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Great! but fix the link: you put the link does not work :-)

thanks for the heads up!

Hi tduartethemes! I’d like my slider be synced everytime I add an image. Does this work smoothly? Also I wonder why the images have to be uploaded to the media library ? Can’t it be loaded directly like a cdn ? You can guess i am ready to buy, waiting some answer.

Hi. The images are not uploaded to the media library. That is an additional feature in the backend. The slider only saves cached versions of the images on a local folder and whenever you edit or upload a new image, it is automatically updated in the slider.


Alguma chance de montar o script standalone (sem o wordpress)?

Boa ideia! Vou considerar.

Do you have a front end example for see it in action?

Thanks. The last question. The images can have the link (when click) to the original (full) media file?

Hi. I cannot find enough time to give you a detailed answer, but as far as the code is concerned it is very flexible. You have access to html and css that you can use to tweak the slider or create one of your own. The images retrieved are customizable from different sets of sizes as the API provides. I think that out-of-the-box you have to pick an image size and it will be used for both thumbnails and eventual destination images. For different behavior, the code would need to be tweaked as right now it is just displaying images directly in the page.

Hey! Maybe this is exactly what I am looking for! Just two questions: Does it work like a usual plugin or do I need experience in coding? Is it possible to use it with owncloud as well? Thx a lot!

Hi. its a regular plugin without programming knowledge requirements. you can use it on any site. let me know if you need more info.

I am receiving a blank section when I click on ‘Dropbox Frontend Slider’ on Add Media. Did I configure something wrong? Thanks.

please drop me a message through my profile, if you have not already.


I am using: [dropboxslider url=’/Public’ effect=’flexslider’ size=’xs’]

But the size of the slider is HUGE, it doesn’t change size when I try S or even M.

some notes from the dropbox api documentation: (

“A thumbnail of the specified image’s contents. The image returned may be larger or smaller than the size requested, depending on the size and aspect ratio of the original image.”

and also

“Photos that are larger than 20MB in size won’t be converted to a thumbnail.”

perhaps your picture(s) fall into one of these scenarios?

Hey! Thanks for the Plugin, it was exactly what I was looking for. However, I have one question: Is there any way to determine the quality of the image output? I have slides with text on them and they look pretty terrible with the standard settings. Thanks!

hi. the default image format is jpeg. the dropbox api supports png, although I am not providing that as an option in the plugin. it could potentially improve the image quality (while increasing the image size). you can try adding “&format=png” in the call. send me a message through my profile page for more info

I want that if any media is added into wordpress, it will should directly goes to google drive/dropbox. The media file should not be saved within wordpress website.

I want that visitors can not access the data through direct link.

Is it possible with your plugin?

this plugin is meant to render a picture slider. it will store cached versions locally for displaying purposes