DroidMarket - marketplaces app with CMS

DroidMarket - marketplaces app with CMS

We are really glad to announcement that the big updated of DroidMarket had beed release

DroidMarket is a marketplaces application template that run under Android platform and come with server build on php framework included. This will help you build your own mobile marketplaces application faster. With many great features.

Demo APK


Full Features

  • Admob support
  • Admin Panel buid on top php framework codeigniter
  • Allow user sigup via facebook
  • Allow user submit product, manager profile, change password…
  • Admin can manager user, product, categories, county.
  • Translate to all language.
  • Support multiple currency.
  • Support actionbar with appcompat library v7.
  • Support “pull to refresh” product.
  • Facebook fanpage with webview
  • Well document user guide

Admin Panel Demo

Please access admin panel from here username: staff password: staff

Video User Guide

How to generate android facebook keyhash for debug
How to integrated facebook login into droidmarket app
How to config send email use mandrill server
How to config send email use gmail smtp server

What will you get ?

  1. Android Full Source Code
  2. Admin Panel Script(with PHP, CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT) therefor, require linux server
  3. Document User Guides


-PHP 5.3 or above.


Many people issues with htaccess file, plesae read fag about .htaccess file now.

Change log

-Version 2.0.0 – 15 june 2015

- Fix minnor bug.
- Change to material design
- Adding ratingbar
- Adding add, edit products
- new design of file
- Adding facebook comment
- Change code to Android Studio

-Version 1.0.3 – 18 july 2014

- Fix minnor bug.
- Adding send sms and call direct
- Adding rating
- Change admobsdk to google play services

-Version 1.0.2 – 12 may 2014

- Fix minnor bug.
- Adding enquiry system.
- Adding city location.
- Change admin panel ui.
- User can delete their products.
- Creating video userguide.
- Update documentation.

-Version 1.0.1 – 24 april 2014

- Fix minnor bug.
- Adding user registration by email.
- Show UserName replace for email
- Update documentation

-Version 1.0.0 – 13 april 2014

- Realesed


Some app use this code