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Does this extend the standard WordPress 3.5.x Media Upload / Selection dialog to have a new DropBox section? If not, could you implement this in a future update?

I believe this is what we want: I will try adding a new option to the “Insert Media” dialog box that shows the Dropbox Downloader page. If the Media Library is the plugin destination location, the item will immedialy appear in the “Media Library” list. I will upload a new version as soon as I get this working.

just uploaded a new version with media selection integration. v1.1 is waiting review

Nice. I fulfilled my part of the deal. I’ll check it out when available. ;-)

Hi. Mark me this error: Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when safe_mode is enabled or an open_basedir is set in… /DropboxDownloader/common_functions.php on line 270

I wait for you help. Thanks.

Perfect!..Thanks… I just leave my rating (5s)

the plugin has been approved. I have included a kind of navigation support. hope you like it. let me know if you find any issues.

It works!. I can see folders inside the “root folder”, perfect.

Thanks for you great help.

(just send you a PM)

hi… pre-sales question….work as downloader in post?...thanks in advance.

yes, you have an option in the “Add media” dialog box for adding an item from the downloader while adding a new post. I think you are referring to this entry in the page description: – Added section in new post “Add media” dialog for adding items while adding posts

Can it also manage your images and sync to your dropbox then you can choose images into your post. By this method your WordPress site will display images from dropbox server, You will not save the image to your host anymore.

Will it do this as another plugin here says it will but does not seem to work yet…was looking for this feature…thanks

Hosting files directly from Dropbox instead of downloading is currently not possible due to dropbox limitations. This is possible with other plugins I have such as Google Drive.

Pick this up to try and nope connects fine but does not show anything…even tho there are images…jpg’s…png’s in the folder.

Not sure what the problem is?

If you are having trouble please send me a message through my profile so we can talk over email. If you can, try hosting a screen shot of the settings page and send me the link. Usually all you need to do is create an app in dropbox that uses Core Settings and has Full Control. Also, try setting the folder as root (/) in case you are looking to a folder without files.

Sent you an email

I keep getting Warning – don’t know why

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home2/krayn/public_html/books/wp-content/plugins/DropboxDownloader/common_functions.php:1) in /home2/krayn/public_html/books/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 876

that is an issue while executing wp_redirect (see the plugin needs to go to to authenticate and then come back to wordpress. I believe I have fixed this a few versions back so please check if you are using the latest version of the plugin (v1.6).

in DropboxDownloader.php you should find: //allow redirection with wp_redirect, even if my theme starts to send output to the browser add_action(‘init’, ‘do_dropbox_output_buffer’); function do_dropbox_output_buffer() { ob_start(); }

This is most definitely unrelated to pluggable.php so don’t worry about that file. Also, deactivating debug mode in wp-config.php may help: define(“WP_DEBUG”, true);

Pre-purchase question – Can you add an entire folder of pictures to the media library (from Dropbox) using this plugin? Or do you have to select each file individually?

Right now you have to choose individual files

Create App and filled all plugin options. But after authorize, I see only “The query returned no objects at the moment” in Dropbox Drive Downloader. If I click again to Downloader tab, again occurs authorize in dropbox, and after redirect “The query returned no objects at the moment” again

Please make sure you are setting up a folder with image files. If so, please save the options again in the options tab and try again.

Sorry, I forgot about slash in path :) Muito obrigado! 5 stars

1 star – paid close to $300 for custom integration, but developer wants more money to complete, even though he is now offering similar plugin to my custom project.

can I stream videos with this one?