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Hi, Just had an emailed update notice, but there aren’t any details in the change log of the update. Can you say what the update is for? Thanks

Hi! In new version added uploading progress bar

Great, thank you.

Is it possible to store uploaded file on the server and don’t attach it to message?(may be just link or something.)

Hi! For now there is no such feature, but I’m going to add it in next update.

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this plugin. Is it possible to limit the number of files the end user can upload. i.e. Maximum 3 files?

Hi! For now this option is not available, but I’m going to add it in future

Hello, also interesting plugin. Buy as soon as available feature limiting the number of files. Thank you. :grin:

I was wondering whether your plugin works with Magic Tooltips for Contact Form 7?

Users can add tooltips to Contact Form 7 form fields with this plugin.

You can see it here: http://contactform7.magictooltips.com/


Hi! Yes, it’s compatible with Magic Tooltips

Hi! I am writing you because the plugin is not working properly. I use it for cca 1 week and I have received several messages through contact form 7, but sometimes the attached files are missing. Sometimes it is working fine but sometimes not. Unfortunately I have not noticed any pattern about the error, it seems random for me but it is starting to annoy me a bit. The theme I use is salient (updated to newest version) with wp 4.7. I use Contact Form DB plugin as well. There I can see that the clients sent the files, but i have never received them through the email.

Hi! Can you send me admin access via PM. I will check it.

Hello, I have a question when I edit the Contact Form 7 Drop Uploader Settings. Nothing changes on the website? Do you have any idea?


And another question.. Every file I upload gives me the post error in the console that the size limit is reached. But the file size limit is 5mb in contact form 7.

Well Borisolhor.. I managed to fix everything myself after some tesing by changing the file standard wordpress permissions to 777.. it’s not ideal but it wil do for now!

Hi! I will try to find better solution in future

The Plugin is Excelent. how update? Change Log v1.6 – 11 December 2016 delete old version ? Thanks!

Hi! Please remove old version and install new one.

What are the changes in the new plugin update?

EDIT: Never mind, I see.

add and delete items

Hi, a great feature would be to add and delete items in the upload area. Is it planned in future?

Hi! You can do this only if you use uploader in AJAX mode

Ah i did’nt recognize that. Thanks!

Hi, great plugin! But how to translate text and messages for multilanguage website? No po/mo files? There is not much text so I can help translate in french (it could be a good start :) )

Hi! I will add multilingual support during this week. Will be great, If you can help me with translation to your language.

Great! You can contact me by mp. PoEdit is ready on my system.

any reason why submit would just spin and spin on goddady hosting?

Thank you for working so hard on this! I see your test zip files! But on a “PC” I still can;t do it using chome, firefox, IE11, or COmmodo (a chrome clone)

I see you are using mozilla on a mac. So I can only guess it is that. You don’t have access to a PC do you?

Hi! Yes, seems like on PC it doesn’t works. I will try to find solution for this.

Hi! Seems like I finally fix this. There was problem with detecting mime type of the file, I added checking file type by extension. I test it from my PC and seems like it works

I also live problem with uploading. I have video upload site and users cant send videos sometimes. Most of files are missing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

Hi! I answered to your email

Hello, i replied to your email address. Thank you.

Bought and installed your plugin easily. Works nicely! One question. I would like to use my own custom uploader icon instead of the ‘icon font pack’ choices. How can I do this? Thanks

Hi! Actually you can use any HTML tag for uploader icon. Stroke 7 icon pack already included to plugin package.


matpen Purchased

Hello, does this plugin compress everithing into a zip or leaves the files separate? i need one file imput for multiple files and receve them separatelly without zipping. is that possilble with this plugin?

Hi! This plugin send attached files separately


hmv2005 Purchased

I have purchased this drag and drop multiupload for contact form 7. I have a question concerning removing unwanted attachments. Let’s say that I am user and I want to attach a number of files that I want to send. Just before I am sending the e-mail I thought, I want to remove one attachment among those I have attached. How to I do that? I cannot see any option that enables me to remove a specific file that I do not want to send?

I have tested the “drag and drop multiattachment for contact form 7” that I have bought from you on teh current Firefox version 52 and Internet Explorer 11. Neither one gives me the option of removing an attached file. How can I solve this problem? Please help me!!!

Hi! Ability to remove added files available only in AJAX uploading mode.

I have purchased this drag and drop multiupload for contact form 7, it works fine for all forms on my site, but 1 of my forms which is a multi step form will work as it should but will not send as an attatchment, only links to the files. how do i fix this? Thanks, (reading your previous comments about deleting unwanted files, im running ajax and this option isnt available for me either and iv tested on firefox and chrome and ie 11) Thanks

Hi! I answered to your email

Hi there!

I just buy your plugin, I have set-up for ajax I upload a few docs but when I receive the email is just one file.

I have to mention that I’ve set-up only one submit form/code

Could you give me some guidance in this regards in order to receive all files via one form.


Hi! I answered to your email

Hi Borisolhor,

I have receive your answer in mail but you do not answer to my problem. Please tell me how to set-up the plugin in order to receive all attached files not just one?

I need to solve this issue fast. I bought the plugin because I need them.

Thank you and looking forward for your answer!