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Hi, there are 15 days I try to solve the problem and you do not return my emails. If will not solve the problem, could at least return my money.

can even look, but does not solve the problem. For 15 days the app stopped working, you asked me to install a JSON plugin installed, I saw that generates JSON on my website, you spoke would want to send the source + APK corrected and so far NOTHING.

If you do not solve the problem I want my money back.

I cant find your email. Also send the site url


I just buy your Droidpress but I have a problem. When I launch the app on Android Studio, i tells me : “Gradle project sync failed…” and after that when I try to see how the app looks like in the virtualization tools : “Error:(16, 0) Gradle DSL method not found: ‘runProguard()’ Possible causes: - The project ‘BlogPress’ may be using a version of Gradle that does not contain the method. - The build file may be missing a Gradle plugin.

I have already update the Gradle plugin but I doesn’t work better.

Can you tell me what’s the problem ?


please how do i let it work for version 2.2, 2.3+ :) :)

Hi my wordpress site is http://journeymanbooks.net/app/ I alse installed JSON API plugin but app is not working.

Hello, im waiting for support

What happen to u. U never providing any support.

im going to report about this issue. will u refund my payment or not? how come codecayon approved this item! im asking u to.fix my problem soon


Can I translate it into Arabic, I mean Arabic fonts and RTL Support? Can I chose a specific categories to fetch from?

Please do not buy it this App not works and no support from developer.

Does it work for Eclipse?

Look nice app, just 1 more question. When I am in the full post reader, can I swipe left right to switch to next, previous post? It should be very helpfull.

Hi! If I used the topic on the site with the card Google (catalog different places), can I use this application together with the site? Will the ability to display these places on the map? Here is an example theme http://seventhqueen.com/themes/kleo/business-directory/ in the end I want to receive the catalog with the ability to display the locations on the map, dividing them into categories, and the page of the place, which I can manage

demo apk can not show your site and me site

please guide me

I want to see examples

hi dear help me for config demo apk

How do I import for android studio?

Its built for eclipse which could be tricky for studio. The good thing is droidpress doesnt have many dependencies. Add the appcompat and play service dependencies into your build.gradle

I’m getting the message all the time: Could not retrieve posts. Check that you have entered a valid wordpress site What to do? My site is wordpress, with the json api plugin installed, and it is not hosted on wordpress.com

I’m getting this message now: 08-01 12: 05: 58 517: E / JSON Parser (3273): Error parsing date org.json.JSONException: Value {“status”: “ok”, “json_api_version”, “1.1.1”, “controllers”: [“core”, “posts,” “Answered,” “widgets”]} of type org.json.JSONObject can not be converted to JSONArray

hi, before i buy i wanted to know if you send a notification when a new post is posted?

Hello Sir, I want to purchase your code of DroidPress Please guide me which licence is suitable for me? There are two licence show on store. This is my first purchase on envato store so I am confusing about this. Sir could you make an demo app of my website before purchase? Thanks

Hello Sir I purchased our app just now. Could you give me the android studio source code or documentation..

Hi, I have a website on wordpress theme : http://themeforest.net/item/rush-wordpress-blog-magazine-theme/5126428

Can you setup the app and every thing and deliver to me as i don’t know much about android development. If yes what will be the charges.

Thank you : )

I have a website with Newspaper theme of WordPress. Does you app support Post Categorizes and Sub Categories of the post in News Layout ?

Pre-sale query: Does it support RTL?

Hello! Opt for the application, I want to get advice what I need. The bottom line is that I need an application that would display content from a site on WordPress, and in particular plugin calendar events (Https://wordpress.org/plugins/the-events-calendar/)

Which of your applications can do this?

Hello! Opt for the application, I want to get advice. I needed an application that could display content from a site on WordPress, and in particular plugin calendar events (Https://wordpress.org/plugins/the-events-calendar/)

Could it make your application?

Hi, is this compatible with buddypress?

Hello Sir When you provide this app next update? you create this app 4 years before still I didn’t get any updates from your side. Kindly request to update this app with android studio as soon as possible. If you sell your app more on the market then update this on intervals.