DroidPress - Android app for Wordpress

DroidPress - Android app for Wordpress

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DroidPress is an app for your wordpress site. It retrieves all your blog posts, images, and pages and displays them in a well designed layout. DroidPress comes preset with 5 amazing home layout options and has two reading modes. It has a custom made reader able to render images and css without using a webview.

Don’t know how to compile android apps?
We do realise that setting up the developer tools may be too technical. We will build the installation files for you. You can then upload the file directly to the Playstore or any other android appstore. All we need is the app name and your wordpress site’s url. We will do this all for free

What if I want DroidPress customized to suit my site?
DroidPress is built to be flexible, however you may feel you want to personalise the app further. We can build it to contain all the sections your site has, contain added features you want to see and style the app further. This will incur a fee. Chat with us at

What our customers had to say
“I have been looking at the app and source code today and am very very happy with the product. I Have purchased quite a few, to investigate the source code / performance and stability and yours is one of the best, if not the best. I¹ll write a review shortly on code canyon. Your app is by far the most flexible.”

“Hi there, Just bought it and like it a LOT! Can see us using this and perhaps even paying you for custom development to add some features to this app.”

Splash Screen

5 Home layouts to choose from

Handcrafted Reader that renders HTML and CSS

Added Custom pages

More Features

  • Supports both self hosted wordpress blogs and blogs on
  • Responsive with different options and views for tablets and phones
  • Easy to customise – all the options are set in one file
  • Multiple options – you can define how the screen flows from one activity to another giving you a unique app.
  • Custom fonts
  • Can work completely offline – especially for static sites
  • Several custom made pages