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Hello. Is it script that allows to show images, which are located in Dropbox on the website? Is it possible to show images not in slider but in table or list? Can You add more screenshots or live demo?

The screen shot may not be clear. But you can either show a slider, or any other html structure. And yes, the images are being retrieved on the fly from dropbox. I will update the screen shots. If I can get a link I will post it as well.

please look in the product page description for a couple example links

Does this mean that if I upload images to a folder in dropbox, get a share link for that folder and use this script, I can download all images from that folder into a php page on my site?

Yes. The plugin displays images fron a dropbox folder in a php page through the dropbox api. You Don’t even need a share link.

It is not working at all! :(

I get this message when I access the page :

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/gouttier/public_html/test.php:8) in /home/gouttier/public_html/DropboxFrontendSlider/common_functions.php on line 163 No files found! No files found!

first, confirm you have created a Full Core API access app key. second, remove all the .txt files inside the DropboxFrontendSlider folder. then, check your dropbox folder and try again. you should be redirected to dropbox in order to log in and then come back to your website. if it still doesnt work, let me know in which stage of the process it is failing. eventually you can send me a direct message through my profile and I can offer to test your site if you provide the access.

I confirm that I have created a Full Core API access app key, I did removed all the .txt file, even the readme.txt … I can go login, but it remain that I have the same message : No files found! No files found!

I have 14 images in the dropbox folder, I see them localy and online into the DropBox account.

If you setup the folder correctly and the app is working, I don’t know what else to recommend. If you send me your info over profile message, I can try to help out.

For anyone else having this issue:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/gouttier/public_html/test.php:8) in /home/gouttier/public_html/DropboxFrontendSlider/common_functions.php on line 163 No files found! No files found!

You can fix this by going into your Cpanel account and turning off Output Buffering. This fixed my issue.

Video support?

its a slider… of images. no video support, at least not at the moment.

Hey, I’m having difficulties getting this to work. I’ve created an API full access through the apps in the dropbox website. Correctly transferred (Key etc) the right information to the php file. Uploaded the files to my ftp server. Go to the link and nothing happens. I’ve noticed it has created the txt files but ”apiuid.txt” is empty. Obviously I’m getting the message “No files found”.

Any idea where I’m going wrong?

make sure your path matches existing files. e.g. /root/subfolder. also, you can delete any .txt files in the folder to reset the authentication

Sadly I still have nothing. Could this be a python version issue? I can’t seem to get the install to work, drop in to the Dropbox site and bounce back.

typically problems are related to firewall or redirection issues. check your domain, redirect url, etc. contact me through my profile page so we can chat by email, should issues persist