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Hi, is it some how possible to email multiple uploaded files in a zip folder? Thank you for your assistance.

Hi! Unfortunately, now there is no such option in my plugin

Hi, I’m having some issues with the plugin. PDF’s are coming through as just a string of numbers and I am seeing this at the top of the CF7 Drop Uploader Settings page: Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class ‘CF7DUSettings’ does not have a method ‘generate_cf7du_js’ in /home/failer1/poppspacking.org/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 298

Any ideas?

I have 1.7.2.

I’m not seeing an update option in Wordpress.

Actual version now is 1.7.4 You can download it from CodeCanyon and reinstall on your site

Hi, we purchased this plugin and we like it, but there is a bug: when multiple files are being added one by one, they are being replaced by the last one. For example, if I added one file, it gets displayed as a thumbnail. If I then add another file, it replaces the first file. Please help! (It works fine when multiple files are added together at the same time.)

Hi! You need to use Drop Uploader in AJAX mode for this

Hello! Just installed your plugin. It works in the generic wordpress themes but it doesn’t work in my customized theme. Upon inspecting element, the JS weren’t included in the header. Can you help? Thanks!

Hi! I answered to your email


I’m writing you since we’ve got a little problem with one of our sites. It’s an issue which has been already addressed by the user “alapdesign” under this comment: https://codecanyon.net/item/drop-uploader-for-contact-form-7-dragdrop-file-uploader-addon/16699162/comments?page=2&filter=all#comment_15255340 Following settings are used: -> ajax -> 30 sec -> list -> store files = true And the corresponding shortcode: [dropuploader dropuploader-290 limit:20mb filetypes:png|jpeg|jpg|pdf|tif|doc|gif|docx|bmp|odt|tiff|rtf|txt multiple ajax] Versions: CF7 = 4.7 CF7 DU = 1.7.5 Is there any way to solve this issue?

Best regards

Hi! I answered to your email

Hi there, I need help using a form with multiple “dropuploader” areas. I’m just receiving (by mail) one file but not the rest. And when I check the forms received in wordpress data base, the rest of files don’t exist on my server, the url and folder are empty. BUT, when I send the form logged in as an Admin, everything goes ok. It seems like a writing permission problem, isn’t ? How can I solve it?


support at borisolhor.com

Sorry but I can’t find your email address on your website nor a contact form to send a message.

Hi! You can wrote me to support@borisolhor.com or via contact form in my profile https://codecanyon.net/user/borisolhor

Works like a charm! Thx for the full path url with the shortcode!

I just updated to 1.7.5 from 1.6.1 and now im getting the following error in the backend of my site when activating your plugin

du_ajax_url is not defined in wp_drop_uploader.js?ver=4.7.5:3

Hi! Please try to clear your browser cache

Thanks that solved it :)

Im trying to get your plugin working with another cf7 plugin but when I try to send the form I get the following error:

Unexpected token N in JSON at position 1

Im using this Plugin as well: https://codecanyon.net/item/contact-form-7-multistep/15232990

I put the dropuploader on the last page like this:

[dropuploader dropuploader-10 filetypes:pdf|doc|docx multiple]

Any Idea how I can solve this bug?

Hi! Can you send me link to your site via PM

Hi, what kind of shortcode attach into email template to the the link to the file?

Hi! I answered to your email

This would be perfect, but seems for “multiple uploaded” user can not select images one at a time (and queue/stage them)—instead seems must CTRL click multiple images in order for the images staged (but not really staged) to overwrite themselves.

Hi! Do you mean Drag and Drop, or when user select files via browse dialog?

I would have to make video to show. When you select image, then select another, it overwrites first. But this is in the “multiple upload” screen. I’ve seen other plugins where they have implemented it differently—to stage the images until user clicks “submit” and they can drag drop or click/select new from local until they are happy.

Hello, Great Plugin :) Would min/max image width or height ever be in this plugins future?

Hi! Probably not, because this plugin not only for images, but also for other types of files

Hi, I have upload the picture which file name is in Chinese Character and I found that cannot received the attached. Please advise how to solve this problem.

Hi! What version of plugin do you use?


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Hi. Great plugin…great work. Question: Is there anything I can do to allow users to upload tif and/or psd and/or raw file types?


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Disregard the above. To maybe help someone else who wants to use the plug in with large (100mb+ file sizes), first I went into WHM and in the PHP Configuration Editor, increased the value in max_file_size to 200mb. That did NOT resolve the issue to upload larger files. In WHM, in the PHP Configuration Editor I had to change the value under post_max_size. Changed the value in post_max_size to 128mb and was only then able to successfully use the plug in to send a 103mb psd file.


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Update: I set up the plug-in to accept tif, tiff, cr2 files. Unfortunately, if one tries to upload one of those files, when one drags the file into the Uploader box, one gets the message, “File type is not allowed.” Has nothing to do with the file size.

Hi! Can you send me link to your site via PM, I will check what can be wrong.

If you click submit on the form whilst the video is uploading. It doesn’t error or submit the video?

Hi. I answered to your email


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Hello. For some odd reason, jpeg and/or jpg format uploading doesn’t work. All other file types work just fine.


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WIll sure do, where can I contact you by PM?

You can send me message from my profile page, or directly to support at borisolhor.com


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Hello Boris, I messaged you via PM.


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Ajax uploading is not working. It throws out an error “Error while uploading file”.

When I disable ajax and insert the field to “attachments” in cf7, it attachs the files fine, but the filenames are crashed. They are namend like “-1, -2, -3” etc. and have no extension.

Hi! I answered to your email