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Is it possible, that when you upload a PDF, you can also get a preview of your upload?

Hi! For now this is not possible. I will try to find a way to add this in next update.

hello your plugin I have been watching it for some time and I have not decided to buy it, but today I have a doubt and if you solve me that would be better said super grateful to you.

I need to make a contact form 7 whose function does the following:

I need to send some files to dropbox folders but to separate folders.

for example.

I have a list of names: Juan, Pedro, and Juliana. where I can select the name of the person and can send a file to a specific wreath of a dropbox

I do not know if you understood me.


that there is such a possibility that you will help me?

Hi! Unfortunately, there is no Dropbox integration in my plugin

Hey there.

Im using your Pluign and it works great, it send the mail and i receive it, But the form get stuck and dont show message that form is send. I send you a mail but i don’t know if you got it. Cause Envato has some problems with the site before.

Best Regards

Hi! Do you use some plugins to gather form submission info?

Hey there,

just bought and it’s working.. just noticed that are shown some notices like:

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in …../wp-content/plugins/cf7-drop-uploader/cf7-drop-uploader.php on line 698

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in …../wp-content/plugins/cf7-drop-uploader/cf7-drop-uploader.php on line 387

Hi! Thanks for your report, I will fix it.

For people trying to change the font to match the rest of their site, simply add this custom CSS for now:

.drop_uploader.drop_zone ul.files li, .drop_uploader.drop_zone .text, .drop_uploader.drop_zone ul.files.thumb li { font-family: inherit!important; }

Hi! Just added this in version 1.8.4 Its already available to download

Awesome – Thank you Boris

v1.8.3 update, what was the bugfix?

Hi! The new version is 1.8.4 I replaced font-family: Raleway to inherit

Awesome and thanks!


I just purchased this plugin and after updating CF7 I was able to create the multi upload form fields.

Although I get no errors when sending the form, I receive in my inbox just the name of the images (not the actual files as attachment). I tried using the setting: “Store Files”, which displays a list of direct links to the images, but this is not the desired solution.

Any idea?

I’m sure I included [tags] in all the correct places (CF7).

Most current CF7 and WP 8+.


Hi! Can you send me admin access to your site via PM. I will check what can be wrong

Are we ok to update to the latest cf7 with no issues?

Hi. There is no known issues with latest version of Contact Form 7

Thanks for confirming.

I just bought your plugin and really like it. Awesome job! Just one suggestion. It would be nice to change the standard text “Drop files here, or Browse” via plugin or formular settings – not just via language file. For me it is the most important text and – as I don`t like the german translation – I had to change it. I need to make this change every time the plugin gets updated from now on. So it would be time saving to just change the sentence once via plugin settings. Thanks!

Hi! I will try to find some solution for this. Also you can suggest translation for this text, that I can add to my translation file

Thank you for your quick answer. I send you a mail with my suggestions.


zfly9 Purchased

Hey like others said, it sends perfectly but to the user it looks like it’s froze on sending the email, no confirmation ever.

And yes, I have a plugin that stores the message on the WP backend as well. I need to keep this just in case there are email issues.

Hi! There can be different reasons, why this error is appeared. Can you send me link to page with form, I will check what can be wrong.

Hi! Yes, there is a problem with compatibility with Contact Form Submissions plugin. I will contact plugin author to resolve this issue. For now, you can disable PHP errors output in your hosting settings

Are we Ok to update to wp 4.9?

Hi! Yes, there are no known bugs with WP version 4.9

Latest update triggers a fatal error in wordpress 4.9.1 – Fatal error: Cannot redeclare cf7du_resources() (previously declared in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7-drop-uploader/contact-form-7-drop-uploader.php:30) in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7-drop-uploader/cf7-drop-uploader.php on line 79

Hi! Seems like you are not deleted the old version of the plugin. You need to delete old version of plugin and install new

Is there a way to expire uploads? So that it will auto delete uploaded files after een X period?

Hi! Do you receive files as mail attachments or as a links to files?

Links to files

Hi! Unfortunately, there is no option to delete these uploads automatically, but you can do it via FTP. Or you can disable receiving files as links, and receive them as attachments. In this case, uploaded files will not be stored on your server.