DroidShop - Ultimate android Shop for Digital/Physical Goods (Supports Mobile money, Stripe, Paypal)

DroidShop - Ultimate android Shop for Digital/Physical Goods (Supports Mobile money, Stripe, Paypal)

DroidShop – Ultimate Shop,  enables anybody to setup and sell Picture, Videos subscriptions or Physical Goods on mobile by taking advantage of Woocommerce’s Powerful REST API to produce a wonderful Full Native android app. 

The app ensures Diversity and Inclusion in the Software field by concentrating on finding the best Mobile money API for ALL African countries, whilst not Forgetting the developed world with its support for Stripe, PayPal, ETC through WooCommerce


Unique Stuff you get:

  1. Only Script on Codecanyon with one API support for accepting All Mobile Money, MPESA, Orange Money Payments across all African Countries like South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, ETC
  2. Ability to make the videos and pictures you sell with This app expire after a set time of your choice. Maybe 30 Days after customer buys.
  3. Free installation of API by authors on your own wordpress server incase you are new to all this..
  4. Saves you not less than 4 months of your time in getting another Software Engineer to build you the same thing at a much higher price from scratch.
  5. Woocommerce supports also Means support for Stripe, Paypal, Skril and every popular Payment getway in the world.
  6. Beautiful and customizable native android design with ability to use live videos as a background surface like the current Spotify app.


What is NOT included but being worked on in next update:

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Name of the feature Current Status Expectation date
Website of Ultimate Droidshop    Next Update
IOS app   Next update
Ability to stream videos LIVE in App when customer buys Video   Next Update


SUPPORT Response time is 5 workings days after Comment.


URL to the Demo APK can be found in the LivePreview Button above… In some browsers like Mozilla Firefox, After clicking the LivePreview button, you need to further click on the “Remove frame” button of envato on the top right of the page

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE USED A FREE SERVER TO POWER THE DEMO APK, THEREFORE IT WILL BE FAR SLOWER THAN THE ORIGINAL CODE YOU MAY BUY HERE AND HOST ON YOUR OWN WORDPRESS HOSTING SITE!! So please Do not make your judgement of this product based on our free hosting server demo, because it is slower and not a true representation of how fast the code will run on your own WordPress host after buying..