the shortcode options. 5.Yes the author/gravatar can be hidden using the shortcode options 6. Yes this background animation can be disabled and is a shortcode option. 7. Yes you can set the lightbox background color to any html color value in the shortcode options. 8. Yes the loader bar can be disabled and this is a shortcode option. 9. Yes the category filter option can be turned off in the shortcode options. You cannot have more then one gallery per page but you can have as many as you want on different pages with different options set. 10. In the options you can set the order_by shortcode option to “title” the default is “id”

I hope this answers your questions. -Nolan

Hello, i just bought the plugin and i don’t get how we can make the body content of each post visible in the light box. I am french so i don’t really understand how we are supposed to do it.

The body content is the post pages content. To set this you need to look at the post pages html src code and determine what content elements you wish to show. Example a DIV with a class of entry-content. Each theme structure is different. If you send me a link to one of your post pages I can take a look at the structure and let you know what ID or class you might want to use to include your post pages main content. Send me an email to and I will help. -Nolan

You have a great stuff! Congrats, Author NuvuScripts. I have a question??

Thanks, I have addressed your questions in your email. Thanks, -Nolan

Preview is offline ?

Yes, the server is down. Support is working on it. I will let you know when it is back up. Thanks, -Nolan

Demo is back up. Thanks, -Nolan

what is shortcode to have nubox fullscreen?

You asked this under the DropGallery for Wordpress plugin comments please ask it under the Nubox plugin comments. Thanks, -Nolan