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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks :)

Hi, this looks like a promising plugin, borisolhor! Can you add drag & drop support for Microsoft Edge as well?

Hello! Yes, I will add it in one of the next versions

Along with drag and drop support for IE, will it also support multiple file uploads? This is basically all I need for my client to be 100% satisfied. Thanks for this neat plugin by the way.

commented the //add_action(‘init’, ‘nfdu_clean_files’); line for now :P

I tweaked it a bit to rename the uploaded files with a timestamp so that everything is kept. Might be usefull for people who want to keep every file on their server :]

Another thing, When adding files, the field is not “additive”, meaning that If i forgot to add a file and add it, it replaces the currently selected files of the field.

Hi! Yes, by default this plugin deletes all uploaded files after mail sending. About additive form behavior – I will try to fix this in one of the next updates.

I just purchased your extension and I got message that it does;t work with the version 3 of your ninja forms…..

Hi! Now I’m working on update, It will be available soon.

When will the update be ready? I can’t wait…

Hi! Sorry for delay. There is a lack of documentation about Ninja Forms 3 now. I’m in contact with Ninja Forms support team. I will notice you, when update will be ready.


Dervall Purchased


How until the update?

I need this to work asap.


Hi! Update will be available this week. Thanks for your patience


Dervall Purchased

Hi again! I got the update but it still doesn´t work :(

Same error as before.

Hi! I’m not uploaded my update yet. Probably it will be available tomorrow

Hello. Does this plugin support Ninja Forms v3.0 and higher?

Hi! Yes, it is compatible. But there is some bugs there, I’m working on it now. I will notify you, when this will be fixed.


  • Using Ninja forms 3 **

I have set up your ajax system however the attachments are no longer sent in the form ninja mails.

What is the function that handles this sending? This will allow me to fix the problem while waiting for a possible update on your side.

Thank you

Hi! Please send me message about this via PM

Do we first need to own the Ninja Form “File Uploader” addon that’s sold by Ninja Forms, or can we use this plugin without using their “File Uploader” addon?

Hi! You can use this plugin without File Uploader from Ninja Forms

this plugin is compatible with the form of ninja dropbox upload?

Hi! Can you give me link to this plugin?

You can use this plugin without File Uploads extension.


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Hi Borisolhor,

I had a few questions.

1) I have restricted uploads to only .doc files however having tested if I can upload a JPEG file, I am and the restriction is not working. :(

2) Are we able to attach the file in an email sent to the admin instead of retaining a copy on the server. As ideally I’d like to have the file sent across and have no copies of it on the server.

Thank you

Hi! Can you send me admin access to your site via PM. About file attachments – I will add this feature in next update


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The Uploader doesn’t work with my form. I am uploading files but this is no way to see it. I tried many ways to access the file but it’s simply not working.

Hi. Can you send me admin access to your site via PM. I will check


syndex Purchased

plug in will not activate or will any email send…. help

Hi! I answered to your email


I’m not able to send attachments via email with this plugin. What’s happening?

I’ve followed the tutorial on the documentation and it still doesnt work.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi! I answered to your email

Hi borisolhor,

I’ve noticed you replied.

Thank you.


I’m interested in this plugin. Could I receive the file directly in my mailbox? I’v tried the demo, but it seems no file include in the mail I received.

my site allow members to sent resume to different recipient, so they have to see the file in the mail.

thank you,

Hi! I didn’t see purchaser badge on your comment. Did you purchase it?

Hi, I haven’t purchased yet, just a pre-purchased question. thanks

Hi! Yes, if there some problems with plugin on your site you can get support or refund (if problem can’t be solved)

I purchased this plugin and when i upload a file it grays out the submit button and I can’t submit the form.

Hi! Submit button is disabled during file uploading process. it will be automatically enabled after all files will be uploaded.

It just sits there and doesn’t upload the file. How long should it take to upload it? I guess it depends on the server?

Hi! Can you send me link to your site, I will check

Does it show a progress bar?

Hi! Yes, it shows round progress bar

Interested in this plugin, but wondering if bugs have been ironed out when using newest ninja forms version (currently 3.1.5) Thanks!

Hi! I just tested it with Ninja Forms 3.1.5 and seems like everything works fine